Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara’s plan gets failed and she gets arrested

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep comes downstairs. He sees Virat preparing for party. Deep says mummy ji isn’t well. We have to keep an eye on her. Tara can do anything. Lets admit mummy ji in hospital she will be safe there. We shouldn’t celebrate. Dany says why shouldn’t we celebrate her birthday because of Arohi. Virat says dany is right. We will celebrate Tara’s birthday. I have a surprise for her. Deep says it will only have people from home. Virat says I will have police force here. Dany says party should something that Tara never forgets.
Tara hits watchman of a shed. She picks RDX from there.

Scene 2
The party starts, Deep and tara come to hall. Dany says Tara ji these roses are for you. Red is your fav color. Deep takes it from her and gives it to maid he

says use this for decorated.
Chakor and Sooraj come and wish Arohi. Chakor says your invitation was exciting. We had to come. Deep is dazed.
Tara says deep arohi your surprise is waiting for you. She meets a man and buys explosive from him. She says to the man you are the right man because no one will doubt you. This will be my gift on my own birthday.

The party starts. Ahan and Pankti come and perform on tu wafa hai meri. Everyone enjoys their performance.
Ahan meets Deep and Arohi. He says happy birthday. Arohi says what is happening? Who invited all these people? deep says I don’t know someone did. dany comes. Arohi says did you invite them? he says I don’t know anyone. Someone from your famoly did it because arrangements are big. Deep asks butler who did all these arrangements? He says Virat. Arohi sees him talking to someone on the call. Virat says everything will be as you want. I will call you back. Deep comes to him. Deep says you didn’t inform us before inviting all these people here? Virat says it is my sister’s birthday enjoy the party.

Dany comes to Tara and says why are you worried? Because of Tara? We have high security here. And you you are sad because we couldn’t go to Rajhistan. Don’t worry I have sent a man there. Don’t worry about him he doesn’t care about you. If i met you before things would have been different. Don’t worry just kidding. Harman comes and says to Dany is everything okay? He says yes yes. Harman gives flowers to Arohi. She says Soumya didn’t come? He says yes. Butlers brings in a big gift. Deep asks them to open it. Dany comes and says Tara is worried. GO and handle her. Deep goes. Danyu asks butler to take the gift to room with other gifts. Tara comes out of that gift box in the room.
Sooraj and Harash singh fight. Chakor says don’t fight sooraj. Say sorry. Ahan says he is a good guy. They both hug.
Harsh singh congratulates Tara. He says I ,loved the card with sparkle. Arohi says in heart why is everyone talking about this invitation.
Tara says I am here Arohi. I and my partner will make this day so memorable that no one will ever forget this. Happy birthday to you. She laughs.

Sooraj and Chakor perform on tu hi tu satrangi. Everyone enjoys. Dany taps on arohi’s shoulder. Arohi says I am really worried. He says nothing can go wrong. There is very strict security everywhere. Virat goes out talking to someone on call. Arohi sees him. Arohi goes after him. He says everything is done. It will blast everyone’s mind. Someone faints in the party. Pankti says someone please call the doctor. Veer comes we have to shift him to hospital.

Tara recalls her partner put the explosives everywhere in the party. She says just one spark and then blasts. Harsh Singh meets Prithvi. He says where is the drink? Privhti says lets start with tea first. Harsh takes out matchstick and says I want to smoke. Veer says this is dangerous for your health and everyone around. He throws the key on floor. Veer smashes it. Arohi sees a waiter scared. She sees a woman showing him gun. Aorhi says who is it? Tara? Arohi sees clowns. She takes off his mask. Its Chawani. Arohi hugs him. She says how did you come here. Arohi says he brought me here.. He points at chawani. Arohi hugs deep and says thank you Deep. Tara sees them. She says you didn’t do right deep. My hate will destroy everything today.

Arohi sees a dancer talking to someone. She goes after them but can’t find them. Virat comes and says what happened? She says nothing. Arohi asks the butler if he knows the dancer. he says no I don’t.
Dany dances with women on bang bang.
Harman comes and says what happened? Arohi says there is someone here to ruin the day. He says I can know your pain. Don’t worry.
Tara is in the room. Someone comes and says Tara why did you show gun to the waiter. Don’t increase the problem. Do what you want to and leaves. Chakor hears them talking. Its Dany. she says I should tell Deep. dany sees them. He says we have to shut her mouth forever. Tara puts hand on her mouth and brings her in a room.
Tara says to Dany what did you want to talk about? Dany says we just spoke. Tara says we never spoke. arohi sees them. She says deep was right. Dany was with Tara. She was with him talking first. Aorhi says I have to tell deep.

Chawani says to Harman I am really scared. They will kill me. Harman says don’t worry I am with you. He gives him a chocolate.
Arohi comes to deep and says I want to talk about something very important. Dany says we can talk all life. Lets dance first. He takes arohi on the floor. Deep comes and takes Arohi’s hand.

Deep says here are the candles. Lets start the game. They all lit candles but all of them blow before the touch the ground. Deep asks guard why is this door shut. Chakor and chawwani are inside and their neck is surrounded by the ropes.
Deep says to Harman I don’t know what to do. There is something wrong. Harman says don’t worry I am keep an eye on everything.
Sooraj calls Chakor. He says where is she? Arohi says where is chawani? Chawnai says Arohi did please save me. Chakor says if someone opens the door we will be hug. Deep Arohi and HArman are looking for deep. Deeo sees them. He comes from window and saves them. arohi sees them and is scared. Arohi says Chakor are you okay? Deep says I am sorry. Chakor says don’t say sorry. They come downstairs. Sooraj says where were you? Virat says lets ppput hands for the biggest performance. All the woman dance together. Deep and Arohi join them. Dany comes between them.
Arohi says tara.. Deep says I am player of the night. Tara can’t outplay me.

Dany saays lets make this party more exciting. Lets play musical chairs. They all play musical chairs. CHawani sees tara. He says you.. Tara takes him to a room. She puts gun on him and says I a here to avenge my life. She locks him in the room and leaves. Sooraj is worried for chakor. Deep says what happened? He says chakor isn’t picking her phone. Chakor sees Chawani in the room. Chawnai says you.. She says I am chakro. I am Arohi’s friend. Lets go out of here. Tara comes in and says its not that easy. She ropes them with the ceiling and ties it with the door.

deep says the one who is coming is the big name of dance dewane. Please welcome Alina. She comes and dances on Ram chahay leela. A big cake comes. Virat says lets cut the cake. Deep says what kind of joke is this? Who ordered this cake? Virat says I ordered the cake but no this one. Virat says I don’t know who did this. Harman says you ordered the cake. Deep says we won’t cut the cake. The cake is of shape of a trunk. deep says let me order another cake. Till then we can have a performance.
Arohi and deep dance on ishq mein marjawan. Tara sees them in anger. She shoots deep. Arohi says deep.. He falls down and pretends it was a stunt. The bullet didn’t hit him. Tara sets a wire on fire. Everyone is dancing.
Dany sees Tara. He says Tara I will come with you. She says I don’t leave proofs behind me. you have to die with all of them She locks the door and leaves. Dany says you can’t do this Tara.

Tara comes out but the house doesn’t blast. Everyone is dancing inside. Tara says how is that possible? She comes in and says how is that possible? Deep slaps her. He says here am I. police comes. Deep says if you can spread explosions I can defuse them as well. He puts defusing material on all of it at night. Deep says arrest her please. Don’t care if she is tara or arohi but she is a murderer. She tried to kill so many people in this party. Police arrests her. Tara says deep you fooled me again for this Arohi. I will kill you both. Tara says to Arohi the real enemy is still in this house. Arohi says dany.. Tara says he is just pawn. Someone else is the king.
Precap-Arohi says to deep I was scared. Someone from home did this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hope this Time tara don’t escape from jail si easily. Danny was with tara but now i don’t think. I hope the real mastermind is’nt dilip

    1. Hi.I hope so.

  2. Hello everyone , hope ur gud.
    Todays episode was gud
    I guess Dilip is the real enemy (the king) and dany maybe is under dilip.
    My assumptions thou.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    2 ya 3 hrs ka bakwas episode… Episode padhne me bhi accha nhi tha, accha hua dekha nhi, vrna shyd tv podhh deti…
    Show bhut hi bakwas hota jaa raha hai..

    1. Yes u r right…. I know Tara will back soon

  4. 2hrs show wow Very fast update… Tq Atiba.. ???

  5. Hi frnds…
    In 2hrs show nothing happened just Tara got arrested in the end.. For killing ardeep this much stupid plan.. Deep was smart and handsome in to day episode.. I like ardeep dance… ???
    again twist in precap Im not getting one thing aarohi knows about dany.. Then why can’t she send him out.. Roma is normal in one day… Oh god this writer is killing the viewers
    Gdnt everyone

    1. Agree with you.

  6. I am commenting here for the first time, but i m a regular silent reader. Thank you for the update. But it has so many mistakes and confusing. Who is the real enemy?? Is it Dilip???

    1. Hi.may be dilip.

  7. hi everyone…. i just saw bits and parts of today’s telecast. all this plot to kill Arohi and Deep was pointless. Tara is a serial killer, i am sure she could have found a way to kill them both separately other than planting a bomb in a party. i just knew nothing is going to happen because all the characters of colors were in that house and definitely neither all were going to die nor there would have been hospital scenes in every show from tomorrow. the point was to get Tara arrested so fine, dont know why she had to run to Arohi in the end and tell her that her real enemy is still in the house lol. Arohi’s enemies just dont decrease… i miss the earlier days when Arohi used to plot cleverly to ruin the Raichands or turn them against each other. now even Virat has gotten his job back and she has completely forgotten about her revenge…..

    1. Really agree with u Dhara nowadays she is just sitting free now no plans of her revenge against Raichands
      I just don’t understand why everytime the mr unknown person is always on antagonists sidr why cannot be in Protagonists side whevever mr unknown person comes the Protagonists get on yhe mission on finding his real identity why can’t antagonists do so ?

    2. me too now she is just watching and hope that deep will handle everything

    3. Hi dhara.agree with you.

  8. So many mistakes in today s episode and so between arohi in Tara s attire. then suddenly in the red dress.. reaching to the end Tara s hair becomes curly.. so many mistakes.. Then noone is noticing the RDX powder in the hall at many places even the brilliant cop virat. Why didn’t Deep and Harman use the other door and window to get into the room where chakor and chavni are kept? How did they come to know that they are in such situation? If the writers are spoiling the show…

  9. dhara.. when arohi was plotting against raichands she was not in love… she was hating deep but now shes in love…. pyar main paagal arohi… has forgotten even bhabhi….. shes no more searching for bhabhi… shes just after deep…..

    i like tara a lot…. n even virat… he is very straight n simple…

    i think now the real mastermind is prithvi…. he may be taking revenge from roma n wheres dilip??? normally in all parties he used to be present but not this party… y y y??

    1. Hi Saras.dilip was shown in few seconds in tara birdhday party.may be u r not notice him.

    2. hey Saras, i would have still liked this Arohi if she was dedicatedly searching for Deep’s parents. i want to find out about Deep too…. but the story is dragging so much that what to say…. i miss those little fights between Virat and Deep lol :p dont know who the mastermind is. i feel like there is some secret related to bhabhi as well because not once she is shown….

  10. Hello friends.
    Nice episode.
    First part Tara entry
    Tara bgm
    Tara attitude
    Birthday invitation
    Ardeep dance
    Everything ??????????
    Ardeep hot dance performance awesome?????????
    Deep smile is very nice.
    Deep feel jealous. I like it.
    Arjun and Alisha(Tara& arohi,) looking beautiful.
    Very less ardeep conversation.
    Two happy things was happened.
    1.arohi knows Danny help Tara.
    2.Tara arrested.
    Last dhashan e ishq telecast was new year.that time arohi arrested. Now Tara arrested.
    My kind request to colors don’t do mahasangam. Dashan e ishq.I don’t like it.
    Half hour is enough. It’s a very unique don’t mixed any other shows.
    Wt happened in precap.
    In this show everyone enemy for ardeep.
    So who is asli khiladi. May be dilip.
    In precap Roma is looking
    I can’t understand virat.but I like him act.
    Alisha and vineeth raina off screen masti is super.

  11. TARA ALWAYS SHE SAY ” I HATE CHEATERS ” but how many people she cheat danny arohi roma ….. She hate cheater so she hate himself i don’t understand why she betray danny. I read some ============= spoiler============= the spoiler say that ….. danny will be on arohi and deep side now he will reveal the truth and the will forgive him and all will join hand and find deep paren’t and real mastermind and we will see a love triangle i hope this is true im ardeep big fan but i don’t know why i feel like deep dosn’t suffer enough after he all he did to arohi he doesn’t deserve her for the moment i want danny to spice up the story and deep jaleaous to feel what tara feel

  12. Today’s episode,

    I appreciate Arohi’s effort to know the real mastermind,, but still Arohi should accompany Deep when he is in danger,,, Hope Deep will manage the situation,,,,
    To whom Arohi was talking,,, i guess it’s Dilip,,,

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