Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi starts doubting Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep is asleep. Aroho caresses his face. She says how do you feel now? He says a lot better. She dresses his wound. Arohi says did you gett to know about Sanaya? i am really worried for her. Is he right? Deep says how can he say that my sister has died. My sister will not go away from me. Dad is looking for her everywhere.
Sushant calls his friend and tells him everything. he says can you keep me at your house for one night? He says yes. Prithvi comes to his friend’s place.

Arohi says in heart I can’t ask him about the bracelet. He is already worried. She says this is so pretty. Can I get it polished? He says yes I got it made from sunshine jeweler. She says I will go with driver. Deep says no I will take you. Arohi says no you have to rest. Arohi leaves.

Prithi is with gun. He says your friend doesn’t know your life is in danger. He called you to save his.
Laksh says why can’t I solve all this? This case keeps complicating. Is Arohi murderer? Is deep murderer? Constable says why did Deep come here whe Arohi was on drive?

Scene 2
Tara says to Deep where is my bracelet? I can’t find it anywhere. Deep says would be here don’t worry.
Arohi goes to the jeweler. Tara says it was here on drawer but it is not. Tara recalls she shoved Sanaya. Tara says it might have broken there. Let me go and check. Deep says arohi was asking about the jeweler. Does she have the jeweler.

Arohi comes to jeweler. Laksh’s men are there are well. The jeweler says welcome. She says can I ask something? Deep keeps calling him. Arohi says please don’t tell anyone. Deep says Hera lal is not picking my call. Arohi says you made this bracelet. He says yes Deep got it made a few years ago and another one similar a few days ago. Arohi says why would deep get two bracelets same? She sayss was it for Sanaya? Hera lal says I don’t know that.
Deep calls Hera lal. He says why were you not picking my call. He says your wife was here. She was asking about the two bracelet you got made from me.
Deep is worried.

Scene 3
Arohi says was Sanaya right that deep is cheating on me? Is it of that girl? But there is blood on it. She sees Sushant’s number. She says should I call him. Arohi calls Sushant. he hangs up. Arohi calls someone else and says he can help me. She calls and says I want to meet you.

Deep wonders where is Arohi. Where did she go after jeweler? Police? Laksh’s men come and tell him that Arohi was asking about the bracelet the jeweler made. Arohi comes to police station. Laksh says you..

Precap-Laksh says if you think I can help you please tell me what it is. Deep asks Arohi where were you? She says you haven’t eaten anything. Let me bring you something. Deep says is she doubting me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode very interesting precap how to end this show who is the Jodi deep arohi or laksh arohi

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