Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat gets to know about Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara shoved Anjali. She said you can’t fraud and come near my deep. She shoved him. Tara says so the one I killed was Anjali and this is Arohi.
Doctor is running. Tara stops him and says tell me who is Arohi and who is Anjali? Tell me the difference. Tara says I want to know the truth. She puts drill on his head. Tara says tell me who is in my houe. He asys there are no surgery scars.

Doctor recalls Anjali injected a poison in him. She asked him to tell Tara that Deep changed Arohi’s face. And tell him that I am Anjali.
Doctor says the one you killed was Arohi and the one alive is Anjali. Tara laughs. She says you are safe. The doctor tries to run. Tara pulls his hair. She says you are lying. The one in my house is who deep loves. That is Arohi.

Doctor says he is Anjali. She says you liar. She drills his head. Tara says no one can save Arohi from me. She says deep you fooled me for that Arohi. I am coming deep.

Aroi tries to go out. She hears deep saying arrange nurse for ma and take care of her.
Tara tells Virat everything. She says we have to find out if that is Anjali or Arohi. he says if she is arohi I will kill her. We will know tonight who she is.

Tara says to Deep I saw Anjali taking Virat to his room seductively. Looks like they spent the night together and everything is fine between them. Deep sees the room all messed. He says you cant do this Arohi.

Tara says Arohi is alive. She says how could he cheat of me like this.
Doctor tries to call Deep.
Tara says I did everything but that deep never went away from Aroi. That is why saved her. But then who was that.

Deep says didn’t you feel ashamed while sleeping with Virat? She says are you crazy accusing me with this disgust. She says how dare you say that. He says woman like you can do anything. Arohi says i will do what I want. This is my life. He says a woman like you doesn’t deserve to be a mother or wife. Arohi says I don’t care what you saw but why you people only accuse a woman. Everyone questions a woman. Why a woman has to go through a test. He says I hate you. Arohi says I don’t need to prove anything. I will say what you want to hear. Yes I slept with virat. He shoves her and leaves.

Arohi cries in temple and says this man is saying me that I don’t deserve to be a mother. This man who ruined my whole life. Tara and Virat hear. Arohi says how do i tell him that this baby is his not Virat’s. Tara says I will kill you once again.

Precap-Tara makes deep faint. She says how dare you cheat on me. I wont leave you. Tara burns the room and says you will face what happened with Arohi that night.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i curse the day i started watching this show. and i really really want to use abusive words today! these people cant maintain continuity over the course of months, but at least maintain some continuity in three damn episodes. what the hell happened to the big announcement on evening puja? I thought at least Deep will bring his mother home. But it is a sin in this shit show to progress story at all. that ‘big announcement’ ghapla was just to end that day’s telecast on a big note that ‘omg what will be the big announcement?’ ghanta. acha bewakoof banaya.
    and what was that big bhasan on women’s position in society and sati and sita? where does that fit into this story at all? I was angry at Nia and i was angry at Deep. Who is this Deep to come and say anything to Nia at all? Beta, you changed her face, made her life hell, she was roaming the streets and pushed to mental asylum, torture without any money (of course she still got to wear designer dresses but whatever) and still you want her to remain loyal to you because you are doing everything for your own selfish reasons. you can just go to hell. When i saw the precap i was so happy. I hope Tara kills Deep this time. Then Tara can kill Nia also, and please Virat also. Just end this damn story
    and miss Nia, for your dialogue ‘i wont ever let Deep know that i am pregnant’, dont worry. in 4 months pregnancy you have a better size zero figure than i had in my entire life. i am sure in 9 months also you will be roaming with flat stomach. how will Deep know?
    This serial has not one single tiny positive thing. That doctor got killed today, another victim in ‘Arohi’, Deep and Tara’s games. Nia never learns. She involved Nisha, and Nisha got killed. That time she was feeling so guilty. but again same thing. At least the doctor was her sinner, having changed her face for money. This show has too much murder. Tara has a cheater complex. her killing others, and Deep/Virat hiding the murder has started again. But virat? His answer for cheating is also murder? Repeatedly he says if anjali betrays him, he will murder her. wtf? and this Deep. remember when Tara tried to do the same thing with Danny? something was mixed in Arohi’s glass of water, and next morning when Deep got up he found them together in bed. That time Deep at least trusted Arohi. But now, Deep is a complete woman abuser. pushing, slapping, holding Nia tightly… everything shown in this show is so so wrong.
    it has now reached a level, that if a viewer asks for logic and questions how this happened? then one should laugh at such a viewer. ever watched the movie fifty first dates? the character there used to forget everything about the previous day when she got up the next morning. here everyone suffers from that disease. Tara has forgotten she wanted to be a mother. Virat has forgotten he needs to capture Tara to get his job back. Deep has forgotten that he was supposed to return money to investors in fifteen freaking days. Nia’s baby has forgotten that he has to grow. the writer’s have forgotten that the real Anjali is still out there in coma. Everyone has forgotten about the big announcement. I wish i could forget about this stupid show.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I have quit watching this show since Nia entry as Aarohi😑😑, but I was reading updates sometimes, and today i read that deep was doubting aarohi, i don’t get his character sometime he is villian and sometime he is saviour, but tara and virat are always winner directly or indirectly.😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
    I hate😑😑😑😑 writers for making nia as aarohi as her pair do not look good with arjun.. If double role was needed to change, they would have changed tara face instead of aarohi, as aarohi look was much better on alisha rather than tara.

    But if anyone want to watch alisha as dual role again, show will be returning on rishtey show.😊😊😊😊

  3. How many innocent people die in this show.
    Wednesday episode deep shoot a one person.
    Thursday episode virat kill police officer.
    Today Tara kill the doctor.
    We knew Tara is psycho.she hate cheaters.that’s why she kill many peoples.definitely she need a treatment. But what happened with this deep and virat.why they kill the peoples.
    In earlier episodes when arohi act as Tara in a raichand mansion she was played a fake pregnancy drama.
    That time dialog:
    Arohi(Tara):”tum is pregnancy par shak ho or iss baccha kisi aur ka samaj raha ho”
    Deep:”Jo baath mai sooj bhi nahi saktha tum ho bolbhi kaisi ho”
    And arohi and daΓ±ny sleep together in earlier episode.that time deep trust arohi.
    That mean deep always trust arohi and Tara character.
    But today episode this writers totally spoil the deep character.
    And when deep conformed that who is stay with him that girl is arohi not anjali.only writers knows.
    And nia(arohi) is batth nia media saamney bol rahi thi.patha nahi deep ye baath kaisa nahi the reporter knew everything.
    We should change the title. Because no ishq in this show.
    How beautifully shown deep arohi true love in this totally different from that.
    In precap Tara burns the bed.kahi deep ka face change ho kar koi aur deep role play karey like nia play a arohi role.
    Still we don’t know who is that Malik?
    Where is arohi parents?
    Patha nahi after 13 July ka baath iss writers kya hua.
    P.s .Alisha(Tara) act awesome.really πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

  4. Hi guys.tomorrow one hour episode.

  5. I hope Aarohi saves Deep. How disgusting can Virat be? He does not love Anjali. He and his sister can never love anyone other than themselves.

  6. Satya127

    Hi guys….
    Today by mistake my remote was on colors channel I really curse that timing…..
    Really does writers have any think called sense….. U know in the whole character of deep I love the way he trusts arohi or tara character…. That too they spoiled disgusting track…. And above nia giving all that big long speech is the big hole of the episode indu r really like sita and all first change the dressing style the way they converted our hit sweet show to a vulgar web content doesn’t suit these dialogue and most probably not for nia…. And talking about deep is like saying anything about invisible living creature deep has done this all to AROHI, made her life hell, and now asking as if he is some great who has done any mistake and deep u r also with tara remember…. And u know guys I really hate when deep does all these violence, slapping and harassing and all Especially in scenes with alisha it wht to do to control tara pagalpan it is needed…but still stop it man… I really feel by changing this track they really spoiled everything In The show… Before when deep sent arohi to jail they hated deep but now people started hating arjun… And talking about alisha I think she has lost everything with replacement because they made tara a toy when they want an exit for a character they will bring tara and plan all the creative deaths and murders and then again the same old obsession for deep wit the hell….
    I observed that they introduced characters by arohi and make them killed by tara how funny….
    Taking about the story or expecting anything is a big mistake….
    Before alisha and arjun cuteness and their chemistry used to control all the negative in the show but now there is all negativity in the show starting for deep nia tara and virat everyone… Why they r showing all these…. Brainless writers…

  7. DannyComments

    Okay that’s it. I’m going to kill Arohi myself! Come on woman! After everything deep has done!! See? This is why I said love can be very stupid! All that money! The 3rd chance at life and you throw it all away for a revenge you still didn’t do. Damn!!!

  8. Satya127

    Hi friends I think the episode where deep meets his mom I told I had a doubt and dhara as clarified it to me but when I listened to it again I understood like this
    Deep says that everything will Be fine, and he clearly states that when arohi parents out of the clutches of the trap then anjali face will be finished forever…. By seeing and on trying to understand this I came to a conclusion that ALISHA will come back as arohi and alisha will continue as arohi as because this track in some cases is like jet speed like nia and deep parts where too early as in our story when we r near too some climax only they show love story kind of things and revealing the truth of real arohi is also too early as they took 5-6 months to reveal AROHI identity that the one who is living as tara is actually AROHI and I think as writers stated that this is the track of only 2 months and they also stated that alisha will always be the main Lead…. And I think the writers and producers r not that blind to destroy their one of the best jodi arsha as ardeep… And now also everywhere we find only one thing that everyone want only alisha as arohi so they can’t be that deaf and blind….
    And coming to the story I feel this malik and roma trapped vasundra and arohi’s parents in the money scam soo they did something in past and there may be any connection that anjali as whole money of the bank with her where it can be opened by her face only and the code which arohi parents know or may only anjali can find out and deep changed arohi face soo that he can save her from tara and also to save their parents and vet that money which is of arohi’s family and when this all game ends he will get back and gives back arohi identity to her…. I don’t know why I feel like deep Is not selfish who thinks to fulfill his reasons…And we know deep is really protective and possessive for AROHI he can go to any extent for saving her and for his possessiveness we obviously have any examples…..I feel like deep Alone is fighting some big game with someone for saving his and arohi’s family……..
    After deep doing these many things in the show I really feel like how could I even think this much good about deep where everyone r hating deep this time… I think the answer is arjun only because of his perfect characters like mayank, raghav and rhithik and arjun himself… I really find him soo positive and I really love the way he sets everything with positive vibes around him (except in immj and that to most importantly this rotten track)….
    And I think the writers thought to reveal the past as something grand but destiny as written against to it because people started hating the show for replacement and the big confusion they created and alll… U know if they want me to suggest I would tell them to first please continue alisha as arohi again and build something with some new plot with some new villain along with tara (because alisha as AROHI and TARA are the two pillars of the show but still for replacement they could have replaced tara because nia can try to play tara not arohi and for AROHI alisha is best because alisha can express every emotion of AROHI perfectly) and make it something like deep and AROHI (alisha) r together fighting against all the odds created by the villains for saving their families and all. .. That would be the best like we all enjoy ardeep (arsha) teamwork…
    Good night friends

  9. Satya127

    In today’s episode tara attitude is super…
    Tara is one Of the cutest physo killer with great creativity…. Today I liked virat dialogue about creative murders style…. (but nowadays they r showing more violence which is not good for society ) and don’t worry guys deep won’t die that easily and nothing happens to him because we know he is just super magician as he came alive after having two bullets in his body without even any serious surgery, he can come alive if he is thrown from Mount Everest and he can come alive by swimming in deep sea…. I don’t get how they show deep to be soo strong. And Is soo intelligent and brave that he comes out of death and always pushes his love in to death traps by betraying her…. Impossible character… Raaz maharaj please tell us all The truth behind ur complexity…. After these many episodes people r still scratching their heads to understand ur character…..

  10. Satya alisha mam will never be back as arohi alisha mam is quitting the show I read it on a website she is quitting because nia is main lead

    1. Fake news

  11. Satya alisha mam as arohi will never be back alisha mam is quitting the show I read it in a page

  12. wow precap is amazing deep deserves it.. plz Tara one by one kill everyone

  13. Satya127

    It is a fake news shyamala….
    Alisha is the jaan of the show the absence of her main character made the show from best show to the worst show ever soo the writers can’t afford that….
    And yes I also saw that in that website but that website always only give fake updates…. I used follow them Before but I every time realize it is fake. News so don’t worry

  14. Let’s hope she will be back as arohi soon satya

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