ishq ki kahaani part 31

part – 31

ritick – jiju , see the news channels , newspaper social media all contains the news that saumya is the daughter’s of raheja , she is samayra raheja ,(hurrly speaking)jiju if samyra would get to know about it then ………..
shivaay – don’t panic ritick listen
ritick – jiju there is nothing to listen of , even news channel is showing that saumya was missing , her all ayyis death stuff and not that only they are showing we have some lead, clue that we will reach the criminal soon , jiju the thing is not that how the media get to know about this but the thing is what will be the impact on samayra of all this
shivaay – don’t worry ritick I will sort out all things
ritick – not u we will sort out things
shivaay – but first listen ritick , behave as u don’t know anything and don’t disclose that to anyone in the house that actually we don’t have any clue about the criminal
ritick – but why jiju
shivaay – do as I say
shivaay cuts the call after instructing ritick
shivaay thinks about the night

fb starts
shivay calls the media man
shivaay – listen I m shivaay singh oberoi , and I want u do so me work for me
man (fearfully) – what work sir
shivaay – u have really big breaking news and ur channels trp will be at top just show that saumya living in our house is samyra virndra raheja daughter of rahejas, she was missing when she was just 3 yr old and now they have found it out , she was kidnapped by the rahejas one of truthful maid madhvi whom saumya calls her ayyi and she has been murdered at the hospital , her murder was due to choking of throat and one important thing u have to tell is that the sso have some info or clue through wwhich he can reach through the culprit . I have to display this thing in ever news channel in every newspaper , on social media everywhere there should be no place left without the news , I hope u will cover it the best and money will be there with u
man – sir kk it will be
fb ends
shivaay gets out of his thoughts

anika – so our plan is onn now finally
shivaay – yes , now we should wait for the next move
anika – I hope our plan works
shivay nods his head in agreement

they both move to living room where they saw hustle bustle
daadi – dkhn na billu , see these what these news channels are showing that our saumya is samyra raheja
all are really shocked to know this fact and still not believing it
anika – daadi this is all true , she is daughter of raheja , she is samayra virendra raheja
anika see towards rudra, om gauri
om – yes daadi bhabhi is right , u all should know that she is the little daughter of rahejas
jhanvi – did saumya knows about it
om looks towards rudra and anika , shiv
anika – yes she knows
pinky – but how u all know that and how did news channel get to know that
shivaay – rudra will explain that
all eyes turns to rudra for the answers of the question while rudra was himself shocked that soumya now knows that she is and he was in delimma should he go to his sumo wrether samyra now and comfort her when shivaay ordered him to tell others the story
rudra tells all the story from ayyi to locket to confrontation to raheja in hospital and blablabla
all were shocked and was digeting this all but they all stll have questions to answer was samyra really being kidnapped was she in the car or how she get to madhvi and why madhvi has grown her up , and who killed her , was their rivals who blasted anika’s car and killed her mom and dad , still many question in their mind but no answers

while in rr

all are aware about the news an are panic about samyras condition
ritick – everything is fine there I have talked to jiju
all gets slight comforted knowing that samyra is absouletly fine but internally ritick was worrying about whole situation
ritick(pov) – I don’t know what happening , I know jiju has said that he will handle but samayra…
ritick thought wass interrupted by a call
anika on call
ritick – annu is everything fine , samayra
annu – I knw that u would be worrying that’s why I called u to tell that soumya or samayra is absouletly fine and me and shivay will handle the situation
ritick – I m lucky to have u and shivaay as my jiju
anika – kk I ll talk u later
ritick – kk
ritick gets relieve that everything is in control

on the other side
lady is shown in fury and rage
lady – what the hell , how did this shivay have any clue , I have taken all the photages and clue
she calls her servant
lady – u have taken all the photages I hop(in anger)

servant – yes yes mam , I have u have them just just check it and give my next order then
lady – kk I ll check and yes u have the order . hehehe , u have to kill that saumyaa or samyra with anika , and don’t do any mistake
servant – yes my honour , ur work will be done
servant leaves
lady – now they both will be killed what will be u doing shivay singh oberoi . let see who wins , I will be loving u seeing u losing ur precious thing in ur life

thank u for ur love guys , plz do comment

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