ishq ki kahaani part 32

PART – 32

at om
anika and saumya are making lunch for the whole family in the kitchen
the whole kitchen has turned into mess , they both are creating dishes
shivaay enters the kitchen
shivaay – oh god , my kichen , u both have ……..
shivay unable to speak
anika glares at shivaay
shivaay – my sweet neat and clean kitchen has been destroyed by raheja sisters , u both have turned my kitchen upside down (making puppy crying face)
saumya – bade bhaiya , we will clean it , phle hamari dishes toh ban jane do
shivaay – haewww
anika – shivay what haw
shivaay – now I m going to die by eating ur all dishes
saumya – bade bhaiyaaa(making sad face)
shivaay – oh my little sister , I know u will cook the best but this ur sister anika naa will make me die , I remember what a bad dish that panner she had made last time
shivaay remembering that moment when he hears some sound of beep beep
anika interrupts him
anika – ohhh shivaay that was not too bad got it
shivaay – oh I have eaten it I know how terrible it was , I was net to dieing
saumya giggles seeing both of them fighting like a child

when rudra enters the kitchen
rudra – o bête ki , ajj toh bhai ki kitchen gyi
shivaay – nhii , ru hum gaye
all listening shivaay laughs loudly
rudra sees sumo and is happy seeing saumya enjoying after her ayyi’s death
rudra – anika bhabhi , I want to talk with u
anika – yes rudra , say
rudra – bhabhi , its quite personal
rudra also hears some sound of beep beep but ignores
shivaay – oyye , tu kab se bhabhi se personal baatein karne lag gya(from when u have started personal talks with bhabhi)
anika coughs – this is devar bhabhi special talks so plz don’t interfere
sau and shiv together – ohhoooo
they both leaves the kitchen

rudra – bhabhi actually I wanted to know that what u told saumya about her
anika – I knew it , u would be worrying about saumya , I also know that u love her
rudra quite surprised – no bhabhi , no I don’t love her
anika – stop lying rudra , I know u love her
rudra – yes bhabhi I do
anika – haan devar koi baat apni bhabhi se chupaa thodi skte h amm so u wanted to know what I told her .

fb starts
anika – so saumya , u r daughter of rahejas
saumya – bhabhi , what are u saying
anika – saumya don’t panick , listen what I m saying u r the daughter of virendra raheja the samayra virendra raheja , u r my little cousin sister , saumya I know u will not believe it , do u remember ur ayyi gifted u a locket before going to comma
saumya – yes
anika – that was a gift given by ritick to u on raksha bhandhan , see this my charm bracelet and ur locket its very similar right , when u were three ritick gifted u
saumya – bhabhi , so u r my sister and ritick bhaiya is my brother too (tears rollind down from her eyes)
anika – yes saumya my jaan , this is the truth of ur life , u have to accept it but for now u have to behave as u don’t know anything and don’t want to meet rahejas and ur father
fb ends

rudra – u r great bhabhi , u r the best bhabhi , best sister , best wife and best person in the world , u handled everything so nicely , I love u bhabhi
rudra hugs anika tightly and anika too reciprocates it
rudra goes happily to the kitchen where saumya and shivayy was talking and giggling

anika (pov) – I am sorry rudra , I am really sorry , I told u half truth about saumya , but I will tell u the truth at best time

rudra again notices some beep beep sound but thinks that it may be his thinking

now anika and saumya starts preparing for food
anika – shivaay now leave , don’t disturb us
saumya – yes bade bhaiya leave

listening to both of them , ru and shiv leaves and starts discussing about them near kitchen

when khanna enters
khanna – sir , we have caught a stranger who has come inservant uniform but has not been appointed from oberoi mansion
shivaay – what , pleas take me to him
shivaay and rudra both goes to the servant
shivaay – who are u , and who has sent u , speak out , you bastard
man – hehehe , u shivaay singh oberoi will loose ur precious thing of ur life , u cant do anything
shivaay – what what have u done , tall me (shouts the loudest of his throat)
man – ur wife and so called sister is going to die
rudra panicked – what have u done (keeping hand on man’s neck )
man – u will not be able to save , they are going to die , I have planted their a bomb
shivayy – ohh if anything happens to them , I ll not leave u
shivaay and rudra runs towards the kitchen

precap – more suspense to get over

thanks for ur lovely comments and plz guys appreciate my work

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