ISHQ (KRPKAB & EDKV) Episode 5


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Dev and Shravan are friends Dev knows that Shravan have feelings for Suman
Ishwari and Dev discuss about marriage
Shravan and Suman eye lock
Puskar’s first individual case and gift for him if he wins.
Dev – Shravan’s friendship and Promise
Devakshi meeting
Shraman bike ride
Dev uneasiness

Episode 5

Dev’s car
Dev was feeling uneasy doesn’t know why
Dev was on call
Shravan – says everything is fine Suman is fine
Suman applies sudden break (because of that Shravan bangs Suman)
And Shravan shouts Suman

Dev – what happened to Suman see I said I was feeling uneasy
Shravan was lost (he was feeling Suman’s touch warmth on his chest nothing was going in his mind) he didn’t move back immediately so Suman heard what Dev was asking she snatched phone and she speaks to Dev
Suman – kuch nahi huva bhaiya (nothing happened I am safe)
With this Dev gets relief
D – Okay but take care
With this he ends call (Shravan was still lost)

Suman pats him with that he come to senses and move back
SH – he says that he was listen to Dev’s conversation
Suman nods and hand over his phone and their ride started again
Now Shravan just staring her from mirror
They reach their destination Delhi college of MBA
It was first day after Vacation
They parked bike and heads to class room

They get in and didn’t find anyone there was absolute silence
They see each other faces and sit in their regular places (Suman middle row fourth bench right corner
Shravan left row fifth bench left corner)
Suman was sweating little bit
Shravan see this and switch on fan
(Suman was sitting under the fan)

SH – aaj bahut garmee hai (today is very hot)
Fan starts rotating and all types of color papers pieces fall on Suman
Suman enjoy the shower and see Shravan and thanks him with eyes
SH – I don’t know it’s not me

Dev reaches office
Along with Ishwari attends meeting which were lined up
Dev’s uneasy feeling doesn’t end
Preethi was enjoying her day in new look fashion institute
Pushkar was fighting the case with full energy
Ramnath and Sona were busy with their meetings

Suman gets thinking then who could do this
Just then both of them hear a loud shout
SURPRISE it was fellow classmate surprise to them
Suman and Shravan hugs their friends and gets busy in talking
And the day come to ends
Suman and Shravan heads back to their respective houses
Now Shravan was riding and Suman was sitting back he drops her home and then goes to his house

Malhotra mansion
Shravan enters and finds no one are at home
He sat on sofa and starts watching T.V

Sonakshi was coming back from her meeting car breakdown
So she locks the car gets down and starts heading towards chandinichowk

Dev has a habit of feeding birds so he goes to chandinichowk he see a beautiful yellow rose’s bunch and buys them for Ishwari

Sonakshi was feeding birds Dev was standing behind her catching bunch of yellow roses someone one from back collides with dev in order to balance he release roses they were in air and fall like shower on Sonakshi

Sonakshi enjoyed her shower and turned back to see who was it
Dev saw her for the first time he was looking into her eyes and says sorry it was by mistake
Sona nods (mesmerized)
Sona comes to know it was Dev but she didn’t tell him (as sona saw him from backside and she remembers his dress color)
Dev heads to leave but don’t know why he felt like see her once again
Dev sees her feeding birds and lost just then he see a tempo is heading towards her
Dev tried to say her but he couldn’t find a way to call her
So he grabs her to side (for that force she bangs him and holds his shirt tightly with closed eyes in fear)
Background music plays
Tere sang yaara
Khush rang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitara

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

Malhotra mansion

Shravan was changing channels for time pass
Suddenly he saw Suman standing near entrance
Shravan rushes to her
But he now he doesn’t find her there
He search hers and finds her near his room

Suman waves him to come he reaches there in two steps
SH- tum yeha (you here)
SU- vo sab badmey (we will discuss it later) phele ye bol tum muje propose kab kar raha hai (you say this one when are you proposing me)
SH – kya tume pata hai (in shock) (what u know about it) to jawab bi batavona (then u answer it)
He looks at her she vanish
At the same time
Pushkar enter – kis ka jawab bol na hai phele saval tho batav (Tell me what to answer say the question first)
Shravan understands that he was day dreaming
Pushkar – chup kyu hai (y r u quite)

On road
Dev console her by caressing her hair
Sonakshi come to senses and moves away
Dev – kya aap theek hain (are you fine) (dev see straight to her eyes)
Sona – nods
Dev also nods and signal her that he is leaving
He give a look and leave
Where our sona feels something some connection between them

Malhotra mansion

Pushkar – bhaiya (brother)
Shravan – haa vo kuch nahi kisey tha tumara din (nothing how was your day) aur tumra case ka kya huva
(And what happened to your case)
P – My day was amazing case tho mujihi jeethna tha (I had to win the case)
SH – Wow u won the case (they share brotherly hug)
Shravan doesn’t see happiness on his face
SH- tera moo kyu uttra huva hai (you face seems to be sad)
P- Papa abhi tak nahi ayi (father did not turn up till now) I thought he would come to see my argument
I was excited to tell him

SH- he would be reaching may be he was busy whole day he was having tight schedule
P – He didn’t wish me morning also (sad face)
SH- he loves you most yar tum vo sab chodo gift kya chahiye (leave that tell me what you want in gift)
(He decides to change topic to cheer his mood)
P – Di kaha hai (where is sister)
SH – pata nahi (don’t know)

P – I was trying her number but it was off
SH – she will be reaching kuch nahi hoga (nothing will happen)
Just then Sona enters
Pushkar and Shravan runs towards and hug her Di where were you I was worried (both say at same time)
S- Nothing happened am perfectly all right just my car breakdown they break their hug
SH – you would have said to me I would pick you up
P – What happened to your phone why it’s off?
S – Leave that we will discuss it later tell me about you case
P – (With smile) I won
S – (Caresses his hair) I know you would win so here is your gift
She handover a packet to him

Pushkar grabs packet and opens it
Pushkar is surprised to see the causal office dress which he was checking online
S- How is gift u didn’t like
P- How you get to know what I want he hugs her again
S- I am your sister
SH- (makes faces) yes your sister
Sonakshi goes near to Shravan murmurs I can’t pack Suman
With this Shravan was shocked
S- Both of you freshen up we will have dinner together and by saying she leaves to her room
Ramnath enters and sees no one and decides to freshen up first

Precap – family dinner

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