Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat jailed again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says what happened when she ran from jail? Khani says police went after her and killed her in encounter. Deep says where is her dead body? She says I don’t know I was in jail. Arohi says thank God. i am sure not deep believes I am dead.

Arohi comes to Roma. She says doctor checked me and told me my baby is in good health. He asked about his dad. I said he didn’t come because he wasn’t ill. Roma says he was working all day. Hear the news. It says Virat will be released today. Roma says see what he did. Arohi is dazed. She says Virat is coming back. I am sorry happy. I will meet him. DEep says I will come with you. Roma says let siblings celebrate together. We will prepare celebrations. Arohi says I wont let this happen.

Virat says to commissioner

thank you for helping. He says its okay. Arohi comes there. Virat says tara.. She hugs him. He says I missed you so much. Where is your husband? She says home. Commissioner gets a text. He is dazed.
Roma says send commissioner a pretty gift.
Virat comes out. All media is there. They have the video. Virat says this is a conspiracy. Inspector arrests Virat again. Commissioner says we have to do this Virat. We have media pressure. Arohi says leave my brother.
Roma says this is what you did? How did this video go to media. Who made this video? Deep says I don’t know how this happened. Roma says you are so useless because of you my son’s life will ruined. She slaps him. Roma says someone came to my house and recorded this video. I want my son here or I will shoot you. She slaps him again. Roma says get out and do something now.

Arohi says to Virat someone from home helped that girl. Who recorded that video. Virat says i know who that is. Arohi says tell me I will kill him. He says I will tell you once I am out. She leaves. Virat says before telling her I should be sure if I am telling deep’s wife or my sister.

Scene 2
Arohi comes to Deep. Deep says how did the video go viral? Who did this? She says I did. He says you? She says yes you think I do everything. You think I am responsible for all this. My brother is in jail and my mom is stressed. You don’t care. You keep asking me questions. You leave me alone all the time. Tell me where is arohi’s family. You went to meet them today. He says you want to know who did I go to meet? I went to meet the girl who was in jail with Arohi. Arohi says what did she tell you? Is Arohi alive? He says I need to fix your mood before telling.

Scene 3
Deep takes Arohi somewhere. She says where are we? He has planned a date for her. He says I am doing all this for you after so long. Miss the old times? Arohi recalls when deep took her for the same date.
Deep says when Virat is out I will take out on holiday to shimla. Arohi is dazed. He says shimla is the place where we had so much fun. We trapped that Arohi. They sit down. Waiter gives them drink. He says this juice is very healthy for you and baby. Arohi drinks it. He says you wanted to know why I kept Arohi’s family alive.
Their life is worse than what arohi spent in jail. She says I am coming from washroom. Aorhi is in tears. Deep picks the glass and says it will tell me if Arohi is alive or not.

Precap-Deep says to Roma I will give you a news that will tell us who is doing all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. okay i have sooo much to say about todays episode. first i hate Roma. i know that Deep is not positive but when she was slapping him i was sooooooooooooo angry! who the hell she thinks she is? i mean i cant even express how irritating she sounded. ‘mere ghar me koi video bana gaya tum kya kar rhe the?’ duffer he was dancing with Tara because you asked him to keep your daughter happy. Deep is what a spy camera? telling him that she will shoot him if he doesnt get her son out. yeah, stupid lady if you shoot him your family will be finished in days. no wonder her children turned out so violent. that is all they have learnt from their mother, slap, threaten to kill and scream. ugh!!
    and well done Arohi. let that stupid Virat do your job for you. apne pair pe kulhadi marta hai. who fights with journalists when you are just getting out of jail? i dont know how he managed to fool everyone as Laksh for so long, he has no control over himself! at least Arohi played the part of Tara well in front of him. Virat thinks he will outsmart Deep. he is so hot-headed i wont be surprised if he shoots his gun at his own head huh
    next comes Deep’s plan. he is still doubting Arohi. he has taken her finger prints but with what he will match them? does he have Tara’s or Arohi’s finger prints in reserve? and i dont know why he doesnt have hatred for Roma or Virat in his heart. they treat him worse then slave. saying some good words when they are happy and abusing him when they are angry. Deep can run away and do whatever he wants with his life. then why he stays with them? gratitude doesnt make sense with type of treatment he gets. does he have no self respect or what?
    the precap was same as yesterday. lets see what happens. i hope Arohi tries to harm Roma next. Virat is in jail and she has already sent the video from Deep’s phone. now do something to that Roma.

    1. I thinks like you,
      Do you thinks that deep love really arohi or i just want to catch her i don’t understand him does he love just himself and his fake mother ! Clearly he doesn’t love tara she is just a burden for me like arohi say.
      I still can’t see if he is a good person helpless or he is devil like tara’s family ?
      In shimla there was clear at some time that he love arohi and want to leave tara but when arohi learn the thruth he change so mush.
      This is a very good sho i hope next episode will answer all my questions

      1. hi…. agree, i am confused too. i cant decide anything about Deep. his actions, thoughts everything seem contradictory form time to time. i suppose depending on how he reacts when he learns Arohi’s truth, we will finally learn if he ever loved Arohi or is he just Roma’s ghulam. he is intelligent, and i dont think he is completely evil. more of a grey character. he is definitely not helpless, i mean the writers havent shown that he has some majburi for which he is doing all this. he plans by himself and is trying to find out if it is tara or Arohi. lets see what happens in the future 🙂

      2. Lol… It didn’t strike in my mind…. Good observation BTW many of them didn’t like roma slapping deep but for me i loved it, it was much needed to open the gates of his mind….but deep is deep…. I can’t understand his character even a little..

      3. true Tanya, Deep is Deep. even if Roma shoots him he will probably say mummy ji ki jai! huh!

    2. Sonakshi5

      I ,100% agree with whatever you said Dhara.Even Roma was their when the video was recorded . What the hell was she doing then?

      1. Sonakshi5

        Sorry my previous comment was the reply of your first comment.

      2. exactly. she herself can do nothing but shouts like anything. virat has already said to her that dont depend on Deep, i want you to get me out of jail. still Roma can do nothing by herself and expecting from Deep…
        no need to say sorry dear 🙂

    3. I totally agree with you

    4. Sanaa.khan

      I guess Viraat also has a doubt on Tara aka Arohi. The way he said:” tumse kuch kehne see pehle mujhe yeh samajhna hoga ki mere samne meri behen hain ya Deep ka patni.”

      I hate Roma…she is behind Tara’s state. The way she treated Deep is worse than anyone treated an animal.

      By the way wasn’t there a dog in Raichand mansion? When Arohi entered the lori party disguised as a sardar, there was a dog which kept on barking at her.
      If he really is super smart he should have let the dog smell Arohi. Seriously how can he know about Arohi or Tara by her fingerprint? Does he have a copy of Tara’s or Arohi’s fingerprint?. The only I can say about Deep is he is very cunning and unpredictable.

      1. hi sanaa, reading your comments after a long time…. how are you?
        i think virat said that because he knows tara madly loves deep. so when he takes Deep’s name that Deep is behind sending him to jail and getting him beaten up, Virat is not sure if Tara will support him or whether she will support Deep. he is not sure where her loyalty is and that is why he said that…. virat is so stupid that he doesnt think about arohi, only property and deep lol. infact in the whole family only Dilip knows the truth and Deep is doubting. maya guessed but she is dead.
        agree yaar. at least think he is your son-in-law. who the hell slaps like that? she is angry at Deep but cant she see that what Virat did was wrong. if he hadnt gone after that girl then na banta video aur na hota viral….. dont know what happened to the dog lol, maybe the writers have forgotten all about him because they didnt show the dog in the house after that.

      2. Sonakshi5

        Wow !you are very observant @sanaa d.I totally forgot about the dog .And the writers too ,they forgot Maya’s dead body, Kalyani’s dead body, mystery behind deep getting beaten up by boxer,papaji (not seen nowadays),arohi’s bhabhi and many more.How can we expect them to remember dog .
        Agree ,deep should use the dog to find out if she is Arohi or not.

        @Dhara – na Banta video na hota viral ,na rehta bas na bajti basuri ??

      3. Sanaa.khan

        Hi Dhara, I am fine. I was really busy with my exams and thus I didn’t have enough time to comment.

        Sona, thanks….I only started watching immj after Arohi got released from jail. Maybe that’s why I still remember the dog.

  2. btw, i have one small request. can we please have the updates sooner? i am refreshing the page again and again in the hope that the update would be posted. all other serials already have written updates but imm updates are late. if there is some trouble then ignore this comment, but i get desperate to comment as soon as the show ends and then i have to wait so long… please dont take offense at this

    1. Sonakshi5

      Same here

    2. Me too… If it delays then i loose my interest in writing comments…

  3. OMG,,,, what’s wrong with Deep,,, can’t his character changed to positive atleast now

    1. Deep and the eternal mysteries of his thoughts….. thats the true suspense of this story, lol

    2. Sonakshi5

      Me too want that to happen.

  4. Salley145

    Yoohoo! Ab aya oonth pahaar k neechay ? Virat tu toh bewafa hai, Virat tu toh bewafa hai ????

    Roma was so illiterate in her other serials i.e, Mere Angne Mein and Baa Bahu Aur Baby, she’s a blo*dy b*t*h, happy to see their happiness was short lived.
    Aisa zakhm diya hai Jo na kabhi bharega, crime k naam se bhi ab yeh dil darega ?
    I so wished Lakshya aka Virat will come back alive as an inspector and get justice for Aarohi, he’s so disgusting.

    Hope Nikku and Bhabhi are fine. ?

    1. Well said Salley. I wonder sometimes that Deep himself is not a human. He lacks emotions…he does what he’s told to do. He doesn’t even have self-respect. Such a heartless man can never exist in real life.

    2. Aisa zakhm diya hai Jo na kabhi bharega, crime k naam se bhi ab yeh dil darega ?…. very funny lol. i too wish they had kept Laksh positive. there are too many negative characters anyways and Virat doesnt even do much. he is an idiot,

    3. Sonakshi5

      Aisa jhakm diya ……
      Hahahahaha ….what a shayari ??
      Wa wa ..

  5. And what about Dilip Singh who is roma and Kalyani’s husband and who is paralysed
    Aarohi should help him to fully recover so that she can take help at a very last moment

    1. What about deep real family we know just a name of his mother but i think we will know all story after, maybe there are a link between his real familly and the fact that he betray arohi

      1. we dont know anything about Arohi’s parents either…. i think the writers should start clearing these points now and bring something interesting through it. how exciting it will be if Arohi discovered she is related by birth to these family of murderers? or if Deep realised that Roma is the reason he became an orphan in the first place!

      2. I agree with you i think the same about roma i think she kill deep parent’s and turn there son as a made for her daughter. I ALSO THINKS THAT AROHI AND TARA DOESN’T KNOW HOW BUT MAYBE THERE ARE TWIN (sister)

    2. Salley145

      Yeah she just blinks at him and he blinks back lol

    3. i agree… Dilip then would be the only character completely supporting Arohi. and judging by how Roma behaved, even virat and tara dont know the truth about their mother’s actions. Dilip had some recovery when Kalyani came but after her death Dilip is not given much importance. i am sure he is burying many secrets in his heart too…..

  6. i think aroohi knows about drink . and she will do same which she had done with that minister . i hope this will happen. and thank u so mush atiba . i don’t watch this show but by your help me to know about daily update.

  7. Hi evry one..I din’t understnd ur comment salley becz I don’t understnd hindi..haha but don’t lough at me guys…I hate Mummy ji and I feel bad for deep..the epsde was good..lov deep even if he is not good prsn but intelligent..big up to arohiarohi, keep going girl.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Moneera, the meaning of Salley’s dialogue is:
      ” You have given such a wound that could never be healed
      And even with the word of crime, your heart will get scared”

      1. Sonakshi5

        So Sanaa di ,I hadn’t read your comment before typing or else I wouldn’t have given the replyed the meaning.

      2. Sonakshi5

        Correction:sorry Sanaa

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi moneera …
      Here is the meaning
      niche -below.
      a camel is proud of being he a tall animal but when he came under[near] a mountain his misconception goes away. he then realises there are many thigs in the world above him.
      Virat is disloyal .
      Shayari-you gave him such a wound that will never heal.This heart will be scared even by hearing the word crime .

  8. Nice episode.. but hope fully arohi’s truth shouldnt come out now infront of precap shows deep knows about aarohi’s truth.

  9. Aarohi should get a new love angle rather than Deep who helps her get justice.

    1. hi….
      the character of Deep is so confusing that if the writers show it properly, a new love angle would work for Arohi. but seeing that from the start Deep was shown as the main hero/villain, i dont think its going to happen. when i think about it, if Deep and Arohi get together then Tara would be left alone and i am sure she would go full psycho and want to hurt Arohi as long as she is alive. maybe Deep too, as she cannot tolerate betrayal. but i want Tara to get cured of her mental illness and have someone to love her too lol

  10. Can’t deep use his sharp mind for betterment of the people…… How come deep can be so loyal to such horrible lady, don’t he have his own self respect…
    I don’t know weather it’s a good or bad news but after some day our old arohi will be back.

    1. hi…. finally glad to have a name for you tanya!
      what do you mean by old Arohi?

      1. Wht i mean is she will be seen in her old getup as arohi….

      2. Thanku dhara…
        BTW there are so many comments from u today… It seems u r charged up..
        Wht i mean is arohi will be seen in her old getup in long kurtis (or say churidar type thing)…

      3. ou… i liked Arohi’s look in her long churidars. lets see why she changes back to that get up… yes Tanya lol, i am getting madder day by day about this show. and i am happy to see so many new people commenting everyday as well…. the comments will definitely cross 60 today. yay 😀

  11. Hai everyone.nice episode. I can’t understand the deep character he loves arohi or not. Same precap.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi rhivanya…

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi rhivanya…
      Same here….

  12. lets not bother if deep is grey white black or blue… just enjoy everydays twist….if we remember ydays(previous) episode .. today’s episide makes no sense.. so we have to e njoy episode by episode….

    by the way i love the way deep looks at arohi( doubtful n confused ).. …

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Your comments is hilarious Saras. I agreed we should just enjoy the suspense…

    2. maybe Deep is multicolored, like the pens i used to have in school, ek button dabao to blue me likhega, dusra dabao to black me likhega lol…. you are right Saras, the writers are not very good at maintaining continuity…. still love this show 😛

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hahahahaha ??…

  13. Streetdog is better than Deep’s life,he is too obedient to Mummy ji but what he get,mummyji ki 2 Thapad…m I the only one who still confuse that how Arohi send a video from Deep’s phone,i mean deep had already changed his password

    1. i too was wondering about that, besides Deep always keeps his phone with himself, how Arohi got the opportunity to send from his phone? immediately afterwards she reached police station for Virat. another thing, to send from his phone, the video has to be already present in it. i dont remember if it was previously shown that Deep had received the video….. it was never shown who shot the video or with whose phone it was shot… but then if we start questioning such small things, many more questions will arise. for example from where does Arohi get the bundle of notes that she thought about giving Kali? she does no work and has no source of money. then?

  14. I hate Roma.can anyone follow arjun and Alisha Instagram.

  15. Aarohi’s emotions and behavior makes Deep more suspicious towards her
    Whenever the topic of Bhabhi and Nikku comes in their conversation she almost loses her control over her emotions
    Please Aarohi stay strong to fight the devils and to get justice

    1. yeah… actually Arohi is completely alone in her fight. she has to do everything herself, keep track of what Deep is planning, make sure that Virat stays behind jail, keep up her pregnancy drama, try to find out about her bhabhi and nikku… chawanni is a little boy and there is not much he can do. i wish the writers would give atleast someone to support Arohi and provide her some emotional relief

  16. Tnk u sonakshi n sanaa for making me ur language my dears bt I know words like bhabi,bhaiyan, didi, bahu,nahi,kuch..could u please me to knw Hindi( just a little bit)..u can follow me in wasp(0778 665165), if u don’t mind…not only for Sanaa n sonakshi but any one of u…

    1. Sonakshi5

      You are welcome moneera. Is that your whatsapp number.I didn’t understand what is ‘wasp’ so I asked.

    2. Sanaa.khan

      You are welcome dear Moneera.

  17. Sonakshi5

    Friends did you notice:
    Today our comments crossed 50 (Hurray) on immj.Out of the serials which I watch this is the only serial which has so many comments.

  18. Hello ladies! What Dhara said is absolutely correct! Roma overreacted! Like seriously she’s so obsessed with her son why can’t she take care of him herself? It’s like Deep’s his father! Although I hate Deep, I felt sorry for him, he should’ve his stand just because he’s raised by them being an orphan doesn’t mean he bear all of Roma’s atrocities? She’s a sly, self-centered woman! I hate her! Deep’s too loyal to that selfish freak! Aarohi should be more like Tara for God’s sake! Hat’s off to her brilliant moves though, loved it! Deep’s like a chameleon changing colors when it comes to the way he treats Aarohi, she should be more careful with the way she reacts infrontof him!

    1. Hi Shey…..
      Btw I am a girl ☺.I agree with whatever you said.Yes Roma overreacted.

  19. Even I didn’t know Hindi! But now I know most of it after watching these serials!

  20. I think that ashtray which had Aarohi’s fingerprints remember? Deep couldn’t exchange it with the real one? So maybe it’s still with him? Just a guess

    1. good observation Shey, i had completely forgotten about those ash trays. although it doesnt make sense story wise for Deep to preserve those ashtrays three years after Arohi was jailed, still if he didnt destroy them then he can match and know

  21. Hello friend’s i read somewhere i don’t know weather it’s true or not but just go throught it..
    Deep will come to know that arohi is living in disguise as tara through the finger prints and arohi will be unaware of such blunder….. ??
    I don’t want this to happen… Just keeping my fingers crossed for the best…..
    Congratulations guys… I guess we r crossing margin of 50 comments for the 1st time…
    It feels good to see o many of them participating…. ??

    1. Hello Tanya….
      Finally today you reavealed your name.Thanks for the news.
      But I want that to happen and I want deep to support Arohi .

  22. One more thing thing Kali told Deep that Aarohi was shooted by police whereas Aarohi asked the jailor Durga Yadav and the minister to spread the news in newspaper that in order to free from jail life she had committed suicide

    1. Hmmm…. you are correct.Good observation.

  23. tanya, sonakshi…. we crossed 60 comments today, maybe until night we will even touch 70!! it feels really good to see so many people giving their opinions here and discussing about the show. i must say i love reading all your comments… sonakshi, tanya, Saras, sally, Sanaa, Rhivanya, Shae, babe, imm, Arpi and all the other daily commenters, thanq 🙂 🙂 and congratulations 😀

    1. Yes Dhara , I am feeling very happy today .The comments are more than 75 .Wish they become 100.Everyone please comment on this page for written update of 14 March.Please please please I want comments to reach 100.
      Yes it feels good to read all your comments and good today many new people commented.I also feel good to read your comments Dhara and also all of your comments .It feels very good to communicate with you all through my comments.

      1. thanq sonakshi 🙂

      2. Sonakshi5

        Wlcm? Dhara.

  24. Crossed 60

  25. We should cross 70

  26. Let’s hope for the best! May no ashtray come in the way to disturb Aarohi! Yay let’s cross 70! Comment guys!

    1. Hahahahaha.No ashtray will come between Shey.
      Hurray our comments crossed 80.

    2. ashtray was about to come but it seems Arohi will kick all ashtrays out of her way lol. i am waiting for todays update now

  27. Why no written update till now of today’s episode

  28. Today’s episode was good.precap is bit horror.Let’s hope for the best

  29. Please post the written update of today’s episode as soon as possible

    1. am waiting for it too, yhm airs at the same time as immj and the update is available within half an hour. wish it was the same for immj 🙁

  30. Friends comment on this page .I want it to cross 100.Please please please.Even if update of 14march is published. Please comment on this.

    1. i dont know when update will be published. its going to be ten o clock and still no update. i am dying to discuss todays episode and precap.

      1. Sonakshi5

        Maybe they will publish tomorrow.Anyways good night dhara and all of you .Take care . Sweet dreams ?

      2. Hi dhara good night and sweet dreams

    2. Hi sonakshi good night.

    3. goodnight Sonakshi and Rhivanya

  31. Today many new persons commented . Thank you all of you who commented today.. Dhara,tanya, Saras, sally, Sanaa, Rhivanya, Shay, babe, imm, Arpi,moneera and all the other daily commenters.Congratulations to you too Dhara and all of you.Hopefully we will cross 100 comments today.
    I had started commenting only few days back and I enjoy talking to all of you.This is the first time for me that the forum in which I commented has reached 80+ and by the time my comment will be posted I am sure it will reach 100 .

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Yup …I also want the comments to increase 100. I really hoped that there was something called irp( internet rating point, it would have been much better and immj would reach top . In UAE where I live ,the trp system doesn’t work and hopefully we will get something called irp .

      1. Sonakshi5

        I hope it comes in India too.

  32. I mean wattsap no sonakshi..(0778 665165)

    1. Hey! Are you Sri Lankan? That’s a Srilankan number ryt?!

  33. I too guess many of them here want to cross 100 comment margin…… BTW good night and sweet dreams…….
    I don’t know why now a days why updates are so updated late nearly 11 or 11:30….

  34. Hi Sonakshi, Dhara and others! Kudos! We crossed 80! I’m so excited! Ha ashtray out of the way! So so glad to be commenting with you guys and cheers to many more comments to come! Love you all!

  35. the next episode is uploaded. i am commenting just to increase no of comments as per sonakshi’s wish lol. as far as i remeber, naagin was the only show that used to have so many comments regularly and now ishqbaaz. happy for immj fans…. good night everyone

    1. Sonakshi5

      Thank you Dhara.I am diehard rivanya fan.I loved watching naagin.

      1. Sonakshi5

        The comments are 95 just 5 less than 100.

      2. yeah me too, i have never seen such amazing chemistry as Shivanya and rittik had…. that is why i love to see arjun bijlani in smilling mode or making jokes mode. he looks very good in those type of roles

      3. Sonakshi5

        Yes they are the best couple for me.Therefore me too wanted Arjun’s role to be positive.

  36. Sonakshi, your wish is completed by my comment. We reached ?. Hurray

  37. Ya me too dhara

  38. Sonakshi5

    Yes Sonia …?????
    Hurray 100 comments.???
    Congratulations all of you???
    Dhara,Sonia,Shey,Tanya, rhivanya,moneera ,Sanaa d,Vicky,imm,babe,arohi and deep,sathyasaras ,deepshika,zaara,arpi,salley and all of you.Once again thank you all of you.

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