Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tara takes bracelet from Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi sees a bracelet on Deep’s bed. She says whose bracelet is it?
Maya comes in. Arohi asks is this yours? She says no. Doesn’t look like Sanaya’s either. Aroho says but this isn’t mine either. First Tara’s wedding card and now this. Maya says Tara who? Arohi says Tara who left Deep. Maya says he told you? You had to know. Tara left him. He needs you to take him out of that. Arohi says I will keep him happy.
Deep says you saw this. I thought I would surprise you. She says I had to bring the halwa. She says sorry i would act surprise. She makes him eat halwa. Deep says really good. He makes her wear the bracelet. Arohi says its very pretty. Maya says stay blessed you both.

Scene 2
Tara is taking selfies. She realizes her bracelet isn’t there. She looks everywhere. Deep says what are you looking for? She says I lost my bracelet somewhere. He says I gave it to Arohi. She says how could you? I will kill her. He says you will get it.
You left it on my bed. Calm down. Please he hugs her.

At night, Tara comes to Arohi’s room and cuts the bracelet with knife. She says whats mine is mine. She says I have to kick her out of my life. She leaves. Arohi wakes up. She says who was here? Deep? was it you? She goes out. Arohi says is someone there? She comes to Deep’s room. He is asleep. She covers him with blanket. Her bracelet gets stuck in it. Arohi comes close to take it. Tara looks at her angrily. She says he is mine. Tara throws pebbles in her way. Arohi slips and faints.

Arohi is asleep. Tara cuts braclet from her hand. She says what is mine is mine. She leaves.
Arohi wakes up. Her head hurts. She recalls last night when she woke up and felt someone was there she slipped and fainted. She recalls a girl coming in.
Deep says good morning. he collides with her. She says someone came in my room last night. I thought it was you but it was some girl. i was so scared. He says it might be nightmare. She says no someone was there I slipped and fainted. Her face..

Precap-Arohi celebrates Karwa chauth with Deep. Tara also fasts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow amazing episode deep ki wife hamesha knife ki saath rahathi hey beautiful just fun

  2. poor Aarohi she don’t know what she is going through, nice episode” every day I fall in love with this serial, good job team IMMJ wish you all the best. waiting for tomorrow episode.

  3. So Deep mother knows about Tara.

  4. I think saara family jaanti hai they are hiding it from arohi

  5. Plz make love in btwn arohi and deep

  6. Why should I tell

    Kitna acha hota agar deep arohi ko pasand karta tara ko nahi ?

  7. nice episode and interesting precape keep watching

  8. Nice episode and waiting for tomorrow

  9. Aadhira

    i feel so bad for arohi.she is very nice,i wish deep starts liking her.

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