Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara tells Aarohi that Tara’s birthday starts after 12 because I was born at 12:01. Tara laughs and tells everyone that she will come back and take revenge. She shouts at Deep,the police take her away.

Aarohi goes to the camera room. Deep sees her going somewhere he feels worried. Aarohi operates the computer and sees all the cameras, she sees Danny talking ,Danny says tomorrow 8pm will be fun, I am ready the work will be done. Aarohi panics and thinks what is going to happen. Danny takes Deep’s photo frame and puts his white handkerchief on it and says there will be a similar white sheet on Deep tomorrow. Aarohi tells Deep, Deep says there is nothing like that on the footage. Aarohi says that Danny is with Tara and he is trying to kill Deep. Deep laughs and says he never understands

Aarohi’s logic. When he didn’t trust Danny she let him stay in the house now that he is trusting him she has a problem. Aarohi says it was my mistake and Deep was right in the first place. The attacker, the old man all of them are Danny and that’s why he reaches on time to save her because the attacker and the savior are the same. Deep gives her a tough look.

Danny hears this and interrupts he says your reaction was worth seeing. Danny says to Aarohi that I was wondering when you will tell Deep that Danny is a traitor. Danny tells Aarohi that she looks beautiful when she is angry,Deep says stop being badtameez. Prithvi calls Deep to open a drink bottle that someone gave them as a gift.Deep joins Virat and Prithvi for drinks. Aarohi tells Danny that she won’t let him do anything to Deep, Danny says to her that her problem is that someone comes and troubles her and she aims somewhere else so she never finds the villain.Danny leaves.

Aarohi calls Chawanni and tells him that she is not understanding whom to trust. Chawanni and Aarohi dicuss what to do.

Deep takes drinks with Danny,Virat and Prithvi. Aarohi says she will find out who is behind harming Deep. Virat says he is throwing a party tomorrow at 8,its an all boys party,he says he will send Tara to the spa. Prithvi says Deep can’t come because he has an important business meeting at 8. Aarohi worries exactly who is going to harm Deep at 8. Deep asks what meeting, Prithvi says we have ignored our work in Aarphi’s mess.

Arohi wonders where these people are going to take Deep.She worries what is going to happen at 8 in the vening tomorrow. Aarohi sees a calender, somebody has marked the date on the calendar. Aarohi calls the hospital and enquires about Roma,the nurse says she has been given a sleeping injection. Aarohi tells her to let her stay in the hospital only and tells the nurse to inform her if anyone comes to take her away.

Deep comes to the room drunk. Aarohi says you have drank too much. Deep says drinks are for drinking only. Aarohi realizes Deep isn’t really understanding anything. Aarohi says she felt relived to see him all okay ,she thought somebody will put poison in Deep’s drinks. Deep says what poison are you talking about, I walk on thorns everyday. My life is filled with thorns, and the tragedy is that I don’t know who is doing this. He then looks at Aarohi and says everything is happening because of you, he says when you look at me, I start hating myself. Araohi smiles and says she knows Deep loves her,Deep says no he hates her. Deep comes closer to Aarohi and rests his head on her shoulder, Aarohi caresses Deep and says I love you Deep,you don’t need to feel guilty ,you have done loads for me. But till then Deep falls asleep. Aarohi smiles and puts him to bed. Deep takes Aarohi’s hand and sleeps, Aarohi smiles at Deep . She gets up and wonders who is after Deep’s life.

Prithvi is walking down the corridor ,Aarohi hits on his head with a stick. She ties a rope around Prithvi’s neck and puts boiling water below. Aarohi keeps asking Prithvi what is going to happen at 8 in the evening tomorrow. Prithvi says Deep has a meeting with the German delegation, he shouts at Aarohi and says you are Aarohi not Tara ,Tara will never doubt me. Aarohi says I am Tara and I can very well kill you if you disappoint me. Prithvi says if you want call the delegation and confirm. Arohi calls and understands that Prithvi is saying the truth.Virat is sleeping, Aarohi goes and ties a rope around his neck.Virat gets up all shocked. He starts talking to Aarohi as Araohi and unties the rope he takes out a gun and calls the police,he shouts at them for letting Aarohi run away . The police tell him that she is in front of them, Virat asks Aarohi why she is behaving this way (now he talks to her as Tara) Aarohi laughs like Tara and says I heard you guys are going to have a boys party tomorrow and you will send me to the spa. So I just wanted to trouble you. Virat says are you mad, Aarohi laughs like Tara. Virat says and what if I had shot you, Araohi laughs crazily like Tara , and says nonthing would have happened I would have got killed. Virat says shut up you shouldn’t say that,he laughs and Aarohi also laughs.She leaves the room.

Araohi sees someone walking in Roma and Dilip ji’s room.

PRECAP : Danny comes with a knife ,Deep is sitting on the table, Aarohi is talking to someone and she says how dare you deceived us this way.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Why writers are making show confusing??? But killing drama hai… Aaj ek, kal koi or etc… Tired of seeing same thing all time…

    1. hey sraddha, agree with you. there are so many twists and turns everyday that it is hard to follow the story. every character has some dark secret. Roma, Prithvi, Virat/Lakshya, Dilip, Deep, Bhabhi. everyone is planning and no one does anything normal in their life…. i am just waiting for the day when they declare that it is actually bindya who is the master mind 😛 😛

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Ha ha ha… It may be possible, after all itn confusion jo hai..

  2. Congratulations team ishq m marjava for completing 200 episode. Today episode is good better from tomorrow. Aarohi forget everything
    1)Revenge from raichand
    Dilip is not in the house now one worry for him not Aarohi and deep
    She forget everything and just depends on deep even a stranger after London track Aarohi character just became fool day by day I want my old Aarohi is back smart,clever.
    Srry guys if hurt anyone but i really want Aarohi back

  3. Hi everyone…
    I never see this kind of stupid n confusion drama… ? nothing is happening.. I hate it

  4. I am quitting this show … nothing is interesting … just boring … same story is repeating

  5. Hello friends.
    Congratulations immj team.
    Completing 200 episodes.
    Ardeep scene was nice and cute.
    I hate Danny.why he entry in ardeep life.
    Is dilip asli khiladi.

  6. looks like in precap arohi is talking to dilip about cheating everyone saying he is not well

  7. In this show is everybody villain or what??? I jst mess up who is positive nd who is negative…Now i think Dilip singh will become the villain.Roma villain,Tara villain,Deep’s charecter is li’l bit confusing,Prithvi villain,Virat villain……

  8. bindiya n chawanni are so far positive… when will they turn negative no idea

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