ishq ki kahaani part 36

part – 36

ritick kneels down on his knees on the floor and starts crying infront of everyone loudly

ritick – no this is not true , choti maa can not kill my papa , my maa , u , sher have not planted the bomb , no she have’ nt

anika – bhai u have to believe , we have another prove
anika signals soumya
soumya goes while shivika was handling ritick , so other oberois were handling viren rd
they were not able to believe that their family member can kill their son , bhai, bahu , their daughter

saumya comes with a letter in hand

saumya (tears flowing from her eyes )– bhai , see this letter , it has been written by my ayyi before her death , u know bhai , my ayyi knew that she will be killed the day that sandhya will see her
so she wrote a letter
saumya speaks out the letter –
“ dear saumya
u will get this letter when I would not be there with u in the world , this is tell u the biggest truth of my and ur life and plz don’t hate me after the truth , apni ayyi ko yaad rakhna , saumya I always loved u as my child but the truth is u r not my real child , I am sorry beta that I kept u in poor condition but I tried my best to give u , to make u a successful , I always fed u before I get to eat , saumya u belong to a very very rich lineage family “THE RAHEJAS” , ab now u must be wondering that why I kept u or in other words kidnapped u , it was for ur safety , for ur life .
that day was a horrible day for rahejas and me too , I was ur dayyi maa , I was a caretaker and I loved to care for u , when I heard choti sethani sandhya talking to someone that she has planted a bomb in bade sahib , badi sethani and anu’ car as they have went to some temple and she also told them to kill u , I could not believe on my ears but I saw a gun man talking with her and saying yes mam ur work will be done we will be killing samyra tonight and u may told to everyone that she too exploded in the car . I was shocked , I ran towards u my saumya , I saw ur innocent the one whom I love a lot , the one I have cared from the birth till now three ears and ii decided to ran away taking u with me and I did it , I ran away to a place in west Bengal and next day I saw news of bomb blast of bade saheb, badi sethani and anu , I cried whole night but I saved u , I changed our names and lived there , I told ur dada to send this letter after I dies and u know saumya , that dada(maamu) is also not real but he was the one who helped us after I escaped . I know saumya it would be difficult for u to handle this truth but now u r big enough and can handle everything , I at this point u may be standing alone but now u can go to ur real family rahejas , u r not orphan got it and I hope u will be able to deal ur fake mom that sandhya , I wish u will leave happily all your life and would expose that lady sandhya , and if possible apni ayyi ko maff kar dena

ur ayyi

with this saumya starts crying loudly
anika – bhai , now u must have believed , this letter was sent by her mamu in oberoi mansion and I got it , I actually read this letter first and was literally shocked , I showed this to shivay and we told this to saumya with her identity , it was difficult to handle her but she is really brave , she stand up as a strong person

shivaay – ritick even contacted saumya’s dada(mamu) , and he told us that it was all true and written by ayyi tself

ritick was healing with all the wounds when

choti maaa comes out of room with a gun on rohan’ head
choti maa – so u both told all my truth to ritick , haa now I will not leave u
ritick – maa , how can u do this , this mean they are saying al the true , u r the one who have taken away my anu , paa maa and samy away , u r the one , now u cant kill my brother rohan
viren shouts – u separated us from everyone , my brother , my bhabhi , my daughters , u told us that samyra was also in the car which blasted and now u r killing ur own son
rd -why did u do this and how can kill ur own blood , rohan is ur son
rohan – maa , I m ur blood , I know u never liked me or loved me like bhai but how can u kill me
choti maa – I can do anything to save my self , u bhudiya is asking why I did this so listen I wanted all ur wealth that why I married this stupid virndra raheja but my destiny was so bad that nothing was in his name and he loved his bhai or family like they r the only people in world , ur whole wealth was in the name of raj raheja so I killed him , I knew the alumini , that after her death all money will be equally distributed in samyra , anika and ritick so I killed them too in the blast rest alumini says that if both anika and samyra have any problem then all will be of ritick but i if something happens to ritick too before the age of 28 then all the wealth will go in funds so I was waiting for ritick to turn 28 so that I can take all the wealth with him and that’s why I fake loved ritick like anything , I would have make sign the papers after he became 28 or may have killed him too but now as this samyra and anika are back then again it was necessary to me to kill both of them so I planted a bomb in their kitchen but they are saved but now I will kill both of them with this rohan

ritick , rd ,and viren all are in full tears with this betrayl of years with them but ritick was not going to loose rohan or anyone this time

precap – what do u think whats going to happen , any guesses

plz plz plz guys comment it’s the 2nd last episode , tmrw will be the last , tell me how was it , plz guys comeent , I want all my readers to coment who have commented in my last episodes or have not commented they are still silent readers.

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