Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani attacks Roma

Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Kalyani comes to house and attacks Roma. Virat blames Deep for it and slaps him. Deep later tells everyone he has found her and he will kill her.

Scene 1
Deep says to Arohi I still remember our first valentine’s day. She says these are very childish things. He says what are you saying you loved it.
Roma says this all is mine I wont let you take it all Kalyani. Kalyani comes in. Roma says what are you doing here? Kalyani has a knife. Roma calls Deep. DEep hears. Kalyani says I will kill you Roma. Your sins are too much. Arohi says whats happening? Who is Kalyani. Deep says we have to go home. Roma says please put the knife down. Roma says you don’t deserve to live. Kalyani says you ruined my life first and then Arohi’s life. Roma says

what do you want? Money? Kalyani says this all is mine already. Roma screams help.. Deep comes in and Kalyani runs. She says someone please catch her. Arohi says I have to save Kalyani. She turns the main fuse off. Deep can’t see Kalyani. Arohi holds her hand and says Mausi its me. Run out. Kalyani runs. Deep turns on lights. He sees Arohi and says what are you doing here? She says was looking for that woman. I saw a shadow here. I saw her going there. Lets check mom. deep runs upstairs. Roma’s hand is bleeding. Arohi smiles. She says mom are you okay. Arohi does her first aid. Deep and Roma are dazed because Tara is scared of blood. DEep says blood scares you? Arohi says my fear is not important than my mom. Call the doctor. Roma says no don’t. We can’t answer question. She wants to kill us and take it all. DEep says I will kill her. Roma says how power went off? Deep someone else did it. Some girl is helping her. She saved Kalyani that day as well.

Scene 2
Virat says to Deep wow you were here and mom got attacked. You are so useless. Shame on you. It was papa’s mistake you picked you from street and mom gave you her daughter. You are a drama. Deep says I am not doing any drama. I will find her from here. Virat says what will do? She fled from your own house. Deep says I thought you were here I wont’ have left her alone otherwise. Virat slaps him. Virat says don’t blame me. Roma says stop it. I have taught you both to help and respect each other and look at you both. Deep is no adopted. Deep is my son. I do this all for him because I love him. Do what you want but don’t fight in this house. Virat says you are right. Virat says I will handle everything my way.

Deep comes to room and breaks the mirror. He says I am responsible for all this. Arohi says why did Virat had to insult you. You did so much for this house. Deep says I don’t mind. I know he does this because.. Arohi says but you are my husband. Deep says i love that you show concern for me now. He leaves.

Everyone comes to hall. Virat says why have you called us all here? Deep says I have found Kalyani. Arohi is dazed. Virat says where? Deep says she has given up. She will go the colony behind railway. She will go there. We will catch her there. Virat says I will come with you. Deep says lets go. Arohi says I have to do something.

Precap-Deep says Kalyani was behind Kalyani. He tells the sketcher to draw what Kalyani said. He draws Arohi’s face. Maya screams Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sanaa.khan

    Wow…too many twists in this episode. The precap is also thrilling where deep says that he got to know that kesari was helping kalyani. He tells an artist to make a sketch of kesari while he describes her look. Maya gets shocked looking at the portrait and screams Arohi….deep looks on… On the other hand Tara kept as captive threatens chawanni.too much excitement.

    Eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  2. In today’s episode arohi and kalyani were the players, i just loved it… Precap was interesting.. Now i think they should kill tara it’s enough.. Tab apne aap hi roma ka bhukar utar jayega.. And it will be fun watching that… I can’t believe roma to be such a shallow person, she will go to the extend to snatch someone else property, first i thought she is overly concerned about her daughter…..
    In next episode do deep will come to know that arohi is alive…… Wht do u people want???

    1. yes, they are completely selfish greedy people and do not care how many people suffer as long as they themself can live happily. at least only roma and prithvi seemed to be behind it, deep tara virat.. all of this people dont know what roma has done, and deep probably thinks she is a kind woman giving him home and everything

  3. oooo my god….is deep going to cought aarohi????? i hate that main protagonist’s grey character …. when will it become white..????
    aarohi has no helpers… thos story as much as mysterious….. poor aarhi…please god send her some helpers

  4. Nice episode who is kalyani deep really catch kalyani super precap kesari ka sach arohi ka sach baahar aana waala hai so excited for tomorrow episode

  5. oh no! today aroohi could caught . earlier i liked virat but now he is looking dangerous . both taara and virat is same . even whole family is villain . everyone deserve punishment in this family .

  6. Thanks for the update Atiba ji .But at the beginning they showed that (by Roma’s dialogues) Virat is very clever and knows everything even if he is far ,he handles everything etc .But now Virat looks useless .He just scolds deep. I don’t find him doing anything except that.But I don’t want them to know Arohi is alive.Or deep will understand it is Arohi.Hope he doesn’t betray her again

    1. she was like virat hota to aisa nahi hota, virat hota to waisa nahi hota. now virat has come and behaves like a hot tempered teenager. repeating the same dialogues everyday – ‘sadak se utha k laye hain’ and does nothing. i was scared and thought he would doubt arohi and try to get her truth. but nothing. he is only wearing good clothes and looking handsome and angry. lol

  7. i am worried for chwanni. if tara manages to escape when chawanni is still there then i am sure tara will try to murder him. she is too violent. and remmbering how she managed to kill grown men at one time, i hope chwanni or any other kid is not near her when she escapes

    1. Suppose if she murders anyone then i think it will be easy to collect proof against her but i know that won’t be enough to punish her because anyway her family will save her…. See there are many isues going over so thay can atleast solve one problem for arohi, or it’s better to show someone’s death in the criminal gang, after so many crimes they don’t have right to live…

      1. yes, they should give arohi one victory, and not just letting her stay as tara stupidly. although i am wondering, does arohi even has a plan? she says she wont kill anyone, then what? she is not collecting evidence to prove tara’s guilt or her innocence. she just scratches Maya’s face from time to time and said she would make deep fall in love with her but that would be difficult as deep keeps running away from tara. it was again luck that Kalyani came out of nowhere. doctor chachu got killed, maybe prithvi or maya can die too. i am sure prithvi’s dying would weaken Roma a lot… or she needs a very strong supporter. i like chawanni but he is a kid and there are many things he cant do. right now, there are too many negative characters and only three positive characters

  8. Arohi is stupid to touch romas bleeding hands. Tara shows no concern for anybody she just cares about herself n arohi already knows it. Hopefully no kids in the house with tara get killed. Tara is a dangerous person. I have s feeling Kalyani is arohis mum or family member but in prison she was mean to her at 1st n gt inmates to chop her hair off. —-> A real mother wudnt allow a fly to even hurt daughter. This show is full of suspense you never know what might happen later.

    1. Trueee, after balloon incident plotted by arohi, she very well knows tara hates blood but still arohi is a careless freak.. Do arohi even realise what will be the cost for such dumbness..

    2. actually, tara would have never cleaned deep’s wounds and blood either. deep was not in a state to think that time so he didnt say anything and then it might have slipped her mind too. seriously, arohi has not been caught yet because everyone thinks arohi is dead and there is no more lookalike of tara. if in the next episode they realise that kesari was arohi, then arohi will have to be much more careful because now they will doubt her. according to them tara’s behaviour changes after she went after kesari…. also i dont understand why arohi keeps forgetting how tara would react under such circumstances. okay, she is human she will make mistake… but she is completely alone and she should think hundred times before ecah step or even openning her mouth

  9. Arohi has been extremely fortunate that her sloppy errors haven’t revealed her identity yet. Aarohi initially started her plan of revenge on a good note, fully prepared and fueled by rage. I don’t understand where it all went! Lol! After the cruel way he treated her, why are the writers not making her character stronger? We know this is common in Indian serials, but this is pathetic. Deep stripped her naked and abused her both physically and verbally. He has said he killed Ridhi and Nikku! Although i dont think he did, how could she feel evem a second of sympathy for this monster? How could she forget? Not realistic. Even if Deep was working for the family, why did he have to throw her to the ground, insult her so cruelly and tear all her clothing? That was his own choice. He wasnt forced to do those things.He is evil. I don’t think he ever loved her, how could he treat her that way if he did? I will admit that I feel sad for what Deep endured being an orphan and the way they use him. He’s an empty soul and exists only because he has to. His life has no purpose for himself. But he had no right to do the disgraceful and cheap things he did to Arohi. He could have helped her or saved her and he chose not to. While their chemistry is amazing, they shouldnt be together, its wrong. It comes across as though the writers can’t make up their minds on her feelings about Deep.

    Let’s see the Raichands start to pay for their sins. Writers please make this happen soon. They have been spared long enough.

    1. wasnt it maya who tore Arohi’s clothes? i think deep just stood there watching. not that that’s not bad

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