Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds a clue to her parents

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says give me my letter. Tara says pandit gave you this letter. Arohi says mind your own business. Tara says this is my house. You got him here as pandit but let me also see why.

Tara reads it. pandit nods at Arohi. Tara says what is this? What does this sign mean? pandit ji says anjali is worried these days so I gave her this.
Tara says to Arohi keep it. She leaves. Pandit gives the real letter to Arohi and leaves. Tara saw them.
Arohi comes to her room and reads the letter from a laser. It says come to bus stop at 7. Arohi says is this deep’s game. I have to go there.

Shahbaz and inspector that we got Zara and Kabir’s message and picture. Shahbaz is stunned and asks him to send on hus number, inspector asks to locate that number.

Arohi says I have to go there.

Deep comes to his room and reads a chit meet you at shed at 8. Tara says to Virat there was something on that letter that I couldn’t read. Virat says we will know what she is hiding. Someone comes to her room and see the letter. Arohi comes out and sees Deep is in her room. Arohi says what are you doing in my room. He takes off her towel and holds her. He says Tara would be mad to see us. Arohi says go from here.
Virat says I have a way to keep an eye on Anjali. They see Deep trying to come close to Anjali. Tara says why is she not shouting? They are both cheating on us. Deep picks a cockraoch. He says I was just picking it. Arohi looks at the drawer. He says why are you looking there? He leaves. Arohi wonders why he came here. Tara says something is going on between them. Virat calls inspector and says keep an eye on Deep. Tara says wont you do anything else?

Deep calls someone and says we have to do it before 8. Arohi hears. She says what is he doing at 8? She says that is why he came to my room? The pooja is going on.
Arohi says I wont let anything happen to ma and papa.

Arohi is leaving. Tara comes and puts a sword on her. Tara says I know your reality. Whoever comes between me and deep gets killed. Arohi says I was going out for my work. Tara says no one challenges me. If you love your babby then fight with me. She gives her a sword. Tara attacks Arohi. but Arohi defends herself. Arohi shoves Tara and puts something in her eyes. she leaves. Tara says I wont leave you.

Arohi looks for deep. she sees hsi car and follows him. Arohi sees Deep talking to someone in shed. Deep says I gave you anjali’s face as well. I will kill everyone if I don’t get what I want in 24 hours.

Precap-Deep reads a chit and says so I know where you are. He leaves. Arohi says is he going to kill my parents.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I dont know why i thought of watching few scenes again -_- Does anybody else feel that the show is slowly becoming vulgar? And Nia just isn’t able to carry these scenes. The way she portrays the character makes everything worse. Where is that innocence of Arohi’s expressions? Where is that goodness of heart? Another thing, does anyone else feel that the character’s ‘internal thoughts’ are shown little too much. specially Nia’s. Every few minutes it is ‘main apne ma baba ko kuch nahi hone dungi’ ‘main tumhe chodungi nahi Deep’ ‘main tumhe barbad kar dungi’ Arre, we understand na. is it necessary to say same thing hundred times through thoughts? Are Nia’ expressions not strong enough?
    Every time someone calls Nia to some place but nothing is revealed to her. The real Anjali called her but couldnt say anything. Malik took her 2-3 times but didnt reveal anything. She just gets stupid secret messages but nothing is ever revealed. Who sent Nia that pen drive of her parent’s shooting? How come this reporter knows anything… uff! i watched one episode after so many days but nothing new. And i am not even going to talk about the sword fight. Everyone has forgotten that Nia is supposed to pregnant -_- btw guys, i wrote a blog post on this show, it is a bit long, and dont know how you all will feel about it, but here’s the link

    1. Omg you can write so long. Agar mai exam aisa likhta to sunami aa jati.

      1. 😛 😛 you should have seen some of my previous comments on this page lol…. even then i have not written everything i think about this serial. Otherwise, it will become a book on ‘how not to spoil a good show’

      2. You and satya have insane writing skills only god knows why girls have this talent

    2. it’s absolutely true

    3. It’s just a disgusting show

    4. Satya127

      It is very excellent effort dhara… But I think at one case I have a feeling that the double role of tara and arohi is far better then watching this crap now…. Better they could have ended on ardeep shadi showing that tara is arrested or she may realize her mistake and all why this much crap…. Disgusting writers….

      1. thank you Satya, I agree that the old immj was far far better than what they are showing now. I will gladly accept five Alisha in place of a single Nia. But i dont think Tara’ story can end with her realizing her mistakes. she has deep psychological and mental issues. Instead of every character calling her a pagal, i wish someone had really taken care of her and given her proper treatment. We would usually value such loyalty that Tara has for Deep. It’s only her mental problems that make her a threat to everybody around her

    5. Hi r u?
      Wow.wt a effort.perfectly said everything.

      1. Satya127

        Yes dhara… In the whole story tara is the only stable person I mean they spoiled tara character too but I accept they could given her some treatment….
        I really want alisha back as AROHI…. Because of nia and this meaningless track I am not watching arjun because only of nia we r not able to enjoy the work of arsha and on top after starting of this track I only watch dance deewane only for arjun he such a nice person and one if the best actor but I am gonna really miss him because dance deewane is coming to an end and nia being in the show I won’t watch it…..

      2. Thank you Rhivanya 🙂 I am fine, how are you?

    6. Fine dear.

    7. “Every few minutes it is ‘main apne ma baba ko kuch nahi hone dungi’ ‘main tumhe chodungi nahi Deep’ ‘main tumhe barbad kar dungi’”….damn so true…bcz of these repeated lines of nia i hv stopped watching this show…dt double role was much better.

  2. Only mystery.

  3. Sahina

    Ufffffffff… Nothing to say …😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Don’t knw when this track will get over

  4. Current state of immj viewers 🤯, no idea what is happening and who is who. After watching we will even get confused about our own identity 😂

    1. Satya127

      Soo true

  5. Well I think deep hugging the lady is real arohi.(my guess) I always doubt on nia.

    1. Satya127

      I don’t think so arjun….
      I think she may be his mother or someone related to his invisible past….
      But if it our arohi (alisha) then it would be better for all the viewers, writers, and for the show

  6. Satya127

    Thanks arjun for ur compliment….
    I try to keep it short but my frustration make it big….
    Guys I really found few comments on youtube which seems like soo true…. And I think I am With them.
    In a suspence or thriller show u may have small puzzles to just build up that anxiety but not big puzzles which does not even have a logic and some people were like we watch show to watch our favorite jodi and for entertainment not for solving puzzles for that we have newspapers then why watch show… It is true guys before thereby few questions but now whole show is a big question mark along with story and alll….
    And someone stated that our old immj is an unspoken true love of ardeep that is just perfect because deep never in his life expected the true love he got from AROHI and on the other side arohi could not realize the love of deep…. She mainly falls for the acting of love but I don’t think there is any mistake of arohi in it because arjun plays the role of lover that perfectly that we sometimes knowing the whole story gets confused….. But for me deep always loved arohi only….
    But for me our immj is a very different story where they really showed how should a girl fight back from every situations…. So many girls out here really connect with the role AROHI(alisha)… The way deep showed love dreams for arohi in shimla many girls have the same dream like that but when arohi faced the bitter truth she flighted back she did everything too prove her innocence but still it has been very late but then after the way she came out is just like a volcano…. She single handedly fougt with all those raichands and we all used to so happy for her each victory….. That is truly inspiring…. They showed very nicely that when a person like deep betrays any girl making her innocence as a weapon then how much big punishment he gets in return arohi gave death as the punishment for deep, made his life terrible… But their love is true so he came otherwise his could have been finished….
    But now wht u get in the show only violence and lots of unsolved questions…. nia does not even care for the role she is playing….
    I really agree wht dhara said if this show does not have my arsha in it I could really make fun of this rotten khichidi….

    1. Hi satya.Alisha only perfect for both roles.
      Without dialog her expression said everything.
      Really we feel her emotions.she is a very good hard worker. Her act is excellent.
      I like her dressing.(arohi& Tara).now change a main lead.most of people like Alisha as arohi.bu this writers……
      I like old arohi.I like old deep.I love old ardeep chemistry. So cute.
      Now am not like deep character.

      1. Satya127

        Yes rhivanya arsha r fabulous they can just convey the emotions without any dialogues there expressions r just super…. This nia only knows to recite lines and do all the web content stuff….. And dhara u told in the previous comment that nia keeps repeating same dialogue every time I think they gave her those lines only…. Yaar in revenge the person changes they become strong just like our AROHI (alisha) she used to be soo strong…. But nia made it look vulgar by doing these bold stiff….
        I don’t understand why nia herself is not understanding the hatred for her is growing day by day…. Please nia leave immj it is better for u and for us

  7. Btw, can anyone tell me what happened to Surekha, Anjali’s maid? I know she took chawanni away to safety. but she also knew something about Virat. Is she still alive or someone killed her? Right now it seems there is no one left in this show except Virat, Tara, Deep and Nia.

    1. She is still alive.but this writers forget that character. May be she will come in upcoming episodes.this writers not only forget sureka,they forgot about arohi basic features.

    2. Satya127

      Dhara in this show they make us believe that the character knows something or is hiding something but atlast they don’t have anything remember kalyani and all…. Fed up with it I really want yarn to kill everyone in the show including herself and bring up a new story with arsha as main leads….

      1. Satya127

        I mean tara

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