ishq ki kahaani part 33

part – 33

shivaay and rudra runs rowards the kitchen

shivaay – anikaaaaaaa
rudra- saumyaaaaaa

they both enters the kitchen and took them I n their arms and when they just came out of the kitchen ,
booms booms blast
the whole kitchen gets blast , all the things are damaged and some of the near by things also destroys and but they both were safe in their love’s hand
anika – shivay app theek toh hain
shivaay – I m all right anika , very fine
soumya and rudra were sharing eyelock ,they both were just looking at each other eyes
whereas all oberoi mansion had come to place listening the sound
sd- puttar yh kya hua
tej – what security is doing ,
tej calls the security on phone
jhanvi and pinky together – are u all okay
they look at each other , they both have same concern
but rest our rumya were still in their own world
gauri – saumya are u okay , maa is asking
saumya – yaa bhabhi I m fine
gaauri – rudy bhai app shi h ???
rudra showing his muscles – mjhe kyaa hona h chullbul bhabhi , I mean gauri bhabhi
om – yh aur iski nautanki
all laughs listening om but shivaay is nowhere seen
om – yh shivaay kahan gya (where is shivayy)

rudra – I know bhaiya kahan gye honge
rudra goes to the servant and anika , om follows him
shivaay was standing their
shivaay calls rahejas
ritick – yes jiju
shivaay – ritick lisiten carefully , bring all the family members here , I said all , no one should be sphere , understand
ritick – that is okay jiju but is everything fine
shivaay – u first come here , I ll tell u
ritick – kk
after shivaay cuts the call
anika – shivaay khcuh hua h kyaa
shivay – anika our plan is going to be succeed
anika – shivaay really but how
rudra and om together – what plan
anika – I m really sorry rudra , I told u half truth I told saumya about her identity but I also know who had killed samyra’s ayyi
om and rudra shocked
anika tells them their plan (its is still a secret hehehe)
on the other side
lady – that man , has not come yet , did he succeeded in his plan or not , arrrhh what a stupid guy
lady calls his loyal investigator who has hired the man
lady – u eagle , u said that he is a useful man till now there is no news that they both died and the man did not arrive here till now.
invesiti – mam calm down , till now his track record is really nice , u remember the car blast of mr. raj raheja was too good , I hope he will do the work perfectly
lady – I hope so

lady cuts the call
lady is still in tension whether aniya died or not or what happened there

at rr
all have been called by ritick in living room
choti mom – why u have called us ritick
ritick – vo mom jiju has called all of us at oberoi mansion
rd – sab theek toh h naa puttar
viren – samyra theek h ??
ritick – chucks , daadi , mom and rohan u too , I don’t know why shivaay has called us but we have to go there as early as possible

all goes to om

rahejas enters the om and viren goes and hug samyra
saumya was shocked with sudden action but nether could reciprocate nor deny them to hug her
she was confused
viren put his one hand on samyra’s face and loving started to see her as father sees her daughter
sd goes to samyra and kisses he r on forehead
sd – thank god , our samyra our sam is alright and we can see her , my samyy
choti mom too comes and hugs her and rohan side hugs her sister
soumya was feeling very confused , she was happy to see her family and their love but one side feeling as she is meeting strangers
ritick comes closer to samyra – so how is my cute chubby little Sammy , u have turned really big now from my little sister
ritick just put his hand soumya hairs and whizz them

all were happy for soumya that she have her so lovable family but shivika , omru were worried

precap – what gonna happen next , janne ke liye padhte rahiya ishq ki kahaani`

thank u guys for ur super duper love , I hope u like this episode too.

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