ishq ki kahaani part 34

part – 34

shivika , omru were worried

after showering all their love to their samyra

ritick – jiju , we all are here now , tell us what happened
shivaay – ritick baat khuch aise h ki ,
ritick – jiju tell me , plz jiju
shivaay – so everyone don’t react much after listening what I say , be calm , listen me first
chotimaa in mind – omg , what he is going to speak now , plz god , help me

rd – kk shivaay beta , but plz tell us what happened
anika – shivaay , it would be better if I say everything
shivaay – kk
ritick – now anu plz tell
anika – kk bhai , chucks , rohan, rd today I and soumya were making food in kitchen and someone planted a bomb there

before anika can continue
ritick – what r u saying , a bomb , r u both alright , is there anyone who got hurt , I ll not leave the person who tried to harm my sister(in raging angry voice)

anika – bhai plz calm down , that’s what I said to not react and listen , abd we both are okay bhai , shivaay and rudra saved us from the blast , the kitchen is all damaged , but we are standing here safely becoz of them

all raheja eyes turns towards rudra , they knew shivaay would do anything for his family but rudy saved Sammy and anu was a surprise to them

viren goes towards rudra and hugs him and says thank u
rudra smiles back – uncle there is no need of thanks , I am sumo’s best friend , it was my pleasure that I can do something for her
viren was overwhelmed by rudra’s word , even rahejas and oberois were in mere astonishment to have these words out from rudra but no one speak anyword , they were ready to hear more from anu anika
everyone turns towards anika back

anika – and one good news is there too , that shivaay caught the man who have planted the bomb ,(shouts) khanna

khanna comes with the man

ritick – this man , I have seen him , ahhh(thinks ) he works at rr
shivaay – he is the one who planted the bomb
ritick just goes to him and tighten his throat
ritick – I will kill u , u tried to kill samy and anu , how dare u
anika – bhai , listen bhai
but ritick was not listening to anyone
shivomru, rohan goes and freed the man from ritick
shivaay – ritick , he is just a servant as u told , someone has asked him to do the work , he does it for money

ritick holds his collar tight
ritick – tell me the name who tried to kill samy and anu , tell me you bastard
anika – bhai just come back , he has told the truth to us and he is gonna repeat here , bhai plz come back and keep patience

ritick after listening anu moves back

man – yes I worked for money , yes I planted the bomb , becoz I was asked to do and u know the lady who asked me to do that , u ritick raheja wants to know u will not believe me , hahaha , your own chotimaa told me to do so

ritick in more anger pushen the man against wall
ritick – how dare u to say my choti maas name , how , she is not my choti maa , she is like my real maa

chiti maa (pov) – what a fool he is , who will believe him haan , I have given so much fake love to ritick , he will never ever believe him hahahaaa
anika goes to ritick
anika – bhai , he is saying the truth , choti maa has tried to kill us
ritick sees anika in anger
ritick – u have never be there anu , never ever , u don’t know how she loves us me , she is always moe than mom , u don’t know her , that’s why u r saying
soumya – bhai , bhabhi is saying all right , so called choti maa has not only tried to kill us but they killed badepaa and badimaa too , that car blast was also done by her

ritick in utter shock – no sumo , u know when she got the news that samyra is alive u r only our samayra , she was the one who was very happy , she loves u a lot and she loves to all we three
choti maa (showing fake tears) – what r u saying samayra , I love u beta , I always missed u , this man is lying , may be he was given money for that only

man from the ground – she is lier , yes that girl is saying everything true , ur choti maa only plant that blast in which ur father and mother died and I am not lying
ritick sees towards the man in a angry gaze that if he speak out any word then he will kill him
choti mom was hell angry on man but right now she have to convince samyra and anika that she is all innocent and she knows she will do with ritick’s support
she starts to come towards her and she touches her face

soumya just puts away her hand in a second with a jerk
ritick – samy what r u doing , she is ur mother
soumya – bhai , she is a fake mother and actually she is my step mother which have done everything wrong not only with me but u two also
soumya starts crying hard
ritick shouts – samayra , just say sorry to maa for what u said
soumya – I ll not say sorry bhai
anika – yes bhai she is correct , she ll not say sorry , bhai we are not saying anything in hawa (air) we have proves

listening this choti maa faints , she knows that for now its only wat to distract them

choti maa (pov) – I have to faint for now , I would get time to destroy the man and even the prove which that blo*dy anika is talking about

ritick – maaa , (kneels down ) maa r u okay , I trust u maa , I know u are innocent , nothing will happen u maa
anika – bhai , she is just faking to faint , nothing have happened to her , she is a cruel lady who killed my maa and papa
ritick – just stop anika just stop
anika was heart broken that his bhai called her by her name anika , since befor he never ever have called him anika , he used to say anu always

anika breaks into tears , ritick carries choti maa in his arms to a room while shivaay handeled anika , and rudra handles saumya , viren sd and all oberois were shocked to know that and don’t know how to handle this situation over all , its all messed up , and they were still confused whats happening

important note
thank u for ur valuable comments , this is my 2nd or 3rd last episode , I will be happy that all my SILENT READERS would give their comments who have read my ff and the guys who always praises me with their precious comments , I worked hard for this ending part plz plz comment

ur love

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