Hai guys…. I am entirely new here. For a long time iam reading all ur ff’s. I just wsh to post a new ff. Pleasse support me nd rectify my mistakes. I hope u ppl like it.

Story starts…….

A big nd beautiful Arts nd science collg is shown. Students are busy. There final year student are ragging new studnts. At tat time one boy shouts hey…. Come lets run the police madam is cuming… Last time itself we got grt rewards from princi due to her. A girl with flowing duppata and long hair is shown….. Its Sandhya 2nd year science student.
( A ambitious cute responsible girl who aims to bcum a IPS)
She comes to her clss and one grl says sadly tat all hav got their holidays but we …..
S: Dont wry today s last then we hav holidays nd then we will move to final year.
At that time one boy comes running and says wow!!!! Its our sweet mam’s class today and all other students say thank god iwe was worried but its our mam clss so it will never b boring……

A lady with nice saree enters with dignity. All students wish her. Its PRIYA….
( A hardworking sweet unmarried women who manages her family)

She starts clss and asks sandhya where s the girl nxt to her. Sandhya says asusual late.
one girl quickly comes and asks excuse me. Its Bulbul…..
( A charming funloving girl. Priya’s younger sister and sandhya’s best friend)
Priya scoldes her her for being late and asks her to come in.
In the middle of the clss one circular comes. Priya reads it and announces that two new students are going to join them from Amritsar and introduces them. They r TWINKLE and YUVI.
(Twinkle is a simple beauty girl and Yuvi is twinkle’s enemy but disguised himself as her frind)
On looking at them bulbul gets angry and tells sandhya that twinkle only made an accident to her and thats y she is late to clss. Sandhya tells dont decide ones character at frst sight lets see…..
Twinkle comes and sits along with sandhya while bulbul stares at her……..

A big company is shown. Inside all business man r eagerly waiting to know the results of the President election. One young handsome man with coat suit enters he is RV. Then another man enters with dignity and he is RAM KAPOOR. They both sit opposite to each other and staring. RAM is announced as winner by difference of just one vote extra than RV.
RV: says nxt time ill clean sweep you Mr. Ram and leaves.

At KAPOOR mansion,
A cute charming boy will b in a hurry to go to his final exam. He is Purab. Ram’s brother.Studying 1st year MBA in the same Priya’s college.He says that after returing home lets all celebrate bhai’s win and leaves.

One charming young girl wakes up from bed and sees time. Then hurriedly gets ready for college. She is ISHAANI. None other than Ram and Purab’s only sister. She goes to college there and greets her friend Aaliya.
I: where is that stupid?
A: Bhai he is still sleeping.
I: How dare. Today is our last day in collg. Tomrww we r returning to America but still is as lazy as ever.

A tall nd handsome boy comes and closes ishaani’s eyes. He is Kunj.
l: Finally yu came ah Kunj
K: yes dear. (Kunj is aliya’s brother and ishaani’s best friend )
I: Did u call ur brother nd told that we r cuming to india tomrw
K: (angrily) u know ryt we dont talk to each other for past 15 yrs. Then y r u asking me?
I: arey ok.
A: i have told badi bhai ishh.

GUPTA mansion…
One sweet silent girl is getting ready with tension for her first audition. She is AKSHARA.
(a good singer. Will work in ROCK STAR ABHI’s music troop)
All her family members greet her saying all the best.
At that time a call comes to Akshara. Its Akshara’s best friend PRAGYA.
(Pragya is a simple middle clss cute girl. Chief Secretary of a Business man RAMAN BHALLA)
Pragya too wishes akshara fr her frst day audition.

MEHRA mansion,

A rock star will b practising guitar. Its ABHI MEHRA.
Akshara arrives late for frst day and Abhi starts scolding akshara at that time Abhi receives a call from USA. Its Aaliya.
(Abhi is big brother of Aaliya and Kunj)

Singhania house…..
A well dressed man will be tesed reading for his final exam of 1st year MBA.
Its NAITHIK. At that time another simple innocent man enters the house quickly greeting Naithik’s parents. Its SOORAJ.
(Naithik and Sooraj are child hood besties. Sooraj is a halwaai.)
S: All the best. Write well.
N: where is my special sweet and pen. Iam waiting for tat only.
Sooraj feeds a sweet to naithik and hugs him. Finally drops him in the college.
(same college of priya. Naithik nd Purab are also collg frnds)

Abhi mansion.
Abhi after attending call from Aaliya,
A: dadi my sis nd bro r returning tomrw. Make all arrangements.
dadi: thats ok did u wsh her?
abhi: oh nooo dadi i frgot. She will kill me today.

Abhi buys a boquey nd rushes…..
a women with stunning silk saree stares at abhi. Its ISHITHA.
(A doctor. Raman’s neighbour. Abhi’s best friend)

A: sorry ishu iam late
Ishu: i know yu will do this so today buy me an extra choclate ok???
A: ok ok. Then happy bday sweetie.
Ishu: thank you.

Kapoor mansion.

Purab returns. Celebrations begin.
RV angrily enters house and says what u ppl thought yu will celebrate!!! That too with out me
Purab smiles and hugs RV
(RV is like a brother to Ram and son of his fathers best frnd. RAM only helps RV to complete his studies and today RV is a succesful business man like his brother Ram.)

Ram enters and all congratulates him. Ram asks RV that one vote extra is yours onlt na. RV smiles. They both hug. At that moment RAM gets a call from his sister and its Ishaani.
Ram informs all that Ishaani is gonna return to India tomrw and RV blushes.
(RV knows Ishaani since child hood and likes her. Ishaani too hav a crush on RV)

Precap: Hero nd heroines frst meeting.

How is it guys, pls comment nd support. Pls
If yu didnt like tell it to me.

Credit to: Pinky


  1. vaishali

    ohhh so many characters a little bit confusing but no intro fr raman but all r my fav serials so i love this waiting fr next episode nice coordination of characters….

  2. Fatarajo

    Oh wow u r writing a ff on 6 evergreen shows (now not all are evergreen) it will be interesting to see the 6 Jodi’s in your ff

  3. Tweety

    Nice story. Cute introduction. Pls continue. It’ll be nice see the Jodis with many twists and comedy

  4. Nivethitha

    Nice pinky it was different from other ff u can continue but pls update it regularly waiting for next episode..

  5. y Shanmathi

    hi I m yshanmathi I loved the ff but it s quite confusing I I’ll be waiting 4 next update love yrkkh

  6. Pinky

    Ill clear all confusions….
    Ram- Purab and ishaani’s brother nd well wisher of RV.
    RV- Ram fathers best frnds son. Calls ram and purab as his brothers. Loves Ishaani.
    Purab- brother of ram nd ishaani. Friend of Naithick.
    Raman- A business man. Neighbour of Ishitha and boss of pragya.
    Abhi- brother of kunj and aaliya. Rock star. Boss of akshara. Friend of ishitha.
    kunj- brother of abhi nd aaliya. Friend of Ishaani.
    Sooraj- friend of Naithick.
    Naithick- friend of sooraj and purab.
    Ishitha- neighbour of raman. Frnd of abhi.
    Pragya- Friend of akshara. Secretary of raman.
    Akshara- Singer in Abhis troop. Frnd of pragya.
    Priya- Lecturer. Sister of bulbul.
    Sandhya- friend of bulbul and twinkle.
    Twinkle- Friend of bulbul and sandhya. Enemy of yuvi.
    Bulbul- Sister of priya. Frnd of sandhya and twinkle.

  7. Sharmi

    Omg sooo much characters. …..i think it would take time 2 xlear all confusions….but its a nice intro yaar…..

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