ISHQ (KRPKAB & EDKV) Episode 3


Hello every one Shreela here with episode 3 thank you guys for the support and amazing comments which makes me to write episodes and post it

Dev and Shravan are friends Dev knows that Shravan have feelings for Suman
Ishwari and Dev discuss about marriage
Shravan and Suman eye lock
Puskar’s first individual case and gift for him if he wins.

Episode 3

Suman’s room
Suman comes to senses and says Shravan tum yaha kaya kar rahe ho (Shravan what r u doing here)
By this Shravan comes to senses and checks her with his hand on her forehead (without replying to her question)
Suman – calls Shravan (In surprise shock and make an expression like what??)
Shravan – sarde…… kya haal hai (cold…how r u?)(In mind Shravan now ur caught ye sab Dev ne jaan bujh ke kiya choduga nahi usay…..phele isse bachana hai)(Dev did this purposely I will not spare him…..for that I have to survive)
Suman – I am fit and fine (In mind ajank Shravan ko kya huva kya bol raha hai) (what happened to Shravan what he is specking)
Shravan – vo Dev ke sate ayya socha tha Hi bhol ke cheylu(I came with Dev and thought to say Hi and go) (In mind bachgaya) (survived)
By saying this he vanished like storm didn’t gave her a chance for second thought
Suman was left shocked and took mins to understand what he said by then he left
Suman gets busy in getting ready

Dev’s room
Dev was ready in light grey suit as usual and thinking
His mother’s words were echoing in his mind Suman ………Suman………
Dev walks through memory lane

Fb begins
One year before
All three Dev, Suman and Shravan were discussing on some general issue Dev and Suman were deeply involved in the conversation Shravan was staring at Suman he was just saying ha and supporting Suman
Shravan was caught redhandedly by Dev but Dev was clam and continued to discuss ya Shravan also continued to stare Dev waited for 15 mins he was unable to control still Shravan was lost ass pass kuch nazar nahi aarahatha (he could not notice what’s happening near to him)
D – Suman coffee lana (bring coffee)
Shravan still lost he was now not even saying ha (this Shravan has so much courage staring Dev Dixit’s sister in front of him bravery award milna chahihe)(he should get bravery award)
Suman – tek hai bhai abhi lay ke avungi (okay bro I will get it know)
Suman leaves to Kitchen
Shravan was watching the way she went still not in his senses
Dev was angry his eye became red like volcano is ready to burst
Dev went near to Shravan and patted him he came into senses
By that time Suman returns with coffee and gives to Dev and was serving Shravan it slips and about to fall on Suman but Shravan makes it fall on him and he says dekh ke Suman agar tum pe girjathi to (care full Suman if it falls on u what will happen)
By seeing this Dev’s anger vanished
Dev – Suman u go and get medicine
Suman leaves to get medicine
Dev – so u LOVE MY sister right?
Shravan was shocked but replied without any hesitation YES (again guts deko) (see the guts)
Dev – so when r u proposing her
Shravan was surprised shocked and says I need time I have to find whether she has same feeling’s for me or not
Dev – okay take your own time if she says yes then she will be with u lifelong I promise u that
Shravan was feeling cloud9
Dev remembers the spark in his eyes till now
(After this incident only Dev and Shravan are friends)
Fb ends

Malhotra mansion
Here Pushkar was leaving and Shravan was entering
Shravan – Pushkar itna jal di (so early)
Sonakshi – Dhai saykar ka ke jaa (have curd – sugar n leave)
Pushkar had it and took blessings from Sonakshi and Shravan n leaves to court
Shravan – di what’s all dis
Sonakshi says everything to Shravan and asks aaj dare ku huva (y were u late today)
This reminds him whole incident unknowingly he smiles
By running he utter these words
Shravan – di sham ko bath karenge late horaha hu Suman aa jaagi (we will discuss it in the evening I am getting late Suman would be reaching)
Shravan hurries to get ready

Dixit’s Mansion

Ishwari calls Dev nasta ke liye aaja (come for breakfast) Suman thu bi aaja (u also come)
Dev comes into senses and goes to dining table where Ishwari and Suman were waiting for him to arrive
They have breakfast and Dev takes blessing from Ishwari
Suman goes to check Preethi

Preethi’s room
She was sleeping with smile on her face Suman saw that and without disturbing her kiss her on forehead leaves
Suman hurries and reaches Dev who was about to leave (in car)
Suman – Bhai Shravan ki gar tak lift milegi (bro till Shravan’s house can I get a lift?)
Dev – (with smile) haa meri princess (yes my princess)
Suman gets in and they leave to Malhotra mansion

Dev stops car at Signal
Children were selling flowers
A small boy with smile pats on Dev’s window
The smile he saw on boy’s face made him slide the glass
The boy quickly showed two bunches of white and yellow roses and said only 50 Rs each
Dev looks at Suman and say no to him the smile on boys face vanished
So for the sake of smile he said get me red bunch also
Now boy was jumping with happiness the boy hand over three bunches to him Dev gives 500 rak lo (keep rest with you)
Boy jumped again and went to him mom and showed her note
Mom with angry look did u steal?
Boy says no mamma that dada gave me for three bunches (he said that like he mounted Mount Everest)
The boys mom gave a thank you look to Dev and kissed the boy
Dev was happy
Signal shows green
Dev leaves from their with smiling face

Precap: Dev – Suman give this yellow roses to Sonakshi

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