ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 4)


Hai guys. Thank u all fr ur comments. Pls keep supporting. I will reply all your comments in comments rply itself. And also let me inform whether this 8 couple track is boring. Pls tell me should i cut down this crap and concentrate only on particular couple??? My wish is to satisfy all ur expectations.

Abhi house…..
Abhi appreciates akshara for her beautiful voice. But he is just annoyed with pragya and asks her the reason for her arrival. Pragya tells about her company project and asks for his dates.
A: Dates!!! Lion dates or patanjali???? In naughty tone.
pragya smrinks.

P: haha. What a grt joke. But sorry i didnt get laugh.
A: Then dont laugh. Do u think that it is so easy to get this rockstar abhi dates???
First ask me sorry then i will consider.
P: stares at him. Oh please dont even imagine that i will ever ask u sorry. By the way mistake is not mine. If u dont accept my project then its fine!!!!
Pragya leaves.

At office,
Raman scolds pragya for not getting Abhi dates. He informs her strictly that she should some how make him accept their project or else it would create big loss.
Pragya: Oh no. Now again i should go and stand infront that dramebazz. Iam sure he will tease me to the core.
She calls akshara and asks her to talk to abhi.

Aks: Sir pls sir accept my friends project.
Ab: oh now u will instruct me what should i do. Dont dare or else i will kick even u out of my troop.
Aks: gets confused and thinks for a while, and says sir she told that she will apologise to u.
Abh: oh really. Then why did she show such an attitude yesterday.?
Aks: she is always so sir.
Abh: Ok!!! Ok then first ask her to say sorry then i will consider.
Akshara thinks herself oh no now if i tell this to pragya then she will fry me . What to do now? She thinks of an idea.
Akshara calls pragya and says…….
Ak: Pragya i didnt expect it from u. How can u even be so irresponsible?
Pr: y dr. What did i do?
Ak: What is todays date???? How could u even forget this day?????
pr thinks to herself oh no did i again forgot some important day??
pr: Dont puzzle akshu. Pls tell me.
Ak: still u didnt get it ah.Its been nearly 15 years since we met. And today is our friendship anniversary. But u forgot. Ok fine bye. Angry tone.
And cuts the call.

Akshara thinks to herself that stupid pragya u didnt forget anything, i know yu r weak in remembering dates thats y i fooled u. Now fr sure u will call me and ill work out my plan. Am sorry dr but i hav no other option.
Akshara goes to abhi and says to him that pragya now now ask u sorry.
Correctly pragya calls. Akshara attends the call and says hello. In the next moment she gives the phone to abhi.
Pr: Iam so sorry dear. I know u would hav got hurt. Iam extremely sorry.
Pls na forgive me. My sweet teddy baer na. My cutie pie na. Pls pls accept my apologise. I love u darling. Ummaaaaah. Pragya kisses in the phone. Abhi’s eyes widen.
Abhi stands dumb without saying a word and wonders. He just tries to talk but bfore akshara snatches the phone from him and cuts the call.

Abhi asks if ur frnd is mad and how dare is she to talk to me like this.
Ak: U only wanted her to apologise to u sir. Then what happn?
ab: is this how she apologise?
Ak: what did she do sir?
Abhi opens his throat to say but then he closes his mouth and leaves with a stern expression.
Abhi goes into his room looks at the mirror and makes his peculiar pouting face and says ummahhh, and smiles.
Akshara then informs pragya that abhi will sign ur project. Pragya asks had she forgiven me?
ak: for what?

pr: for forgetting today.
Ak: what today????? ….oh yes yes i felt pity fr u so i had forgiven u. Tomrw come here with ur project plan. She cuts the call and laughs.

Purab sits in the class and bulbul continues to flash his mind. He thinks of holding her and dreams.
Kunj comes there and shooks him.
Kunj: what purab now a days u r always in dream world.
Pu: nothing like that yar.
Naithick comes.
Na: hai guys. Kunj had u asked sorry to that girl.
K: no yar.
Pu: Oh no kinj. This is wrong. Come lets go immediately and ask sorry.
Na: What purab y r u flying to go to UG block???
naithick and kunj pulls his leg and purab blushes.
Purab and kunj goes to UG block and searches for twinkle.
Purab notices bulbul in canteen and goes there leaving kunj in the midway.

At canteen……
Bulbul: Bhaisab ols make pav bhaji fr me na.
Canteen man: Hare u know not todays plot is only panipuri.
Bu: pls pls na

Purab sees this and mesmerises in bubuls cute expressions and reactions. ( audio is cut nd only he watches her reactions)
Canteen man sees this and asks what does he want?
purab without turing to him and continues to look at bulbul.
Cm: what do u want?
pu: Something very hot?
canteen man: oh hot!!! Then only frying pan is hot here. Will u hav it?
pu: yes bhai. Bring me two plates.
Bulbul hears this and laughs. Then purab gains senses and asks him what did u say……
bulbul again laughs and and leaves looking at him. Then she realises that her skirt is pulled by someone and turns angrily. But its just the nail beside the table where purab is standing which stuck her dress. She goes near it and removes it gentely. By the time her silky hair flies over purabs face and his skin goosebumps……

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai Plays……
Vennilave vennilavae vinnai thandi varuvayo plays…..
On the other side……
Kunj gies for searching twinkle.
He sees her in chemistry lab and waits for her to come outside. In the lab accidentally aqueous white phosphorous mixture pours on twinkle’s shall. But she doesnt notice it.
White phosphorous mixture explodes when it becomes dry. Twinkle comes out but didnt notice kunj and goes. Her shall touches over kunj’s hand when he straightens his hand to stop her.
Kunj feels smthng oily in his hand and smeels it. Its white phosphorous. Kunj rushes to stop her and notices that her shall is starting to smoke.

Precap: Pragya explains the value of frndshp. Abhi apologise to Ishitha.

Credit to: Pinky

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  1. I feel taht this 8 couple trACK is bit confusing so ccording to me u either write on Twinj ot Twinj and abhigya or you write about 3 coupls that are Twinj ,abhigya, ishveer. Hope so u liked my suggestion.

    1. I i will surely take ur suggestions. Now since i started this 8 couple track i will try to go with it. But surely i will not confuse u all. I will better make twinj, abhigya, ishveer, ishara as prime factors and maintain others to some extent. Tq so much fr ur comment dr

    2. Tq soo much fr ur suggestion. I will sure take it into consideration. Now since i hav started this 8 couple track, i will just try to go with it. But will never confuse u all. I will make twinj,abhigya,ishveer,ishara as prime track and try to maintain others in side versions.

      1. Its okay.

  2. Hey I just loved abhigya scene… Awesome yaar..
    Laughed alot
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    1. Tq fr commenting. Here after more abhigya, twinj ans ishveer scenes will b there

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    1. Tq so much. I will surely try to fulfill all ur expectations. Pls keep commenting

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