ISHQ (KRPKAB & EDKV) Episode 2


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Hi every one Shreela is back with episode 2

Malhotra mansion
Sona – papa muje abhi shaadi nahi karna (father I don’t want to marry now)
Ramnath – tumara kuch nahi ho sak tha (nothing can be done with u)
Sona was sipping coffee
Sona walks through memory lane
*empty cup with note
Note pe lika ha hi (on note it is written that)
A male voice is heard in back ground reading this note
“Suna tha sabar ka phal meetha hai Aaj mahasoos kiya hai
App ko pata hai app ki haatho ki alge paychaan hai
App ki coffee say mare hue insaan bi zinda ho jaata hai
Hum ko kisine nahi bathaya aaj kal darthi pe amrut milraha hai”
Tumara ka *
Fb ends
Sona comes into senses
R – Get ready Sona we have meeting
Sona keeps tray in kitchen and leaves to her room

Suman’s room
Doors were shut so he knocked them
No reply from other side
He pushed door and peeped inside no one is seen
He went inside and sat on bed searching her
Just then a noise is heard from rear side
His eye sight shift to that place suddenly he stands and was about to leave
Just then Suman comes from bathroom with wet hair water drops are failing on her cheeks
Dressed in beautiful yellow and white combined straight cut top with three forth sleeves and yellow pajama
Shravan stood staring at her (aww poor Shravan who can resist after watching that scene)
Suman didn’t notice Shravan she was humming something

In background
O re piya haye.. I3I
Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..l2l
Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan
Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai
O re Piya

Shravan completely lost
Just then Suman notice Shravan and with that she was about to fall
Shravan catches her by waist
Now Suman with great annoyance looks into Shravan’s eyes
(The most awaited moment eye lock)
Now they both are lost in each other eyes

In background
Mm mm mm hmm…..
Dil kyun yeh mera shor karein – (2)
Idhar nahi udhar nahi, teri or chale
Dil kyun yeh mera shor karein
Idhar nahi udhar nahi, teri or chale
Mm mm hmm…..he he he… mm mm hmm… o ho ho ho…

So let them take their own time

Ishwari – Dev shaadi ke baremay kaya kayal hai (what u think about marriage)
Dev – with jurk says kis ke shaadi (marriage whom)
I – meri saray bachey shaadi ke umaar agaya (all my children stepped into that age) (in mind I know u r not ready)
D – Maa pheyle Suman aur Preethi ke karenge baad may dekage (first we will do Suman and Preethi after that we will see) (after saying Suman he thought for two mins)
I – suman (she was thinking)
D – Interrupts and says Suman ko chey mahina chahiye padaye kar ne karliye use choodo (leave Suman she needs Six months to finish her study)
I – par Dev badi bati rahetey huve Preethi ki shaadi kise karsekthey log ka socheynge (but Dev when there is elder one than how can we do Preethi marriage what will people think)
D – Maa logoka chodo app ka chathey wahi karna (mom leave about people do what u want)
I – okay beta may soch kar batavungaa (okay son I will think about what u said and tell u)
D – Maa may tayar ho kar avunga (mom I will get ready and come)
Dev goes to his room and get ready Ishwari goes to kitchen and looks after the breakfast

Malhotra mansion
A man was dressing in hurry he was shouting di mera coat, watch and hand kerchief kaha hai sab di jaldi kegiye (sister where is my coat, watch and hand kerchief sister come fast)
Sonakshi – Arey Pushkar aa rahahu jaldi kayha (I am coming Pushkar why r u in hurry)
P – aaj mera phela individual case ka hearing hai (today is my first individual case hearing)
S – Ho oo (she was searching the things)
P – Di app ko pata hai na agar main ne a case jitchavunga tho (sister u know right if I win the case)
S – haa pata hai paa ki company ka legal chief banega (ya I know u will be declared as legal chief of father’s company)(by handling his things she says this)
P – (With smile) haa di bhai kahapey hai (yes sis where is bro)
S – Jogging pe gaya abhi tak aa jana chahiye (he went for jogging he should be return by this time)
P – Nods and says di jaldi breakfast (sis fast breakfast)
Sona leaves to kitchen to check the breakfast arrangements and Pushkar hurries

Precap: Suman – Bhai Shravan ki gar tak lift milegi (bro till Shravan’s house can I get a lift?)

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