ishq ki kahaani part 35

part -35

part-34if u all have not read that episode its really important or otherwise u will not be able to connect the story

anika breaks into tears , ritick carries choti maa in his arms to a room while shivaay handels anika , and rudra handles saumya

shivaay – anika , u cant be weak u have to be strong , after the truth relevation u have to be strong for ur brother , for all the family members , yes ritick said was correct that u and saumya are not with that ridiculous lady but he is and all the family members are , and meri khidkitod anika hamesha raiyta samat thi h , vo tum kya khti (u always say that word)ho chantomai ko mazza chakka do

tears are flowing from anika’s eyes but a small smile comes over her face after listening shivaay
anika – u r very right shivaay , thank you for making me understand , I ll not leave this chantomai

om was standing there and had listened all the talks and was in aww position
after listening shivaay’s language
om – shivaay tu theek toh h naa(r u fine) I have to say bhaabhi ne tjh pe jaadu kar diyaa h(bhabhi has done some magic on u)
shivaay – bass zyada ho raha h
om smiles at shivaay

on other hand
saumya was not feeling good as the family she have got now only is the family who took all her happiness away as one of the member not only changed her life but killed her only ayyi who she had in the world

rudra – sumo , be brave haan , I know it’s a very difficult situation , don’t cry , aur mai aise he sumo nhi bulate hoon tmhe (I don’t speak sumo anyways)

rudra makes action of sumo wrestlers by moving like them
saumya smiles seeing rudra
rudra comes near saumya and with his thumb he touches her tears
rudra – sumo u always look khidkitod I mean cute smiling , I don’t like tears in ur eyes ,u r my brave sumo , fight for ur ayyi , fight for yourself , go sumo

gauri was listening both of them , she goes to rudra
gauri – rudy bhai , my sumo haan , smile , cute what was that haan
rudra – chullbul bhabhi khuch nhi nothing
gauri – I know rudy bhai that u care for saumya and u love her
rudra put fingers on gauris mouth
rudra – bhabhi don’t speak , if anyone heard that naa then these raheja will not leave me , u remember what happened with shivaay bhai
gauri laughs at rudra – okay
In guest room

ritick to doctor
doctor – I could not understand what is wrong with her
ritick – doctor , she just fall down
doctor – may be due to stress or she she must have not taken her food , I would only say that she should take proper diet and rest , while all the things are fine
ritick – okay doctor
doctor leaves and anika enters
choti maa is still laying on bed with closed eyes
anika – bhai
ritick speak before anika can say any other thing
ritick – I want u to leave , doctor has said her to take rest
anika – bhai no I have proves that can tell that she is a murderer
ritick – oh u want me too see the proves right ,kk show me(in anger)

choti mom (pov) – no , I have to do something , if there was something then I ll….
chotimom speaks – ritick……(in slow acting as unconscious voice)

ritick – yes maa , I m here I will not let u haapen anything maa , but for that I have to tell anika and samyra that u r innocent

ritick leaves her and asks rohan to sit with her till than

(guys let me tell u one thing that rohan has always studied in abroad at one or the other place , he had always been in hostil and used to come in house at London only in holidays so he was not much attached to his mom and was earlier very jealous that her mom loved ritick more but got used to and was happy that his brother ritick can do anything for him , ritick loves him like anthing as samyra and anika was lost so he always took care of rohan like a big wall , a protector , so he never worried that his maa don’t love him like that though she was her real mother)

now everyone is standing in the room except rohan and choti maa and waiting for shivika and saumya to tell whats happening
anika – khanna ji , show the recordings
shivaay – actually when we got to know that the murderer is none other than choti maa then I tapped up all the phones in raheja resort and see what we got
ritick was boiling in anger listening her maa a murder
khanna starts one of the voice recorded from the tapped phones
the recording –
lady calls his loyal investigator who has hired the man
lady – u eagle , u said that he is a useful man till now there is no news that they both died and the man did not arrive here till now.
invesiti – mam calm down , till now his track record is really nice , u remember the car blast of mr. raj raheja was too good , I hope he will do the work perfectly
lady – I hope so

lady cuts the call

record tape ends

anika – bhai , u know whose voice it is right
ritick – no its not possible , nooo , maa can’t do it
he kneels down on his knees on the floor and starts crying infront of everyone loudly

precap – two more episodes are there guys

I m happy that some of my readers commented but this is not fair it was only 10 comments , my heart broke really broke down , it was lowest comments till now , its okay I m ending it soon

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