ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAAN Which pair is better?

OK so before u all start to read I just want to say as I was curious to know that’s why I wrote this and really very sorry if this article is very dumb.

So my question is which pair is better in this show? I am talking about Deep and Aarohi, Virat and Aarohi.

I know that maximum of us like the jodi ardeep and want them to be together, can’t help but I like virat more than deep. No doubt deep is really very good looking has a cute smile and acts really super and looks really good with arohi but virat is also no less he too has a great personality, acts really well and he too have a great chemistry with arohi. And I just love both of them together. I saw many moments of deep and arohi together which were cute and adorable but same will go with lakshya and Aarohi also. When he was a cop and the moments which he spent with aarohi I found them really charming and adorable. I know that like deep , virat too was acting but can’t help I just love virat and aarohi together.

So let’s have some fun.

Which jodi do u like more, is it

1) ARDEEP [Aarohi and Deep]

or is it

2) AARAT [Aarohi and Virat]

[Aarat name is my own invention]….

Drop your comments in the comment section. And for a change let’s do one thing Ardeep lovers click the Like button and Aarat lovers click the Dislike button. That way it will become easy to count.

So enjoy…..

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  1. Mona146

    I used to like viraat too with aarohi but since he turned negative i hate him now. If he had been sincere cop as before I would have wished for Aarat.

  2. Did you watch today’s episode. I guess Deep and Aarohi will be together in a few days. Because Aarohi is falling for Deep’s struggle while helping Roma and punishing himself for failure. Tara is so murderous lady, then how can Aarohi capture her that too without her security. Tara would escape one day. I think Aarohi and Tara are related to same family as Roma might be plotting against Kalyani for Papa ji’s money.

    1. Yes I watched today’s episode. But I don’t want arohi to get paired with deep. I always feel like he is acting like who pays someone for self beating

      1. My favorite actor is Arjun Bijlani. I have never seen him negative except in this show. So I expect him to be positive as Lakshya/Virat is also negative.

    2. deep wasnt punishing himself for his failures, he was punishing himself for his ‘sins’. i am sure deep would very soon turn into a positive character.

      1. I meant he’s failing to fulfil Roma’s orders.

  3. Ardeep
    Aarohi and deep together looking good.
    Deep don’t love Tara. He just think that he loves her but he actually loves tara.
    Virat thinks that Aarohi is his sister if he comes to know the reality he would be first one to kill Aarohi.
    Therefore aardeep.

  4. There is no point in aarat as Arohi is lookalike of Tara and right now she is in Tara’s place, so it will be like he is marrying his sister…. moreover from deep’s behaviour it is clear that he never loved Tara but actually fell in love with Arohi……so I go for ardeep which is more practical and beautiful

  5. Ardeep.
    I like Arjun Bijlani acting as a lover but in this show he is shown as negative character who betrayed Arohi.If deep would have been good then I would have wanted ardeep.

  6. Sanaa.khan

    Virat is Tara’s brother. If he thinks Arohi is his sister then how is there going to be a romantic track between arohi and virat? I agree Deep is a heartless man and he deserves to be punished just as arohi decided.

    1. Viraat has got personality, but all i have seen him doing after the leap is fight with Deep and insult him. i dont like his character anymore. what does he want from life other than watching out for his sister? he looks at arohi as his sister too, thinking she is tara. that couple would never happen. if Deep redeems himself, he would be much better for Arohi, if Arohi is ever able to forgive him. he obviously cares for children like Chawanni, had trouble when he tried to kill Kalyani today and was thinking about his life with Arohi when Arohi cleaned his wounds today.

      1. Ya you are right hope deep becomes positive .

    2. i am sorry, this was supposed to be separate comment and not a reply to yours. please dont mind

  7. Don’t kill me after this but my favourite character is Tara ? ? ….Weird me ….I love the show if it show Deep care change Tara behaviour & illness …..That is something different but now this is impossible , so I want Ardeep

    1. Are you Maya’s fan from beyhadh.Just asking.

      1. No, I don’t like Maya because Arjun love her but still she remain same …But I love jenny acting

      2. Me too loved Jennifer’s acting in beyhadh and I also didn’t like maya

    2. that would have pretty interesting actually, if she was actually made a better person with love. sadly no one cares about tara. the writters have got her captured in dont know which place and dont even show her trying to escape. being captured like that surely wont be good for her mental condition

      1. What’s the problem of these writers ……I mean I am not supporting persons with mental disorder but they portray these people in a wrong way ….Tara is mentally ill , She needs care & love ….It is a beautiful as well as emotional journey of love ….But whenever writers come with a obsessive characters , they destroy it making them villain …..Once I read a story on TU ….only one episode of that , I don’t remember the name ….Writer show that girl is in depression or something…..How love change her world ….It is not completed , I forget story name….I really tried hard to search that story as I want to read end but failed

  8. ohh than u so so much dear for writing this..actually from the very beginning I like only arohi-laksh n now Arohi-virat(Virohi is my own invention too)BTW some were saying arohi looks like Tara which is virat’s sister but I think we should not see faces we should see the relations nd to me tara-deep r more good n arohi-virat r more hot so let’s see..

    1. But dear Ayesha how will Laksh fall for Arohi.There will be 2 ways:
      1) If laksh knows she is Arohi then he will kill her.
      2)If laksh doesn’t know she is Arohi and think her to be Tara then he won’t romance his sister of course.

    2. yes we should not see faces, we should look relations. why then people go for virat and Arohi? because they look good together, its all about faces in this case. they have no relation, virat doent care one bit about Arohi, he cares only about his sister tara. and arohi doesnt care about virat either, even after knowing virat’s truth, arohi is still focussed on Deep, because she trusted him, loved him and he betrayed her. for arohi, virat is no one in comparison to Deep.

  9. I love Virohi

  10. Virat is Tara’s brother so it will be weird if he is paired with Virat as Arohi looks exactly like Virat’s sister Tara. It will be like him falling for his sister. Pretty creepy if you ask me. Although even before it was revealed that Virat is Tara’s sister, I prefered Ardeep

    1. Why weird if virat and arohi love track happens as for eg in qubool hai rehan felt for sunheri when she looked exactly like his bhabi (sanam)

      1. bhabhi is different. not so long ago, in many families, a dewar would even marry his bhabhi if his elder brother died. (not commenting if it is right or wrong) there even was a serial a long ago with this concept, kumkum or something in star plus. but sister is entirely different. of course, if the writers show that somehow tara or virat are not brother and sisters, things would be different. but now arohi calls him virat bhaiya. how will they ever think of each other romantically

      2. That was Bhabhi but this is his sister. Imagine you grew up with a sister and then you fall for a girl who looks exactly like her. It would be quite weird to romance someone who looks like your sibling. It would be very awkward to say romantic lines to someone who is like your sister.

  11. In daily soaps everything is possible,may be their enemity is the start of their love story

  12. Am really weird but I love Aarat(viraat and aarohi) thou it can never happen since viraat can’t fall 4 the lookalike of his sister
    But I wish he could be an innocent cop n help aarohi then endup with aarohi.
    No offence their just my weird thoughts.
    I love deep soooo much

  13. I don’t think virat and deep is not perfect for arohi . deep and virat are cheater slugs and murderers they don’t deserve arohi at all I wish those two along with Tara family whoever are involved in that Tara murder case should end up in jail. Arohi needs a hero who is loyal to her and she can count on him . Deep and virat are losers and creeps they definitely should end up in jail for what they done to arohi.

    1. true. if i have to choose between these two couple i would choose arohi/deep (unless they change the story to show that virat doesnt think of tara as sister and they are not related by blood. then we have to see who is a better person.) but personally, i dont prefer either of them. deep at one point started caring for arohi and wanted to run away with her. but i dont know what happened after that, he suddenly lost all emotions, stood silently as Maya tore her clothes, got her arrested and jailed. and now, he is mummy ji’s chamchaa who does all she says and seems to be sufferring from depression. (these are classic signs of depression though, self harm, getting irritated easily, not feeling emotions, not smiling). sometimes i wonder how Arohi’s first boyfriend was. if they hadnt killed him off in the beginning then it would have been a nice idea if he came back and fought with her against her tormentors. but i think the writers support ardeep too, always playing the title song for both of them

      1. Yes I know all of that it is wrong to play with people emotions and feelings nd punishing and torturing a innocent person to except a crime she never did that’s falling low. both virat and deep did that.i can’t call them humans at all considering what they have done how I should think one of them is suitable for arohi when they are not.
        Even if deep is not innocent even though he didn’t kill Niki nd bhabhi nd following the instructions what that family is saying.he still remain a criminal because he is grown up he should known what is wrong and right after what arohi did for he should atleast be grateful to her he didn’t do that.if he wanted he could have stopped Tara from turning into psycho. his love should have changed her nd he should have given some psychiatrist treatment but instead of that he support her in her crime
        I don’t like them both I wish after taking revenge from that family. a new hero should come who is nice at heart and love arohi. Arohi and that boy should live happily ever after.

  14. My vote is for AARAT????? . I love pair laksh and arohi. The moment when arohi got wounded by deep to get memory card laksh comes to rescue he sees her with pain . Next day morning arohi sees her while opening door their eyes meet. When he arrests arohi he feels badly and his heart pains for her. And when she was about to go jail he sees with tears that he will rescue her . Their off screen pictures are cute and make a great pair. I didn’t expect this virat is tara brother . I guess roma is step mother .let’s see what happens

    1. Me too…I think kalyani is Tara’s papaji’s first wife and both Tara and Arohi are her daughters and Virat is Roma’s son .

  15. what’s wrong in hoping?anything is possible CVS can do if they want by hook or crook they can make Virohi a couple…

  16. he calls arohi sister because he obviously thinks its Tara nd we still have to see his reaction when he knows its arohi…for me it doesn’t matter Tara is his sister so he can’t romance arohi cuz like I already said I don’t see faces just see the relation…

  17. But dear Ayesha how will Laksh fall for Arohi.There will be 2 ways:
    1) If laksh knows she is Arohi then he will kill her.
    2)If laksh doesn’t know she is Arohi and think her to be Tara then he won’t romance his sister of course.

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