ISHQ (KRPKAB & EDKV) Episode 4

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Dev and Shravan are friends Dev knows that Shravan have feelings for Suman
Ishwari and Dev discuss about marriage
Shravan and Suman eye lock
Puskar’s first individual case and gift for him if he wins.
Dev – Shravan’s friendship and Promise
Suman leaves to Shravan’s house in Dev’s car
Dev bought three bunch of roses

Dev’s Car
Suman grabs the bunch of red roses and ye mere liya hai na aap duniya kee sabase achchhee bhaee hain app kuch nahi bulthe hai (these for me right you are world best brother you won’t forget anything)
Suman was so happy and smiling all the way laughing and she was looking at roses
They reaches Malhotra mansion

Dev’s car
Dev – Suman give this yellow roses to Sonakshi
Suman gets down without listening to him she was just seeing roses that’s it
So Dev get down to handover the roses he says again
Dev – Suman give this yellow roses to Sonakshi

Outside Malhotra mansion
Suman did not listen anything she goes inside
But Sonakshi comes out to check who is there who is calling her with name Sonakshi misses Suman as Sonakshi comes from dining area and Suman heading towards Shravan’s room
Dev irritated with Suman’s behavior hits car with bunch due to which petals gets separated and fall on Sonakshi like flower shower (so to feel the shower our pretty princess closed her eyes)
Dev sees the empty stems and throw them
get inside car without noticing Sonakshi (as he was facing car and she was face him) he starts to live then he notice her Sonakshi who was face door about to leave (as she see him leaving) she was going inside in slow motion Dev imagines what had happened so he thought to say sorry he stops the car get down with white roses and tissue he scribble something and rolled the tissue around the bunch and places them where Sonakshi was standing before and gets inside car and he rise the car to call her back as he know she was near and she will be the first persons to visit he blow horn and heads to leave by then our Sonakshi comes out and see white roses she picks then and caresses them Dev get glimpse of them in his back view mirror and he heads to office with smile

Malhotra mansion
Suman was climbing stairs Shravan was coming down Shravan notices Suman
SH- Suman tu aagayi (u came)
Suman without replying him give a stare tip to toe – tu inn kapdemay aagaya (will u come in this dress)
Shravan checks his dress he was wearing track pant (poor Shravan in hurry forgot everything)
He says wait for two mins I will back
SU – I will be in hall come soon
SH – okay
In five mins Shravan comes to hall
SH – Suman cheyle (shall we leave)
Now Shravan was wearing V shaped black t shirt and cream cotton jeans (as usual dashing lagrahata)
They both come out and see Sonakshi who was all lost in roses (guys these two incidents were happening simultaneously)
They both were in hurry they did not notice anything they just said bye di and they headed towards bike
Suman grabs keys from Shravan and says today is my turn Shravan nods
Suman was riding the bike Shravan was sitting back enjoying the ride (ha he was lost in the fragrance of their love)
Background song
Sooraj ki baahon mein
Ab hai yeh zindagi
Kirne hain saanson mein
Baaton mein roshni
Sooraj ki baahon mein
Ab hai yeh zindagi
Kirne hain saanson mein
Baaton mein roshni

Outside Malhotra mansion
Sonakshi sees tissue and reads message maaf keejiye main jaanaboojhakar nahin kiya Dev (sorry I didn’t do intentionally Dev) (they don’t know each other Dev knows her name because Shravan used to say about her Sonakshi doesn’t even know his name)
Sonakshi now has good impression of him but doesn’t know him

Dixit’s Mansion Preethi’s room
Preethi gets up and checks time
P- Oh no late again she gets ready in sky blue color top which has a peacock embroidery with black jeans

She rushes to new look fashion institute in her car where she was doing course of handloom dress printing and dying

Dixit’s Mansion Ishwari’s room
Ishwari thinks about what Dev said and thinks agar Dev na kaha tho soch samagkar balega na (if Dev said something he would thought about it fully) Dev ki jaan basth behano me (Dev’s life rest in his sister) unke sath kuch galat nahi hone dega (he will make sure nothing bad to them) she calls pandit ji to get some rishta (alliance) for Preethi
And she goes to office

Dev’s car
Dev was feeling uneasy not able to concentrate on driving so he stop his car and call every one (his Family) everyone say they all are fine only Suman was left he was calling her but she was not picking now his worry increases he calls Shravan he say’s everything fine Suman was driving so she couldn’t take ur call

Precap: Suman

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