ISHQ LOVE KAADHAL…..(episode 1)

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Balla’s house…
A young handsome aggressive man gets ready to go to his office. Its RAMAN BHALLA. He comes out while in the varanda his 5 yrs old cute daughter RUHI asks him to drop her in the school.
R: I have work. Go by urslf as usual.(angrily)
(Ramam hates his daughter bcoz she makes him remember his wife Shagun who left him for money.)
Ishitha looks this and thinks how mean he is to talk to his daughter like this.
Raman takes his car from lobby and parks it bfore ishitha’s car as he got a call.
Ishitha who wants to go to hospital quickly as she hav an operation sees him talking in phone and waits for him to take his car. After 10mins she signs him to take car but he wont respond.
I: angrily- Cant you see iam waiting here for 10 mins. Please take your car.
R: Iam on phone. Cant you see it. Dont you hav any manners.
Both argue and finally ishu leaves.

Raman’s office…..
Raman angrily enters office and asks his PA pragya to cum to his cabin with the files. After finishing work pragya returns to her cabin and notices 15 missed calls from Akshara. She.gets tensed and calls her.

Abhi’s house.
At that time akshara was about to start singing in front of abhi and her phone rings. She cuts. Agin it rings. Abhi stares at akshara. Aksh picks up the call and tells pragya tat ill call u later and cuts. Pragya thinks tat she is angry with her for attending the call and again calls.
This time abhi gets angry and grabs the phone from akshara and shouts at pragya.
A: Dont you manners. She told yu not to call. But yu r not listening.
P:Frst yu learn manners tat not to attend others phone
They both argue on phone.
Abhi cuts the call and tells akshara again dont cum to sing unless u switch of ur mobile and goes angrily.
Akshara worries.

Bus stand….
Bulbul and Sandhya waits for bus. At that time they both start to argue that in india nobody is following the rules properly.
S: yu r wrong bulbul atleast 1out of 100 will follow all rules.
B: is it!!! Then lets have a bet. Before our bus comes if atleast one man follows the traffic rules here i will accept your word nd You should go nd congratulate him. Or else you will lose and you should buy me a
for some time no body follows rules and bulbul teases sandhya.
When they are about to board the bus one man comes with helmet and stops even before the yellow line for red signal.
Sandhya sees it and says look i won.
B: arey ok ma. Now get into bus or else bus will go. No need to congratulate and all now go frst.
Their bus is about to pass that man and sandhyas dupatta flies and covers tat mans face. Its Sooraj. So sandhya was not able to see him.
Sooraj removes dupatta but sees only sandhyas hand in the window of the bus. Diya aur bathi hum plays……yaar intha pen than endru ketean plays…..

Next day….. Kapoor mansion….

RV comes with a bouqey and greets all. He keeps on walking from house to door nd waits for some one. Purab tease him and RV says shutup all r here. When he looks at the door some one from the back taps its shoulder. He turns.
Its Ishaani…. RV stuns seeing her. Tum hi ho plays….. Anbae en anbae un vizhi paarka ithanai naalai thavithaen plays.

RV recovers and gives her bouqey and welcomes her to india.
I: when iam here whom yu r waiting for…. And laughs. At that time ishaani gets a call. Its kunj and asks her has she returned home safely. Ishaani says yes dear pls stop thinking about me and yu frst go home and cuts the call. RV thinks now who is this new villan in my life and stares at ishaani.
Purab comes there and says bhai ishaani is going to be here only so stare at her afterwards now come and have brkfast.
Ishaani blushes and goes. Rv gentely taps purab and goes.

Abhi house.
Kunj and aaliya reaches. Abhi happily welcomes them while kunj stares at abhi and leaves. Ishitha comes there. Abhi tells ishu that even today kunj doesnt talk to me. Ishu says dont worry and goes to talk to kunj.
Kunj sees ishu and happily hugs her saying di….
(kunj too knows ishitha from childhood)
They both chat for some time and ishu asks him to drop her at home.
Kunj says sure di but pls dont try to sing your friends grtness. Ishu says ok ok lets go.
Kunj drops her in bike and Raman sees this from balcony and thinks what cheap lady dating a boy who is like her younger brother and goes.
Ishu says that i know u hate abhi but think he is working so hard only to make yu nd aaliya happy. He loves to study but still he chose to sing to earn money fr your sake only. So pls respect him kunj nd leaves.
Kunj thinks this and decides that from here on i will study only with my money. I dont need anybody’s courtesy.
He calls ishaani and asks her for any part time job and tells her that iam not gonna return to USA nd will complete my final year of MBA here itself.
I: whats wrong with u. Frst come to my house tomrw as my bhai arranged a party here then we will discuss evrythng.Bring aaliya too.

Kapoor mansion
Ishaani welcomes all guests, kunj and aaliya. She introduces them to all.
RV comes there and sees ishaani being close to kunj and fumes.
Ishaani gives intro to RV about kunj and aaliya and asks RV to give a part time job to kunj in his company. Rv thinks that iam gonna kill myself with my own hands and agrees to give him a job.Ishaani thanks Rv.
Kunj asks purab about some good collg to complete his final year MBA and purab suggests him his collg and asks kunj to join along with him.
Aaliya gets impressed of purab and tells that when bhai is not going to USA then i will also not go. I will also join the same collg in final year of UG science.
(sandhyas class)
Ishaani announces all the party members that she is going to open her own fashion nd interior design company.
Everybody claps. Ram hugs her.

Ishitha’s house.
Abhi calls ishu and scolds her saying that kunj decided not to use his money bcoz of u.why did u tell him like tat nd cuts the phone angrily. Ishu worries.

Precap: Twinkle scold kunj for calling her thief…… Purab romances bulbul…..

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  16. This is damn too interesting dear… just love the way u connected each and every character… simply superb and not to forget the songs… yaar intha pen than endru ketean fits perfectly!

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