Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma kills Dany

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dany says this.. i have to tell arohi. Dany tries to go in but watchman doesn’t allow him.
Arohi says how can dany do this. Deep says he can never touch you till i am here. Don’t worry. Arohi says i don’t know what to do. Deep says relax.
Arohi recalls everything. Dany calls arohi. She cuts. he keeps calling arohi says don’t dare calling me Dany says i know something about tara. Please meet me at 12. Deep says i will kill him. Arohi says i will block him don’t worry. He can’t do anything. Please calm down. Dany says one day or other you will trust about my life.

Roma says Tara stop playing with him kill him already. Virat comes and plays the recording of dany telling arohi that he knows about Tara.
Arohi comes to dany’s

room and looks for proofs.
Tara, roma and virat come to the place where dany asked Arohi to meet. Virat says will they come? Roma says maybe dany knows the deep isn’t the killer of his mom. Tara says is this a plot? Dany throttles Tara and says yes it was. And you put that chip in to record what’s happening in the house. He puts knife on her. Dany says I know who killed deep’s mom and they will be in jail.

Arohi comes to doctor and says doctor why you gave dany this injection that fainted dany. he asys i didn’t do anything. Roma threatened me and asked me to faint Dany. She asked me to give him something that would faint him. Arohi is dazedd. she says this means dany is innocent.
Virat hits dany. His phone rings. Virat breaks it. Tara says how dare you play this game with me. Now you see how I paint your face. roma asys we don’t have time. Tara picks her knife. Dany runs from there. THey run after him.

Scene 2
Dany comes to Deep’s house. He says please listen. Deep says get out. Deep says you have to go from here. watchmen take him from there. deep locks the door. arohi says who was it? Deep says dany. Aroi tells deep everything. Dany knocks the door. Arohi asys maybe he has some proof. Roma locks all the doors from outside while virat and tara beat dany. arohi and deep see from window. Arohi says leave him dany. Deep they will kill him. Deep breaks the window. Roma stabs Dany. Dany falls down. Roma tara and virat leave. Deep and arohi scream, they come out. Deep picks Dany. Deep says dany i am sorry. open your eyes. DAny says this chip.. Tara was hearing everything from it. Deep says let me take you to doctor. he says i don’t have time. you didn’t kill your mom.. Your mom was killed by… He dies. Deep closes his eyes and cries. Arohi is in tears as well.
Precap-Deeep says they will pay for what they did with Dany. in 24 hours they will die. Arohi locks him and says I wont let you any such thing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. dany’s death was so cruel. the moment someone is proved to be on Arohi’s side, the writers go ahead and kill them. Tara, Virat, Roma they are all the same. killer family. even when they are running from police, they still have upper hand on Ardeep and ruining their lives. i just wish they wouldnt make Ardeep so helpless. when Arohi was in that house in disguise, she used to easily get in and out, she should know many ways to get out of that house. but they were just standing there, watching dany die and crying. i didnt like it at all
    i have a question if anyone can answer…. after Deep came on Arohi’s side, did he mention vedika at all? when he was burying Vedika, it was not shown clearly how she died. i thought maybe Deep had saved her but now it seems Vedika is truly dead. all good characters just dying. five nice persons will die and then one Raichand will die -_-

    1. i think vedika is dead roma should kill her and deep clean everythink, i hope roma or tara kill deep mother now he will be aware that he protect his mother killers.. HE MAKE many mistake by standing on tara family side it’s not fare that he will get so easily out of jail he is guilty too for so many crime. And there are so many illogical think it’s too bad when he give arohi to roma for roma kill arohi he was crying

      1. thanx for the reply 🙂 i agree that Deep was part of many crimes too. he had a part in framing Arohi and changing evidences, he covered up Kalyani and Vedika’s death, He indirectly covered up Arohi’s brother’s death too, Arohi’s boyfriend’s death… willingly or unwillingly, he has hurt many innocents when he was in mummy ji’s chamcha mode. but if you look in this way, though the police know about the Raichands, the whole family is still free and enjoying. whereas though Deep is out of jail, he is suffering and going through mental trauma. it even seems Deep is suffering more lol…

      2. it’s very sad that dany died so soon arohi was very selfish with him. Deep deserve that maybe i’m too bad with him but he is not a hero savior of arohi like he want to be. I don’t understand how deep turn on arohi side when and why ? im happy but it very badly written after arohi shoot him the next episode she forget everything and was crying when roma say that he loved arohi. I know it was a long moment ago but i comment just now because i lost some interest after all that not logical at all sometime he hate her sometimes he love her. i FELL BAD FOR TARA 🙂 when deep is with tara i feel bad for arohi ;))))) hope arohi and tara will be friend and act like twin sister against a new enemy

      3. i agree with you. Ardeep are a couple but the way they came together again was badly written. after Arohi shot him and came back to hear Roma, Arohi started behaving as if Deep had never done any wrong but it is not true. she even forgot that Deep was ready to start a family with Tara and was happy about it… i feel like the writers messed up both Ardeep and Deera. at that point Deera would have made more sense. there are many illogical plots like this in this serial now. Lakshya becoming Virat, Dilip suddenly turning villain, Deep suddenly becoming the hero, innocents dying, Tara and Arohi changing get up in two minutes and confusing others… i was hoping for a twin sister track too, but the way they are dragging Deep’s past reveal, i feel they will spoil the twin sister track too if they ever do it 🙁

  2. I hate the writer.. always innocents are dying..

  3. i think Roma wil die tomorrow as well and 1 by 1 evry1 wil die ?

  4. Don’t know why are they introduce so many characters and let them die so quickly.?
    It feels like a mess when everyone dies?

  5. Don’t know why they introduce so many characters and let them die quickly .?
    It feels like a mess when they kill all the positive roles easily and continuously .?

  6. Tomm Tara will accidentally kill Roma and When Virat will see Roma’s dead body Tara will put all the blame on Aarohi

    1. Hey imm, is this true?? if that happens it will be too good. Roma getting killed by her own darling daughter. instead of treating her, the whole family has become psycho

      1. some spoiler say that i read it yes and it say that virat will doubt on tara as he know his sister madness

  7. Hello friends.
    Emotional episode. Why always die a positive character.i think Roma will die tomorrow.

  8. seriously… too much of innocent people’s sacrifice…. here its not tara who is psycho its the writer… nonsense…..
    i am wondering howcome chawanni is stil alive….
    worst thing is they introduce people unnecessarily n kill them meaninglessly….

    any ways from many days i m only reading updates not watching at all…

  9. Plz tell me ,,where is dilip

    1. dilip is in jail. the police caught him when they had kidnapped Arohi. the police tried to catch the rest of Raichands too but they escaped

  10. Hey guys I saw a promo where it shows that Aarohi’s face is changed. Nia Sharma will be acting as new Aarohi. God this gives me goose bumps. Alisha Pawar is much better as Aarohi not Nia Sharma. God I will now that this show should end now as I don’t think the storyline ahead will be interesting. They should kill Tara not Aarohi.

  11. Hey guys you know Arohi’s face is going to change. Nia Sharma will be the new Aarohi. I feel this show should end as I have a feeling the story line ahead won’t be interesting. We want Alisha as Aarohi. Why can’t there be happy ending of Deep and Aarohi.

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