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Dev uneasiness
Devshi meeting
Shravan – Pushkar conversation
Sonakshi’s gift for Pushkar

Episode 6

Dixit’s Mansion

Suman and Preethi were discussing about what happened in their college
Just then Ishwari enters and asks about Dev
Suman – no idea maa
Ishwari checks time and think where he would be and try his number (she was heading towards her room)
She could hear Dev ringtone she turns back and Dev was standing at entrance with yellow roses
I – where were u?
Dev doesn’t utter a word he just show her roses Ishwari understands that he was late in bring them
Ishwari grabs them and smiles
I – come on freshen up we will have dinner together
Everyone heads to their rooms

Malhotra mansion dining hall

Ramnath come in nightwear sits on chair
Sona enters with water jug and sits next to him
Shravan and Pushkar were discussing about daily routine they reach dining table and surprised to see Ramnath and they become quite and sit next to Sona
They all have dinner (pin drop silence)

Dixit’s Mansion dining hall

Ishwari, Suman & Preethi were waiting for Dev
Dev arrive Ishwari serves Dev and Suman serves Preethi
Suman was talking while have food she was saying about surprise given by fellow mates
Dev was listen to her
Ishwari was looking at Dev
Preethi was having food calmly
They finish their dinner and heads towards their rooms

Malhotra mansion hall

Ramnath was waiting for Pushkar
Pushkar, Shravan & Sonakshi arrive
Ramnath hugs Pushkar
Pushkar take his blessings
Ramanath – u made me proud my son and as promised you are legal chief of Malhotra group of industries be ready tomorrow is your first day
Pushkar was so happy
Ramnath – good night (he heads towards his room)
Pushkar, Sonakshi & Shravan discuss about what happened (Pushkar says about he fought, Shravan only say about Surprise and Sonakshi about car break down and her meeting)
Pushkar – Di I am so happy tomorrow is my first day (he was so excited he was jumping while uttering them)
Sona – go to sleep tomorrow you should be on time
All three leave to their respective rooms

Dixit’s Mansion Dev’s room

Dev was working on laptop and starts thinking how his uneasiness ended
And remembers her (In mind – I should have asked her name)

Malhotra mansion Sonakshi’s room

Sona was lying on her bed and visualizing the incident (In mind I forgot to say thanks)

Malhotra mansion Shravan’s room

Shravan was sitting on his bed staring his phone (obviously he was looking at our princess Suman DP and reading her status to know what going on in her mind)
Suman’s DP (Shavan was standing and Suman was standing next to him with one hand on his shoulder and other one was pointing towards him like gun and with wink and status was * MY PARTNER LOVE HIS COMPANY *
Shravan was staring it with smile and our princess was in sound sleep

Malhotra mansion Pushkar’s room

He was place all things on bed with eagerness he was checking everything 2-3 times and he slept on them

Dixit’s Mansion Ishwari’s room

Morning Dev comes to Ishwari for her blessings
I – your early today do you have any important work
D – Yes mom I have some important meeting
I – okay u leave
D – Maa kya bath hai (what is the matter)
I – Preethi’s marriage
D – Hmm so what did u decide?
I – I called pandit for alliance
D – Okay good (smile)
Ishwari just want to inform her son that she will agree whatever he decides
D – Maa shall I leave or any other important issue is there?
Ishwari signals him to leave
Dev leaves to office

Malhotra mansion Pushkar’s room

Pushkar gets up and rush to bathroom and gets ready finds no one in home leaves to office (in excitement)

On road

Suman and Shravan are on the way to college Suman was driving suddenly she applies break due to that they both fall down Suman faints Shravan gets up and calls Dev

Dev’s car

Dev was fully disturbed by Suman’s news and was driving fast suddenly he watches a small girl crossing the road
For the safety of small girl he dashes flower stall all flowers are in sky

On road

Sonakshi gets down from her car and tries to go near small girl before she can reach there all the flowers fall on her like shower.
Dev gets down and pays money for flowers and damaged caused by him
And vanish from that place as he had to reach hospital

City hospital

Shravan carries Suman in his hands and shouts Doctor Doctor
Compounder brings stretcher and says Doctor will come in 5 mins you fill mandate form in reception

In background music plays

Jo Hai Mere Lamhein Kahin
Choot Na jaaye Hath Se
Mil Jaane De Dil Jo Bane
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Shravan does not wish to move from there with much difficulty he move towards reception
Fills form and goes back as Doctor is check her he stood near glass door peeping inside and calls Sona

Sonakshi admires Dev without knowing that he was Dev
And caresses small girl hair with smile just then Sona’s phone rings
She receives call
SO: haa Shravan tell
SH: [was crying badly unable to say anything] SO: [Sona gets concerned] what happened
SH: [with much difficulty] Suman
SO: haa Suman tell me what happened to Suman
SH: come to city hospital

City hospital

Dev reaches enquires about Suman and heads towards Suman room finds Shravan
Shravan was crying
Dev peeps inside the room finds Suman laying on bed (Dev turns red in anger)
Dev gives tight hard blow
Shravan could not sense what was going on he didn’t feel anything he was continuous peeping inside
Dev – barosakiyata tum pay (I believed you) tumara barosa beyjatha (I sent her with you as believed you)
Dev again raise his hand to give him punch
Suman gets conscious Shouts *Bhai*
Dev heard her voice and stops
Doctor comes out
Dev – how is she? Is she alright? What happened to her? (Dev didn’t take any break he asking some or the other question) finally why are not answering he shake Doctor


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  1. Ariana

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    So emotional….
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    Loved it??

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  4. Wow what an awesome episode.
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  10. pretty preeti

    Hey my gorgeous. Shreela
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    U wrote so well
    It was fast and furious
    I loved it
    Post soon

  11. Shreela

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  12. It’s awesome shreela. Waiting for the next

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