Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara kills Roma

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi and Deep recall what Dany used to say. Deep comes in. Arohi gives him water. He says in 24 hours they will pay for what they did to dany.
Deep comes to dilip in jail. Deep says hello uncle. They all left you there and you got arrested. You will be shifted to a new jail that has all criminals. I have your medical reports. That can show that you were sick and you had nothing roma. if you tell me their address I can get you out of here. Dilip says will you? Constable hears and informs Virat. They come to the place virat hidden. police comes there. Virat says where will we hide now? They run from there.

Deep says this time they will get caught and i will punish them with death. Arohi says you wont go alone. Deep says dany died because of me. Tara calls Arohi and says

whoever loves you dies. Only deep is left. He will die too.
Arohi screams.. Deep.. Deep comes to her room. he sees knife in pillow Deep says what is this. arohi locks him the room. Aroi says they all died because of me. I will go there not you. i wont let you risk your life. Deep says don’t do this. Open the door.

Arohi comes to that place. Tara, Virat and Roma are hidden. Inspector is with Arohi. He says I think they are not here. Arohi says please look everywhere. They pick up carpet and go underground. Roma and Virat run. Inspector comes there. He shoots but they run. Arohi is alone. Tara hits her on head. Arohi faints. Tara says I waited so long for this moment. i want to kill you. I found you so you can pay for my sins but now you are living my life? You will pay for this. Police arrests Virat. Tara tries to stab Arohi. She says don’t try to run.

Virat takes gun and puts it on a constable. He says I will kill him.
Tara says you took my name my life my husband from me. You have to pay for this.
Deep is worried for Arohi. He jumps from the window.
Tara says you took deep from me. He I will cut your face. Deep is only mine. Tara says you have to die Arohi. Arohi stops her hand and says you will pay for your sins not me. Tara says deep left yyou because he was tired of your sin.s You have killed deep’s mom as well. Tara says you have to die. When Deep gets to know the he loves is a murderer like Tara what will he think? Arohi says you shot him not me. Police looks for Arohi. Tara shoves arohi and picks the knife. Roma comes there. She picks a rod and is about to hit Arohi. Arohi sits down Tara stabs Roma instead of Arohi.

Precap-Deep and arohi come close. Tara says you have to die Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Thriller episode…. Roma one villian died atleast… Poor danny died… Aarohi, Deep and chawani are alive… Otherwise 90% good people died in show….
    I hope tara do not take aarohi place like aarohi took…

    1. Hello Shraddha… i saw a preview of upcoming track….oh no arohi is replaced by actor nia sharma oh no we ll not see now alisha pawar as arohi…only as tara we can see her…plz aise nhi hona chahiye….

  2. the actors are very good in this show. just sad that the writers arent making enough effort to keep up with the acting….. liked today’s episode. just waiting for tomorrow and Roma’s final breath. one thing i didnt like was Virat escaping again and again by snatching gun pointed at him…. anyways so now there is Virat and Tara on one side and Arohi, Deep and chawanni on the other side and Dilip flip-flopping. all the other characters are dead lol

  3. Hello friends.
    Alisha act is awesome. Wow.Tara and arohi.???????????
    Finally Roma was die.she deserve this.she not a good a person.and she always support Tara.but wt happened in last.this is good lesson for bad person. But I love Roma act.

    1. Hello Rhivanya…did u see arohi is replaced by actor nia sharma…on 16th of july…no plz aisa nhi hona chahiye…

  4. As per the latest spoilers,, Tara would be died and her character will be end,,, Adha or Nia to enter the show with connection to Deep’s past

  5. Did any 1 notice Aarohi’s upper lips

    1. Yes..yes I noticed it..and amazed how the cameraman managed it…

    2. hi lutfa, yes i noticed too. first i thought Tara’s make up was not done properly. but then both Arohi and Tara’s lips looked different and then i realised….

  6. What goes around comes around
    Roma had killed her own daughter Vedika for her own selfishness and revenge
    And Tara was provided motherly love by Roma
    Roma is dead by her own daughter Tara

  7. I really hate the makers of ishq mein marjawan
    Atleast they could have kept alive Bhabhi and Nikku
    But no
    I really wanted Nikku to be alive

  8. And why Aarohi is shown dumb like in Shimla
    Feeling bad for poor Danny
    Since she ran from jail She used to conspire against the devils cunningly But now The devils are winning evertime
    I would have loved seeing Aarohi teaming with Vedika Binii(Arshi Khan) and successfully completing her revenge

    1. hi imm, i agree with what you said in all your three comments. so many good characters were killed. if they were alive it would have been a good show. imagine Kalyani and Dilip (good one) together as well as vedika and nikku with Arohi….. but no. the writers have to kill everyone and make Arohi dumb damsel in distress

  9. Hey I have heard that Aarohi face will be changed and Nia Sharma will be Aarohi. I saw a promo. This certain track will be shown from 16th July. God this gives a goose bumps.

    1. Hi shinjini. I want Alisha only play a arohi role.why the stupid writers change the big fan of Alisha.she only play a arohi and Tara role perfectly. She is a good hard worker.and am not hate any nia fans.I just want Alisha come back.

      1. I feel that this show should end for once and for all. I feel that now the story is getting dragged. I don’t think so that I would able to watch this show after the director is making these changes. The director of this show should show a happy ending of deep and aarohi. I heard the gossip that Deep planned to get married to Aarohi but Tara takes her place and Deep is not aware that he gets married to Tara as Tara pretends to be Aarohi and Tara changes Aarohi’s face via plastic surgery and there will be a leap and Nia Shawna will enter as real Aarohi and her struggle begins.

      2. Mee too guyz and we can do this…just like fans did for kasam serial as they said we want tanu as kritika…just like that we can also do something

    2. Hi..
      I didn’t expect this type of twist….
      I want only Alisha ????
      I hate this writer

    3. oh plz, no! i dont want anyone else to play Arohi, frankly i dont even like the new girl… just no 🙁 somehow i think it will be Tara’s plan to introduce someone else as Arohi and make Deep hate Arohi so that he will come back to Tara. Alisha is too good playing both the characters…

      1. Oh no! Sudden twist in the tale. Why did Aarohi’s face change to Nia’s? I didn’t like the fact. I know it’s hard for Aalisha to shift roles rapidly. But what’s this? Being a finite thriller series, is IMMJ going off air?

  10. Hello guys you Aarohi’s face will be changed soon. Nia Sharma will be playing her character. It give me a goose bumps. Why did the directer decide to change Aarohi’s face. Aalisha Pawar is best as Aarohi.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      If this is true, than i am first one to quite the show….

    2. whattttttttttttttttttttt is this story whyyyyyy and alisha will play tara ?? but soon tara will die some spoilers say that i dont know if its true

      If someone else play arohi i will stop the show

  11. i hope this new Arohi is a temporary phase. Maybe Alisha needs some rest. i dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but i think her eyes are often red and swollen from too much make up change as Arohi and Tara wear completely different make up. Also Tara’s hair aren’t that straight and slick always because Alisha has to repeatedly change her hair from curly to straight and vice-versa. even ordinary tv actors have very busy schedule and continuous double role is very hard on the actor. i really really hope that Alisha comes back as Arohi later because i just cant accept someone else as Arohi with Deep. i cannot accept someone else as Tara either. Alisha is the only one who suits the role.

  12. Hi guys. The recent promo is showing that Nia Sharma is the new Aarohi. Even I hate this. I wonder why didn’t director think about his TRP of the show!!! I feel that the TRP of this show will for sure drop down after the major they are going to do. Even I somehow don’t feel that for Aarohi’s character Nia Sharma fits. Oh God director please do something. Alisha Pasta is the best as Aarohi.

  13. Guys I think let’s give Nia Sharma a chance and see how she justifies Aarohi’s character. I would like to know how will Aarohi (Nia Sharma) prove to Deep that the one whom he married is Tara not Aarohi. How will Aarohi take her revenge from Tara?

    1. Somehow she will….but u see definetly the trp will go down bcz we have seen always alisha as arohi…but now nia i dont want arohi to be changed lets make tara change but not arohi

  14. Well we have seen alisha from starting and suddenly nia won’t be that interesting

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