Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi’s face changes

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
After a few years, Arohi says chawani I told you the spellings but you keep forgetting. He says i don’t get this english. deep says same. Arohi says don’t try to spoil him. Arohi says you need to fix your language as well. He says didi my language would have been better if Deep and you came into my life earlier.

A truck is crossing border. There is a girl inside. She says how am i here? i was there. Deep where are you.
Deep gets Arohi flowers. Deep says I made for you and you are made for me. This face is the love of my life. arohi says there another similar face. Deep says but she is gone far away from our life.
The girl comes out and says deep must be looking for me. She runs from the truck. She asks people what place is this.

Arohi says to

deep what surprise are you giving me? He says this party will only be fun. Don’t worry.
The girl asks people to help them but no one does.
The thugs look for the girl everywhere. She runs from them. They see her. Arohi runs.
Deep says this tattoo on your neck reminds me no one can take you from me.

Deep and Arohi come to the party. Everyone congratulates her. inspector says we are glad tara is no more. But we couldn’t find her. Deep says forget about her. The girl comes out. watchman doesn’t let them go in.
Deep says I am the luckiest man on earth. The girl comes and hugs Deep.
Deep says to everyone i have pained my love life on this picture. It had arohi and and deep’s picture. Everyone is dazed.
She says deep i am back. i waited so long for you. Where were you? Deep says do I know you?
She says what are you saying? Deep says I don’t recognize you. She says i am your wife Arohi. Deep says are you crazy. Arohi comes there and says what’s going on here? Deep says this is Arohi. I don’t know who you are.
She says no this is Tara. Deep says who are you. Better from here. The girl says chawani please I am arohi. chaawni says i don’t know who you are. Deep says better go from here. You can’t recognize your own self.
The girl looks in the mirror and screams. She says whose face is this.

Precap-The girl says deep this is tara. she changed my face. Deep says shut up this is my Arohi. Police takes the girl from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nandha Niraikulathan

    Ok so episode decoded!! Deep is the one who set Tara ‘s room on fire and he wanted to destroy her . Deep talking about the tatoo is a confirmation dat it’s his Aarohi and him talking about Aarohi ‘s face is a clear indication that he changed Tara ‘s face

  2. what i think that ishq mein marjawan is the worst serial i have ever seen nd deep he is the devil in this serial arohi should have earlier only killed deep how can she forget that how his brother was killed becoz of deep & tara how she has to go to jail becoz of deep & tara how deep is not able to identify tara from 4 months i am really not going to watch this serial anymore what i think that the director of serial has gone dumb

  3. today also who is arohi not clear,by saying or by her memories coming in her mind it seems arohi but real one arohi/tara is also behaving like arohi….and did u notice one thing guyz….who and y deep burnt didn’t show to us….i think makers are gonna give us a surprise… my point of view i think deep betrayed arohi and said to tara to behave and act like arohi so that no one recognize u OR tara did this all blunder and she is behaving like arohi so that her truth does not reveal to anyone OR if it is arohi only and tara who change her place in bedroom when light wents off when marriage was over and deep recognize it and he burnt her and made her face changed but one think i m in dilemma if she is tara then why she is remembering in her memory that “saat fere” bcz that thing was done with arohi she should remember only the bedroom part…..what u this guyz comment please???

    1. i don’t understand i don’t think that deep betray arohi again and tara can never play arohi for so long she is a devil she can’t control herself and play with chawani i don’t know really maybe the new women is crazy and think that she is arohi lets see if she has arohi memories or just information about her. i DONT WANT SOMEONE ELSE PLAYING AROHI OR TARA JUST ALISHA HAVE TO PLAY BOTH

  4. I just hope Nia Sharma plays the role of Anjali or Tara. I am not interested to see her as Aarohi. I wish it could be like Tara being alive and she sent Anjali to spoil Deep and Aarohi’s life.

    1. who is anjali plz reply

  5. no clarity at all who is Tara.. who is aarohi.. the new one Nia is not suitable to aarohi r Tara.. I hate this drama.. I lost interest.. I never see this much stupid serial..

  6. Hello friends.
    Deep know everything. That mean she burned Tara and he thought that she was death.but she not die.some one help her.and Tara takes revenge from Tara only hire nia act as arohi.
    Happy ardeep family. Chawani study with arohi.because arohi only have lot of patience and good care chawani.deep only loves arohi from heart.he never cheat her.but he hide a Tara truth from arohi.tatoo,mangalsuthra,decorations red rose,deep friend taste, these all things prove that Alisha as arohi.
    My guess nia is not arohi not Tara.Alisha only arohi and Tara.Tara will come back in future episode.because Alisha need a only this track will be going.
    This is my guess. My guess.
    Good night.

    1. hi Rhivanya… i also think the same. i hope we are both right. good night 🙂

      1. i hope the same i hope deep will stay with arohi, tara can’t play arohi she is a murder and angry and always want to kill someone if deep was married to tara so it would be clear

      2. Hi r u,?
        I hope everything will be good.we can’t trust writers. Suddenly they changed anything. Like dilip as villain without logic.

    2. Rivanya last time u said
      U will not watch this serial and u will not comment…
      U r a confused lol

      1. Hi,am not said like only said I love arjun and Alisha am watch this show for arsha.

    3. Hi rhivanya..
      Fine dear..
      agree with you..

      1. Hi sravanthi.

    4. hii rhivanya i hope alisha is arohi i just can’t stand as nia as arohi

      1. Hi anvesha.Alisha as arohi.and Alisha as Tara.nia is new entry of this vedika,Danny.
        Nia create problems between ardeep.its my guess only.let see what happened next.

  7. What stupidity is showing in this serial …??? Who is Tara who is arohi..not getting actually ..n but we don’t want nia to play arohi role..becz she is not eligible for arohi role …if it gonna happen..we all stop watching ishq me marjawa…

    1. I think nia sharma is tara because it is in wikipide

  8. i felt like both the girls were behaving like Arohi and none of them behaved as Tara…. the girl in the truck would have tried to kill her kidnappers instead of running scared if she was Tara. to the shopkeeper she would have said, ‘give me a phone or i will cut you into pieces.’ but the girl behaved like Arohi only. why would Tara think that Deep will come and save her? she thought about her marriage rituals. in Raichand mansion also, the girl behaved like Arohi, dealing patiently with chawanni instead of getting angry or violent. i cant believe that Tara can act like this for three months without making a single mistake. she also has Deep’s tattoo and not the jail mark…… the writers sort of cheated us by not showing what happened when the room caught fire and having a three months leap instead. dont know what to think. but both Deep and Alisha’s character seemed to know that the other face has been destroyed because Alisha said something like – there ‘used to be’ another face like mine. not there ‘is’ another face like mine. but would Deep send a girl to be sold off in Nepal? i dont think so…. but what the writers show in the beginning always changes later, so i will hope that it is Arohi who is staying with Deep happily and the other girl is part of someone’s plan. the real Tara is hiding somewhere else. sincerely, i dont think Nia Sharma will play Tara very well.

    1. hii dhara i am commenting after a long time but i felt that this new arohi will bring new twist as in promo of shoe it’s shown as alisha(arohi/tara) is sending deep jail so let’s just hope that to make this writers just don’t make nia as arohi as she doesn’t suit as arohi she can be the stylish tara but arohi never she just don’t look great as either tara or arohi with deep

    2. Agree with you dear.

  9. I want aalisha in both tara and aarohis role …

  10. what what n how we dont know… there’s only suspense… lets see what will writer reveal later…
    but for sure deep will not betray arohi knowingly this time… he was only tricking tara to keep her away…
    lets wait n watch…

    new girl is not nice at all… shes not even good looking…

  11. Nia Sharma as New Tara Raichand (after plastic surgery)/Anjali (fake)

    Hello Im new here!
    Ive read somewhere that Nia sharma is The New Tara Raichand
    Hope 4 the this to be true

  12. In last episode, when deep removes Arohi necklace there is no tattoo in her shoulder. That means she is tara.thats y he burnt her.

  13. I think Nia Sharma is Tara but she has been mentally shocked by the incident and therefore believes she is Arohy

  14. Keeping fingers crossed about Nia Sharma’s role in IMM show. It is not that Nia Sharma is horrible actress but it is just that I feel that Nia Sharma somehow should not be Aarohi as her role for Aarohi does not suit her. I feel that the show is getting diverted from their initial story-line. Who agrees with me?

  15. I wish as soon as possible let Nia Sharma get out of this serial “Ishq Mein marjawan” . I love ishq Mein marjawan but after Nia came I started to hate. I request director sir,producer sir nd writter sir to pls change.??

    1. u are right

    2. Hi…
      agree with you

  16. what i think that ishq mein marjawan has lost its charm by introducing nia sharma as arohi & deep how he cam be so foolish

  17. kaun tara hai kaun arohi hai kuch clear nhi ho rha hai the girl who was in the room in 13 th july episode was wearing mangalsutra

  18. if tara is staying with deep instead of arohi then there is very big insult of tara’s character becoz tara is not like cheap indian serial wamps who will do price fighting for hero and stay with h happily her killing character is like that that if she gets deep she should kill him for betraying her and should maintain her character

  19. Mangalsutra can also be fake naa?? Tara wore a a fake wedding attire same as that of aarohi. So guys, is it difficult for Tara to cwear a fake mangalsutra?

    1. u r right but nia is not suitable for aarohi role the serial is going off track if nia ia arohi i just hope nia is neither tara nor arohi but just a play card thrown by tara then only the serial would maintain its charm & tara would be back with her intelligent mind & develing character

      1. Exaclty. I Agree wid u. If they replace Arohi/Tara wid a new face entire show will be ruined.

  20. Tara managed to wear a fake wedding attire same as that of arohi. Then, is it difficult for Tara to wear a fake mangalsutra also??

  21. Nia is not suitable as arohi or tara iam also lost interesting about drama

  22. Hi frnds..
    what about deep past..

    1. Writer ko bhi nai

    2. Same question here

  23. Nia is a talented actress. But it is not fair to replace Alisha with Nia as Arohi/Tara. Both of the characters are fabulously essayed by Alisha. If she is replaced with Nia, all the efforts made by Alisha as Arohi/Tara will go in vain. We love Alisha as both Arohi and Tara.And the main attraction of this show is two different girls of unique face; one is a cute girl and another one is a bloodthirsty serial killer. That is the charm of this show. By replacing any of them will surely ruin entire theme of this show.

    1. Agree with you aaradhya

    2. agree with you aaradhya..

  24. Deep tried to distract Tara to keep her away from the wedding ceremony. Tara knew this and somehow reached the hall. Bt mrrg was alrdy hpnd b/w Deep n Arohi. Do anyone remember that laddoo scene? While Arohi n Deep feeding laddoo each other(arohi only ate it,before deep eating..) the power had gone. Deep went to check wot hpnd. At that tym Arohi felt like fainting. I think Tara did something in that laddoo and she took arohi frm there in deep’s absence. And in the bedroom scene do anyone felt it was tara when she asked ‘ deep,why did you take this much time to reach me?’ Then while removing necklace deep noticed that tattoo is not there (mangalsutra is there)and he decided to spend that night with her which was the only way to betray her. So he knowingly thrown a devil look at tara while leaving the room. He only set fire in that room.
    After that, there are 3 possibilities
    1) Tara is the one who burnt and gone for plastic surgery and returned with a new look.
    2) nia is sent by tara (às anjali or …) to spoil ardeep life
    3) Somehow tara escaped from the fire and dragged arohi to the bed and arohi got burnt and return wid a new face. Tara made the same tattoo on her back(bcoz it’s tara who can do anything) and living as arohi.
    3 rd one is actually illogical i know.I think
    2nd one is a good assumption since it won’t replace either arohi or tara.

  25. they will kill nia soon not to worry…
    any new entry will be killed very soon n abruptly…

    may be nia is having tara/arohis heart so she feels for deep

    1. They’ll kill nia so soon..haha dat also possible?

  26. Deep tried to distract tara to keep her away frm d weddng ceremony. Tara came to knew about it and she somehow reached the hall. Bt mrrg was over.Deep filled sindoor arohi’s hairline and made her wear mangalsutra. Do u remember the laddoo scene? At that tym tara gave a revengeful look through the curtain n suddenly moved the curtain wid anger. It is tara only. That means mrrg is hpnd b/w ardeep for sure. While sharing laddoo, the power went off. Only arohi had the ladoo. Deep immediately went to solve d power issue. At that tym arohi felt like fainting. May be tara had done somethin in dat laddoo. When deep returned arohi was not in d hall. He found her in their room. Bt frnds, anyone of u felt it was tara in dat room when she asked ‘why did you took dis much tym,deep?’ i felt it was tara’s tone. While removing the ornaments, deep noticed dat tattoo is not der and recognized tara. Mangalsutra was der. He knowingly spent his wedding night with her bcoz der is no other way in front of him to betray tara. Dat’s why he threw a devil look at tara while leaving the room as tara is unconsious. He only made fire in the room and left. After dat there are 3 possibilities
    1) tara was burnt and undergone plastic surgery to return wid a new face(nia sharma)
    2) tara sent nia sharma (anjali or…) to spoil ardeep life
    3) tara somehow escaped frm the fire after deep leaving d room and she dragged fainted arohi to the fire.arohi undergone plastic surgery and came wid a new face. And tara made tattoo on her back(as it is tara nothin is and living a happy life wid deep
    3rd one is so dumb i know
    2nd is a good assumption since neither arohi nor tara is replaced by nia sharma.
    One thing for sure dis tym deep won’t betray arohi..

  27. To those who think that the new girl is arohi since she remembers mrrg vows and moments b/w ardeep , i want to say one thing.
    Do u remember initial episodes of immj? Inspctr lakshya used to think about the cuprit as arohi/ doppleganger tara and he sometimes suspected tara also while he was alone(not even a constable was wid him, if der was another person wid him we can think it as manipulation by him). I didn’t get why makers show these unnecessary thoughts of lakshya since he was later shown as virat aka tara’s brother.
    Same here, new girl’s thoughts may be unnecessary. Frm the beginning itself there were such foolish things.

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