Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi meets Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi tells her plan to dany. He says are you crazy. We can’t risk your life. Arhi says there is no other way out. Only tara knows about his past. Dany says she wanted to kill you. Arohi says please help me or everything will be over.
Dany comes to inspector and says we want to meet Arohi. Inspector says are you crazy she is very dangerous. Dany says its very important. She allows.

Arohi comes to Tara. She is tried in the jail. Arohi says take her mask off. Tara says get me released I will kill you. Arohi says I want to know something. Tara says you are here to laugh at me. Arohi says I have no interest in that. I can get you out of here but on a deal. I want to know deep’s past. Tara says I can do anything to get out of here but you trust me that I will

tell you out of here. Arohi says you have no other way. Tara says but will you get me out? Take my chains off first. ARohi says to dany release her hands. Dany says she is very dangerous. Arohi says you have to tell me his past first before releasing you. Tara says I will tell you everything but you wont still know a thing. Arohi hugs her. Tara bites her neck. Arohi screams. Arohi says I trusted you even though you hit me.
Please tell me about deep. Police comes and saves Arohi. Dany takes Arohi from there.

dany says see how she injured you. Arohi says I really love deep. This is nothing for me. dany says I have never seen someone loving her man so much. I promise you I will come in front of you only when I have all the pages of deep’s story. Take care.
Arohi comes to her room. Her neck hurts. deep comes in and sees her neck. He says you went to meet her? I asked you not to meet Tara. Who gave you right to risk your life. Virat comes and says what are you doing? Deep says she went to meet Arohi. Virat says are you crazy. Why did you go there. you shouldn’t have gone to jail. Don’t ever go there again. They leave.

Arohi says where has deep gone? Where will I look for her. And dany isn’t home either,. Roma says to deep your childhood was fun. You were so mischeivous in the school. Your school teacher was always complaining. Arohi comes and says mom how did you come here? Romaa says I should be in my home where else? Virat says mom you had an injury and you forgot everything. Roma says its deep who lost his memory not me. I am fine.
Virat says where did you go deep? Lets celebrate Arohi going to jail.

deep drinks with virat and prithvi. Virat turns on music. He shows deep old photos of school. He says mom took us to Shimla it was so much fun. Deep says I don’t remember any such thing. Deep faints again.
Arohi sees prithvi taking deep to room. Virat says he drank a lott. Arohi caresses deep’s face. She says you are not alone deep. But you don’t trust me.
Deep sees something in sleep. He screams and wakes up. Deep says my head hurts. Arohi says try to see the face. He says I can’t see anything.
Arohi calls doctor. He says deep is trying to recall everything so hard buut due to stress he might lose his mental balance.
Precap-Arohi brings deep to a woman. She says she tells people about their past. She hypnotizes deep. Deep says I am in Rajhistan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Deeyaana

    Dog bites Arohi πŸ˜‰ Deep child pics…
    Roma is backk….. And waiting for I am in Rajasthan πŸ™‚

    1. Hi deeyaana.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is becoming boring day by day… Only plottings

    1. Hi shraddha

  3. Hey guys….
    Thanks Abita dii for the fast update
    Tara bite arohi ……it seems little funny for me…..
    l feel they are like sister’s…..because in my childhood l used to bite
    my elder sister when l am angry and later l make sorry card and give chocolates for her forgiveness …..Now she is settled in dubai after her marriage ……And l miss her a lot……..
    Does roma become normal???
    Deep is fainting everytime whenever he recalls his past…..
    precap. ….Does this hypnotism works????

    1. Hi shifa. How sweet your childhood story.I also have a two sister.but am not bite with them.

    2. hey shifa…. i was hoping they would show that arohi and tara have birthdays on same date, so that arohi will start doubting if they are related (the twins rumor)…. but it was only tara’s bday so i dont think the writers are going to show them as sisters πŸ™

  4. Hi frnds..
    why the writers making nonsense…
    This stupid aarohi what is she doing.. she went to meet Tara.. I hate this drama… I can’t see deep in such condition..???? I hate Roma, virat, pritvi..

  5. Hi sonakshi…
    Nenu baagunnanu…
    S colg start aindi..

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Sravanthi ?….

  6. hi everyone… Eid Mubarak πŸ™‚ how are you all?
    i watched bits of today’s episode, i just really miss the old Arohi who was bold and cunning. Roma used to say Dilip knows about Deep so why doesnt Arohi ask him what he knows? its a big reveal that Dilip can walk and talk and everything but Arohi seems to have completely forgotten it. Dilip acted before that he wants to save Deep but now that he can talk, he is ignored….. i also didnt like the fact that Arohi is just living as Tara and the police and everyone thinks ‘Arohi’ is a dangerous killer… anyways hope Deep’s past has something big in it. before Roma used to act that Virat and Tara doesnt know about Deep, that they didnt know about Kalyani…. now suddenly Virat and Tara knows, it just feels like everyhitng i have watched before is meaningless because three episode later the story will show that it was all a lie…. i wish there was just only two or three good twists with solid execution… how are you all enjoying watching this show?

    1. Eid Mubarak to you too dhara di

    2. Hi r u?
      Eid Mubarak.

      1. hey Rhivanya, i am fine dear πŸ™‚

  7. Hello friends.
    What happened with deep. When reveal deep past. Please end this roma really normal.good night.

  8. Waiting for today episode I feel immj lose his charm day by day

    1. Hi zain

  9. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone ?…
    They said Roma only knows about deep’s past then how does Tara know about deep’s past?

    Where did Dany go ? If he wants to know about deep then he should be around deep na ….

    Will he search whole Rajasthan for deep’s parents ?How will he find them ?He doesn’t have their pics !
    If he searched by the name of Vasundhara then there will be many Vasundharas in Rajasthan ?….

    1. hey Sonakshi…. Rajasthan’s CM is Vasundhara Raje….. so πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi Dhara di ?….
        Hahaha ???…yes ….
        Hope they won’t bring her in immj ?

    2. cm of rajasthan is also vasundhara -:)) lol….

  10. one thing i noticed in previous episodes, Danny said that he was the one who took chawanni away on Deep’s saying. that time Tara had also left bhabhi by chawanni’s side and both disappeared at same time… but not one Arohi asked what happened to her bhabhi, why didnt they tell Bhabhi that Arohi was there? they could have asked bhabhi to convince Arohi to run away…. but Arohi is so heartbroken over Deep that she has forgotten everything about bhabhi….. so many twists that even the characters forget who they were searching at what time πŸ˜›

  11. you are so funny dhara… really writers have forgetting dieses.. they forget everything… y cant aeohi ask dilip abt deeps past instead of going to tara??

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