Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds deep in Mumbai

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes to an internet cafe. She searches for Deep raj singh. Arohi is dazed because thats his real name. She says I will kill this monster. I have to take revenge. She reads about him and his papers printed. The printer guy says I have seen you somewhere? Arohi says i kill people in anger. He laughs and says are you joking? Arohi says no.
Arohi asks different people have you seen this guy? A guy on bike steals her purse. Arohi runs after him. Arohi runs after the kids tony. The way is closed. Arohi says give me my bag or I will slap you. He calls his other friends. He says you don’t know about me. I think you are new in Mumbai. His friend says he is don. Arohi laughs. THey show her a fake knife. Arohi says give me my bag. Police man comes and says whats happening?

Did the kid steal. Arohi hides her face and says no they didn’t steal. They were just telling me the way. Arohi says if you wanted money you could ask me. SHe gives them money. They smile and dance. They decide what will they eat. Arohi recalls Niku. She gives them more money and says buy a new tshirt. The kids follow her.
Arohi says why are you following me? Chawani says you helped us so we will help you as well. I am chawaani and they are chilar. You were scared of the policeman. How can I help you?

They bring her to their shed. They say we live here. Arohi asks where are you parents? They say we don’t have parents. Aroho shows them deep’s photo and says have you seen them? He takes Deep’s photo from his phone and says I have a huge network I will find him. He calls all his beggar friends and asks them to look for deep.

Scene 2
Chintu comes to choli. Its all clean.
Chawani tells Arohi my friend has seen me. He is near teenbati. Akiya said he is a nice guy. He takes Arohi to deep’s house. Arohi looks at his house. She says its like Shimla’s house.

Deep leaves in his car. Arohi recalls all his lies. She steps back. Arohi hides. He looks at the kids. He says why feel a heartache. He looks at the kids again.
The kid says what do you have to do with that hero? Do you love him? Arohi says I only hate him. He says tell us the story. Arohi says I will tell on the right time.

Scene 2
Deep comes to a building. Arohi follows him in a rickshaw. The kids are with her as well. Deep goes in the building.

Precap-Chawani says you can’t take revenge.
Arohi says I can. She breaks Deep’s car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bang on!
    Thank you atiba for the update


    Tit for tat tym

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    Love this show ???

  4. Nice episode is deep still love arohi what his feel revenge is start wt next move waiting for tomorrow

  5. That’s more like it getting interesting

  6. fantastic episode love this episode a lot

  7. Superb episode. …………… waiting for monday

  8. Arohi don’t get in deeps trap again finish him and Tara waiting to see it love you Arohi all young girls must watch it to know how they are fooled by cunning men

  9. It’s quite interesting…..

  10. Where is Tara????

    1. Same question

  11. kavita kumari

    There is nothing arohi still a dummy

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