ishq ki kahaani part 37 and surprise for my all readers


anika (pov) after six months thinking

ritick was not going to loose rohan or anyone this time
choti maa – arrange the car for me , I want to be out from this city safely or I will kill ur rohan
(still pointing gun on rohans head)

when pinky singh oberoi comes from back of them and hits the vask on choti maa’s head
all are shocked by pinky’s action
choti maa – ahhhh(gun drops from her hand and she lays down on floor)
pinky – oh my mata aise kyaa dekh rahe ho (why r u seeing me like this) pakdo isse (catch her)

rohan came running towards ritick and ritick hugs him tightly while anika and soumya are having tears in their eyes

cops come in the oberoi mansion
cop – we have got a call from this place
prinku – inspector I called u arrest this lady
when choti maa poens her eyes and tok the gun in her hand was going to shoot ritick when the cop just aims on her hand
all sees towards choti maa , her handis bleeding , cops have taken her with them

anika was interrupted by pinky
pinky – oh my mata , anika beta , what r u thinking , I have been calling u , stress or thinking too much is not good for u and ur baby
anika – yes mom (smiling)
shivaay enters
shivaay seeing the baby bump of anika
shivaay smiling hard – aww anika , see my baby is grown six months today (kneeling down on anika’s baby bump)
aww my baby , see ur paa is here

pinky seeing both of them – kisi ki nazar naa lag jaye mere bachon ke (doing nazar utaro action)

prinku came running towards their room – aww bhaiya , what r u doing , be away from my baby , don’t go so near
shivaay – hey I m her paa
prinku – ahaan , baby is he

anika giving her khidkitod smile seeing both of them fighting

anika – prinku , today is ur engagement , u have not get ready
prinku – ohh no , I forgot that I have come here to ask u to help me in dressing up
pinky – oh my mata , har kaam mujhe he btana padhta h , how will she help u , I ll help u out stupid
anika – but mom who will help me then
pinky and prinku leaves without listening anika
shivaay – my jaan , I will help u out in changing
anika – shivaay ……….(blushing red)
after some time in shivikas room

anika dressing up infront of mirror and shivay seeing anika

anika – shivaay this six have been so great for us naa , see prinku and rohan have their engagement and after 5 months they are getting married
shivaay – yes anika , u r right see all seems very right , gauri amd om have now become very close and starts romancing anywhere while our baby rudra is now have started to become responsible and also focusing on his study as soumya and rudra will be married after their studies completed and abb soumyabhi toh rahejas ke saath rehti h
anika – yaa all seems set bas ritick bhaiya is still unpaired , yaa he got shivanya whom he has started liking but let see she will be my bhabhi or not
shivaay – don’t worry , he will get his angel also as I got u as my angel(shivay hugs anika) and now another angel is going to come in my life
anika – shivaay , chodiya naa , I have to get ready
shivaay – toh ho jao naa

gauri enters making sound – bade bhaiya , apka romance ho gaya ho toh neeche chalein all are waiting for u
shivaay and anika gets straight – yes we are coming

prihan gets engaged and all rahejas ritick with shivanya and viren ,rd , sd all oberois are dancing while anika is only standing and doing hand moves with her baby bump and then all together say “DIL BOLE OBEROIS”

here my ff ends , I hope all of u liked this ff from start to end , I hope u must have enjoyed this ff , plz tell me how was it with ur lovely comments
and here are the names of the people who commented on my ff from the start , if u ever commented on my ff then find ur name

evangelin thangam
[email protected]
shivani singhaniya

thank u all for commenting on my ff , if I missed someones name he or she can tell me in comment box and for that I am sorry from bottom of my heart , and the people I have mentioned to have comment to tell me that they have their names , got it
from ur love

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  1. Anitaaa3

    Awwwww…. U remembered ny name..I thougt to surprise you but You gave us a surprise..I have been reading it since its first episode but never commented..Only on 25th part and 36th part..It was a very good ff….Hope you dont stop writing and Come back with another bang on ff..Loads of love to Niku by Anitaaa

    1. Niku16

      Thank u very much anitaaa3 , but it would be difficult to write another ff , as I am busy nowadays but will try my best

  2. Sam-99

    Love the part I only comment in one part but u didn’t forgot me …….thank u drrr ….. come with new super ff and I hope so……love u drrr

    1. Niku16

      Thank u sumitha for reading it from start , I wanted this ff to have at least 50 episode but due to lack of time I have to end it here but I will try to come back with new ff if possible

  3. It was nice . Please do come up soon with your next fiction .

    1. Niku16

      Thnk u nishi , I ll try my best to come back


    Dear Niku
    Thank You For Remember My Name?

    Take Care?

    1. Niku16

      Thank u UF , u have always commented on my ff u have always motivated me , and have also told me my mistakes , thank u for ur all love

  5. shanaya rajput

    This was just an amazing ff.?????? ???I ll miss ur ff. If possible do star a new ff on ib please. ????????

    1. Niku16

      Thank you shanaya , I ll try my best to come back , u know what I always wanted to write once a story as I got time and was totally free I wrote it and u all guys motivated me

  6. shanaya rajput

    Lots of Luv to u???????????? n thanks for mentioning me.

  7. Dhar

    Awesome episode yaar… Plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

    1. Niku16

      Thank u dhar , u have always been there motivating me , have always gave ur views on my ff and I loved it and I will try my best to come back

  8. Alekhika20


    1. Niku16

      Thank u alekhika 20 for all ur love and comment

  9. Awww what a khidkitod ending loved it, will miss ur ff very much plzz cone back soon………..

    1. Niku16

      Thank u very much tahura , I will try my best to come back if possible , right now busy packing for my college so that’s why I left this ff soon

  10. It was awesome
    I luv happy endings
    but plz be back soon
    I luv the way u showed everyone’s bond
    & Niku di pls check out my new ff The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi

    1. Niku16

      Aww aashi so sweet of u , thank u for ur love and I will read ur ff , it would be great if u send me links

  11. Fffan1234

    Awesome ending. Waiting for a new story from you. Thank you for mentioning my name

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Fffan1234 but it would be difficult for me to come back with new ff but thank you for your love

    1. Niku16

      Thank u anju for ur love

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Coom soon…

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Nikita jai29 , I will try my best to come back if possible, and in fact ur ff is very nice , my sister read it in all one go

      1. Nikita_jai29

        Thanks dear… If you missed any part… Here is the way MOHABBAT KI ADHURI DASTAAN

  13. Niriha

    Awesome???lovely ending I’ll miss this ff come back with another ff dear I’ll waiting for you and your ff
    Take care

    1. Niku16

      Thank you niriha for ur love and comments and I will try my best to come back and plz keep smiling , i ll not give u false hope as I am busy packing for my college and after being in my college I ll not get time so it next to impossible but I ll try

  14. Super episode sis i wish director change pinky same in the serial

    1. Niku16

      Thank u madhu.r , I wish the same, I don’t like this pinky ponky

  15. Sorry dear for not commenting your previous ff . Actually I’m little busy . Superb ending and i’ll be waiting for your next ff

    1. Niku16

      It’s okay kripa , thank u for taking out time and reading it and for ur comments

  16. It was a happy ending I luv it , and aww u mention my name

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Tom for ur love and for all ur comments

  17. Nice ending , u mention my name , I commented only once

    1. Niku16

      Thank u sonam my silent reader

  18. Lauren

    Fantastic… will miss uhh…come up soon wid another one

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Lauren , I will try my best to come back with new ff but if possible , thank u for ur love and comments

  19. Aswm, fantastic I liked ur ff so much that I believe u can write for serial also. I lol miss u, come with another ff
    And thank u for mentioning my name

    1. Niku16

      Aww mann thank u for liking it so much u know what even I had a dream to have a serial made by me on TV but now it’s not possible as I am going to become DOCTOR and study medical but I will try my best to come back

  20. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice…..n so sweet ending! I loved this ending yaar. And thanks for mentioning my name too. If possible come back soon dear..
    Take care n keep smiling!

    1. Niku16

      Thank u gayathri. Visu for motivating me and telling my mistakes and commenting always I will try my best to come back, thank u again gayathri. Visu

  21. It’s a Fabb ff Niku…. Miss u nd ur ff soo much…. Cme back with a bang…. Waiting 4 ur nxt work till then Tc…

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Banita for Standing thre always on my side, for commenting and for ur love, I will try my best to come back with new ff

  22. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar…. Tq for mentioning my name…. So sweet of you… Come back soon with another ff..

    1. Niku16

      Thank u sagithya , I will try to come back with new ff but it’s next to impossible as I m busy with my college packing and after college start I will not get time as I m going to study medical but still I don’t go I ll try to come back

  23. it was such a beautiful ff… loved it so much…. you are really great….will miss reading your ff.. hope you will come up with more ff…..and so sweet of you that you remember each and every of our name…..thank you so much for the wonderful ff…enjoyed reading each part..i might not have comment for each part but i do read all the episode….thank you once again

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Jane for taking out time to read my ff and i am happy u liked it so much , thank u for all ur love and i am proud to have such good readers

  24. Great nice Yrr, and u mentioned my name too and sorry I couldn’t comment in all, come back with new ff

    1. Niku16

      Thank u shon I ll try to come back

  25. Madhuani

    Hope to see you soon

    1. Niku16

      Thank u madhuani for ur love , for ur comments thank u very much

  26. Kanfi

    U rrmmbrd me??so nice of u…..
    N ur ff ends here ..come soon with anothr…n dont forget to write by niku in title as i dont read all ff…
    Ur ff was superb..i thoroughly enjoyed it..
    Great work

    1. Niku16

      Thank u Kanfi , a very big thanku for taking out time for reading my ff and commenting on it always. I will try my best to come back with new ff if possible as I am doing preparations nowadays for my college and in MBBS I don’t think I would get time and actually it was my dream to write one ff at least and I completed it and I am happy that u liked it and helped me in completing my one of the dream, thank u again

      1. Kanfi

        Lovee uuu…
        U r a medical student???great yr…
        I m preparing for it??

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