ishq ki kahaani part 30

part – 30

in om
shivaay and anika both are discussing something
anika – but shivay before the plan starts we should tell soumya the truth
shivaay – yes anika , and I think u should tell her , she will understand u more
anika – kk
when anika thinks of tease shivaay
anika – tho thik hai bhagadbilla (making faces) , billujiiii
shivaay smiles
shivaay – abb jao panikaa

anika goes to saumya and sees that saumya is sitting motionless still on her bed
anika – saumya can I come in
saumya even don’t notice anika looking at her , she is fully in pain and grief of her ayyi’s death and she has a fury of anger , fire to take revenge from the murderer
saumya – bhabhi why r asking just come inside
anika – saumya are u fine
saumya – yaa bhabhi I m fine
anika – saumya I know u r in so much of grief of ur ayyi and this is not the right time to tell u the truth but saumya if u want to find the murderer of ur ayyi’s death then u have to face it
saumya – bhabhi , what truth are u talking about and tell me , I ll do anything for my ayyi
anika – saumya wo…… u r not the real daughter of ur ayyi
(guys shivika , gaukara don’t know that saumya knows that she is not her real daughter , they have heard rudra talking to raheja’s but don’t know that)

saumya – bhabhi , I know this
anika shocked – u know this
saumya – bhabhi , how do u get to know about it and how this will help me finding….
anika interrupts saumya – saumya I ll tell u all the things , but be strong after listening
saumya takes a deep breathe
anika – so saumya u r ………………………… …………………………..
all conversation is muted

anika – shivaay now we can execute the plan , all is ready
shivaay – kk
shivaay calls the media man
shivaay – I have to display this thing in ever news channel in every newspaper , on social media everywhere there should be no place left without the news
man – sir kk it will be

at morning
ritick calls shivaay
ritick – jiju , what is it
shivay – what ritick
ritick – jiju , see the news channels , newspaper social media all contains

guys I know its very very short but it’s a cliffhanger , I hope u like it

precap – suspense to get reveal , plz comment on my cliffhanger , what do u think gonna happen

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    Superb epic episode, plzz post the next update ASAP, loved it to the coree ?????

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