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Episode 6

Recap: Shravan’s and Suman accident

Episode 7
City hospital
Outside Suman’s room:
Dev – Doctor kuch tho bolo (say anything) what happened to Suman (concern)

Shravan was looking at Suman walking towards her (in slow motion)
In background music plays
Kaisi dagar yeh jindagi laayi kahan
Dhunde nazar humse juda hai
Woh chhaye kahan
Chaha tumhe magar tumhi samaje nahin
Dil main rahe magar tum ko paaya nahin
Ehsaas kyu so gaya
Tere bina hua re hua re suna jahan
Tu Jo nahin jiya re jiya re main bhi kahan
Inside Suman’s room:

Suman was also starring at Shravan she was looking at face
Shravan was few steps away
She now looks at his eyes where she can only see tears
Yes Shravan’s eyes were filled with tears
Shravan face doesn’t have any expression
Shravan reached Suman he caresses her hair and he took a glance of her to notice how is she he found forehead bandage small scratches on her right hand
SH – how are you now? Is everything alright? (Still caressing her hair)
Su – she was staring Shravan
Particularly at his cheek which turned red and small amount of blood is visible near lips (she understood that he was not in his senses)
Su – she tries to lift her right hand to assure Shravan that she is fine and bring him back to senses but she was unable to lift her hand as much as she tried her pain increased unable to resist it so she was yelling

Outside Suman’s room:

Doctor – Dev (shouts) take a break Suman is fine it was minor accident she fainted due to weakness that’s nothing much she is alright but we are doing whole body check up to find if they were any internal injuries

Dev’s angriness vanished concern also vanished after hearing to Doctors words
A sign of relief on his face was clear visible
These two incidents were happening simultaneously
Inside Suman’s room:
SH – shouts *DOCTOR* [it was such a loud one if doctor was outside hospital then also he can hear it clearly] Outside Suman’s room:
Dev and Doctors rush to her
Inside Suman’s room:
SH – see her doctor what happened to her? Why she is yelling? Do whatever you can do I can’t see her in this condition
Dev being in normal temper hears this [in mind Shravan is the first one who can’t even imagine anything happens to her] recalls what he said and done
Doctor – you both go outside I check her
SH – no I don’t want to go check her in front of me I won’t interfere in any of the procedures
Doctor signal Dev to take him out
Dev holds Shravan by shoulders and take him out
While taking SH was utter no Dev don’t do this
Outside Suman’s room:
Dev makes him sit and offers water
SH – [nods in no] Suman [he was uttering only her name] Dev observes Shravan calmly at first he gaze at his cheek and comes down to shirt which was full of blood stains [this made Dev to think] he then notices Shravan’s shirt was full of blood
SH – collapse
City hospital
Sonakshi – enters hospital goes to receptionist and ask SUMAN DIXIT name ka patient konsa room may hai {she enquires about suman’s room no.}
Receptionist checks and say room no. 13 take immediate right last room
Sonakshi – thanks her and heads towards the Suman’s room and finds no one in the corridor and she was about open the door
Outside Suman’s room:
Doctors (DO) come out and asks are you related to her
S – Yes doctor how is she can I met her
DO- voise vo tek hai par (though she is fine but)
S – Par kya (but what)
DO – her right hand has hairline fracture it will take 2 months for recovery
S – Okay can I meet her?
DO – yes

Sonakshi enters into Suman’s room
Dev holds him – calls doctor and admit him in another room
Dev – doctor Shravan ko kuch nahi hoona chaiyeh (nothing should happen to him)
Dev caresses his hair and say Suman ko huch nahi hoga (nothing will happen to Suman)
Shravan was unconscious
Doctor – you wait outside I will check him
Dev outside Shravan’s room
Dev thinks [in mind how he blamed Shravan what all he said and how did he gave a blow] he peeps inside to get a glimpse of him what he could see was only wounded cheek [jis ka zimadar wo kud tha] (for which he was responsible)
Dev was lost in thoughts [he was feeling guilty for what all he did with Shravan] [In mind how did I react in such a manner with Shravan who was in such deep shock? How did I even thought that Shravan was responsible for Suman’s state in spite of knowing how much he loves her] Inside Suman’s room:

Sonakshi – Suman how are felling now [Sonakshi wonders where is Shravan] Suman – Sonakshi I am fine Shravan andar kyu nahi aya [why didn’t he come inside] (She was concerned)
Sonakshi – (surprised) Shravan bahar nahi hai (he is not there)

Precap: Shravan Devshi

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