Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi saves Kalyani

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode description/highlight: Arohi saves Kalyani’s life from Deep but she runs. Deep pays people to hit him. Arohi brings him home and takes care of him.

Scene 1
Arohi says to Deep where are you going? He says going out for mummy’s work. She says I am not feeling well. Please stay here with me don’t go anywhere. He says stop acting like a kid, Mummy ji has given me some work. He goes and sits in his car. Arohi takes air out of his tire. He says what re you doing. Its important I have to go. Arohi says fine you don’t care about me. She takes the other car and comes outside banglow where Kalyani is Chawani comes with her. Arohi says thank God you are fine. Arohi comes outside the house. Chawani says she is here. Arohi says stay here I will go and talk to

Arohi tries to break the lock. Deep comes to that house. Chawani says deep is coming. Lets go. Arohi says no i have to talk to her. Chawani takes her to a side. Deep goes in. He has a gun. Arohi says I haave to save her. Deep is about to shoot that woman. His hands shiver. Arohi throws sand in his eyes. He can’t see anything. Arohi takes Kalyani with to a side. She hits deep’s head. Deep faints.
Arohi asks Chawani where did she go? Chawani says she ran. Arohi says we have to find out how she is related to all this.

Scene 2
Deep comes to Roma and tells her everything. Virat says I told you he is a loser. Deep says I will kill her. I won’t leave it incomplete. Virat says do things on time. Roma says she is enemy of this house. Please kill her. Deep says don’t worry I will. He goes out. Virat says at least tell me who she is. Roma says don’t worry about her. Deep will kill her.

Deep is drinking. Arohi stops him. She says I thought I shouldn’t have behaved that way. I am sorry. I wanna stay with you all the time. He says should I stop doing mummy’s work. A girl came and failed my mission. Leave me alone.

Scene 3
Arohi sees deep going somewhere. She follows him. Arohi sees him with a boxer. He says says hit me as much as you can. I paid you for it. The boxer beats him badly. He says I can’t hit more you will die. Arohi wonders what is he doing. Deep faints. Arohi says I am not inhumane like you.

Arohi makes Deep sleep on his bed. She says now whats the secret behind all this? how many secrets are there inside you? He says water.. Arohi makes him drink water. She says there are so many bruises. I have to do something. She cleans his wound and applies med. Deep holds her hand. He says please sit here. She says what was all this? Why were you letting them hit you? He says you saw everything. He says bruises on body don’t mean anything when there is pain in your soul. Arohi says nothing can unburden soul. Deep says you never said anything like that before. She applies med on his bruise. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He says I feel like you.. Aro.. He faints.

Precap-Deep arranges a party

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i loved todays episode. for once arohi behaved exactly like tara. throwing a tantrum and then puncturing deep’s car and running away herself. she was also clever in hiding her own car. the scene where she helped Kalyani escape didnt look very convincing but okay.
    and that roma is totally using deep. she wants deep to do all the dirty work (a free guilt-ridden henchman) so that he becomes a criminal and her own son’s hands remain clean. i dont understand, if none of them have any respect for deep, why did they get their daughter married to him? dont they care for tara or how she would react if deep got hurt while doing some of roma’s ‘work’?
    arohi wants to hurt deep but she was practically in tears when he was getting beaten up by that hired goon. she still cares for him (which doesnt make sense to me, but ok) and tries to justify it by saying she would do it for anyone. but when deep was falling asleep and trying to take Arohi’s name, Alisha’s acting was too good. Arohi wanted to hear deep take her name.
    also, when Deep was getting himself beaten up, i dont think it was because he failed to do Roma’s orders. when he went to kill Kalyani his hands were shaking, though he opened the lock by shooting at it (funny, he should have had a key. the scenes only purpose was to show that deep was very good at using guns so that it would have more effect when he hesitates to shoot Kalyani). maybe deep realises what he is doing is wrong and he shouldnt go about killing like that. and he was getting himself punished for what he had done to Arohi because he said there were wounds in his heart. (i am pretty positive he didnt kill bhabhi and niku).
    sorry for such a long post, but i really liked todays episode. tomorrow is that mahasangam episode. i dont like them at all, ugh.

    1. Me too loved today’s episode and I agree with you but I think they married Tara with deep because he will do what they want him to do and he won’t expose Tara’s crimes.
      I think deep is punishing himself for what he did with Arohi but he did very wrong with her but I like ardeep . But deep can’t be forgiven for what he did with Arohi.

      1. still, dont they care for their daughter at all? wouldnt they want someone who would be good for their daughter and then take good care of their son in law? deep was the one who got tara admitted in mental hospital, why didnt her family members want her her to be cured and took steps? they should have supported deep instead of blaming him for putting her in asylum. since we know so little about their family, it is possible that they will show tara is not their real daughter either maybe. but then going through all that trouble for tara doesnt make sense. again they might show tara has all property in her name, so they tara be mentally ill and get a puppet husband so that they could enjoy…… lol i am making up entire stories by myself

    2. I honestly don’t think that Deep has it in him to kill anyone, so far he has only been covering up the murders. Note the way his hand shook violently, that’s not the steady hand a guiltless murderer would have. Also, though Deep has been cruel to Arohi, the man she saw in this episode getting himself beat up was not a side of him she had seen before(also Arohi is playing the typical good girl role). It’s easy to fall into a hole(love) but not as easy to crawl out of it.

      1. i agree what you said about deep. maybe arohi is confused by deep at this point and, because of her own soft-hearted nature, took pity at him.

    3. I think the punishment which must be given to roma is, i m sorry to say but yes, i will… So the punishment is, kill tara brutally and keep her body in front of her, she will literally go insane… The amount of work she is doing to save her daughter, all those things will be washed away….

  2. there are many things missing in this update though, like how deep stopped the boxer from hitting his face. i think its important because it shows deep doesnt want anyone to know he is punishing himself and he would hide his wounds with his clothes

    1. Good analysis…..but i hoped that deep would have saved arohi intead of torturing himself in this way, torturing won’t do any good,… Deep try something else which is beneficial and which can lower down your guilt…..

      1. true. whats the point? as far as he knows arohi is gone and he did nothing at that time. so now beating is self destructive. it doesnt make him better in my eyes, just that he is not guilt-free. but of what use is a guilt laden weak person? sometimes, i think, if he realises this is arohi and not tara, he would still betray her

  3. OK Deep hasn’t killed anyone before that’s why his hand was shaking. And that’s why Virat called him a loser because he probably hasn’t killed anyone

  4. Ohhh.. Pretty interesting episode….. I feel pity to see him in this condition…. Just i don’t know what to say him… I think his character is so, so that arohi can again fall for deep again…. now it’s enough i want to see arddep together and deep standing strong by arohi’s side it’s not necessary to show them as a couple in the first place but just that they are helping each other to get out of this messy situation…
    I am like, arohi u can kill when anyone is crossing their limits for example roma or virat as u are already tagged as a murderer for me killing doesn’t seems to be wrong…. But ya this series is going now way to melodramatic which i hate to see….. And deep get out of your dreamy world.. Huhhh??

    1. rightly said. i dont mind if arohi, knowingly or unknowingly, ends up killing someone. she went through enough at the hands of these monsters and chawanni shouldnt leave her side if a murder happens. and hopr deep gets out of his depression. he was negative before yet i liked him better when he was making plans or seemed somwhat in charge.

  5. i am really feeling bad for deep . ??he should walk on right path instant of being slave of roma.

    1. Ya I too want that to happen

  6. I hate Deep, hes just a slave following owners orders and wats the point of him remembering arohi he didnt care when he saw her in prison with her hair chopped in pieces and when pritvi slapped her n damaged the SD card. Hes a loser. If anything arohi shud never trust him it cud b a trap like before to show his love to get her hurt again. N where is tara she cud escape

    1. Just add another er point tooo…. Ripping arohi’s clothes in front of every one, which is a trauma for any girl i guess…. He doesn’t have courage to love someone so definitely at this point, ardeep is not a good option..

  7. now. They are making deep hero…. lakshya was a positive character but now he is totally negative. … super thriller. … Great story telling….. I m loving it.

  8. Very nice episode lovely and heart touching ardeep scenes where is Tara why deep hurt himself waiting for today episode arjun and Alisha act just awesome

  9. I have a feeling that Deep is punishing himself because of the guilt of Arohi’s death, he loved her, that much is clear(though some people will say otherwise). My guess would be that since Deep is practically raised by Roma, his moral lines are blurred, thus he doesn’t know what to do. Plus now the writers are practically telling us that Deep never loved Tara, he is only bound to their family and brainwashed. The serials name is Ishq Mein Marjawa, aur Deep Tara Se nahi, Arohi Se Ishq Karta hai. The serial may be messing some things up, but with a plot so complex it’s bound to happen. Also, for some reason I feel like maybe Kalyani can be Vasundra and Tara’s dad is actually Deep’s dad who is Kalyani’s husband. Wild assumption, but it can be fun to watch if true.

    1. Rightly said..

  10. Why arohi is taking care of deep,,
    He is the killer how can she forget this…
    Yes for sometime she really behaved like Tara but again she became arohi she still has soft corner for deep which is really not going well with the story
    And where is tara plzzz show her little appearance also u have completely forgotten her, i really wanna see her in bad condition

    1. Same pinch… I too want to see tara in terrible condition..

    2. yeah, it makes arohi look weak. i mean as far as arohi knows, deep and tara got her bf murdered, deep married her by tricking her, gave her drugs to prove her mentally unstable, tortured her, destroyed evidence, sent her to jail where she had to go through so many things and now claims to have murdered her bhabhi and niku. how they hell can she even remotely care for him? she is a soft hearted person and doesnt like seeing anyone in pain, but in this episode she wanted deep to take her name and was not doing it just out of her nature. it would have been different if Arohi saw who the real deep was and then started caring for him. this doesnt fit well.

  11. They do care for their daughter Dhara.Of course they will want a nice person for Tara but who on earth will marry a murderous woman . Anyone will marry Tara if he loves her but who will love a criminal otherwise if someone marries her without loving her and she comes to know this then she will kill him for betraying and they wanted someone who will work on their orders and control Tara because only deep could control Tara and they wanted a son in law who would hide Tara’s crimes .Also Tara married deep because she loves him.

    1. maybe you are right. i was saying all this because of how roma talked about deep to virat when deep was gone. like let him do the dirty work and take all the blame, virat’s hands should remain clean. they got tara married to him because tara is obsessed with deep. but they could at least hire goons so that deep’s hand remain clean like virat’s. if deep gets arrested then what will happen to tara? that is why i said maybe they dont care or think about tara much either.

      1. Hmm… maybe you are right .Virat doesn’t care about deep but Roma I don’t know about her.

      2. Hmm… I think you are right .Virat doesn’t care about deep but Roma I don’t know about her.

  12. Waiting for today’s episode… ???ardeep

  13. Sorry posted it two times . I think they don’t want to hire goons because they can’t trust anyone and killing the goons after the work will further complicate their difficulties .

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