ishq ki kahaani part 29


part – 29

ritick and shivaay was hell shocked to know about murder
ritick talking to shivaay
ritick – who will murder her and why
shivaay – may be becoz she was keeping saumya
ritick – no I don’t know , actually samayra too was in the car with papa anu and maa , I understand that they have been safed but the question is how is she with madavi taayi and why one want to kill her
(kk children used to call her madvi tayyi , she was their very faithful maid and had helped in deilevery of samayra and ritick)
shivaay – I saw cctv cameras , should we check it
ritick – yes it’s a good idea

in ayyis room
ayyi have been taken for postmautom and all by the time knows that ayyi has been murdered
anika and saumya alone , anika was consoleing saumya
saumya – who has killed my ayyi , and why , my ayyi never did any wrong with anyone (crying)
anika – saumya , first stop crying and we will find out who had killed her but first u have to be strong enough to fight against that person
saumya – yaa bhabhi , I will not leave him at any cost , meri ayyi ko maarkar usne accha nhi kiyaa
anika – yes saumya , have courage and faith on u , that’s my girl

shivaay and ritick in cctv footage room

shivaay – doctors are saying that her death is due to lack of breathing , her throat was choked but in footage there is nothing all is normal nor there is coughing and nothing is there her eyes is open but it donot shows when her eyes were closed
ritick – yes jiju u r right , there is something fishy , something missing

shivaay – oh see that lady it feels that she is coming out of ayyis room
ritick – zoom it clearly
security guard zooms it
ritick – it feels so but … we cant be sure that she is coming out of the room
ritick notices the bangle but cant recognize it
ritick (pov) – I have seen this large bangles somewhere
riticks thought was interrupted by shivaay
shivaay – yaa u right but we have to see more footages when she entered and goes out of hospital

scene shifts to lady
lady – haha(evily laughing) that assholes will never get to know who killed that madhvi but nowonwards I have to be more careful and I have to plan my next move . now its ur turn anika and samayra ……haha ha

a servant comes
lady – don’t u have manners , how dare u enter my room without my permission
servant – mam , I m sorry , I ll take care of it next time , but one thing mam eagle has sent me flying
lady gets shock – okay , so u have been hired , u will told what u have to do , but for now act as servant

scene over

ritick and shivaay finds out about the ladies timing and all and have full doubt that she is the one who have killed madvi taayi , they both are using their powers to find out who is she
no one else knows about it in house except anika

all goes to their house and ayyis body will be in the house tomorrow a after doctor does all the tests

in rr

viren – I m happy that , my samayra is alive but who killed madvi is still a questionmark

rd – yes finally , our daughters are back with us

they all enters rr and viren goes and hugs sandya choti mom
viren – sandya u know what
sandya – arre what happened why r u so happy
viren – vovo
ritick – choti mom , he will not be able to tell , I ll tell u that
rohan interrupts – that our samayra didi is alive , she is alive mom
sandya – what where is she , I want to see my daughter
rd – for now she is not with us , but she is none other than saumya
sandya – omg , she is saumya , she was infront of our eyes and we cant know that she is our my samayra
ritick – yes mom, its a good news but someone killed her ayyi
sandya – what ayyi , I m her mom
ritick tells all the story that happened
sandya starts crying
viren – I m very happy sandhya that I got u , if there have some other lady she would have hated her , u r not samayra’s real mother but still u love her so much , she is not ur real daughter , she is the daughter of my first wife but I m so lucky that I got u as wife and samayra got u as ur mother
tears roll down from viren’s eyes

ritick – chucks , choti mom hain he itni achhi tabhi toh I call her choti mom not chacchi
virendra – yes u r right

I m really sorry guys actually MAINE BALTI BHAR BHAR KE RAIYTA FAILA DIYA h apni ff mai , actually I m not getting time to right my ff becoz I m busy planning for my college , the story was already prepared in my mind on the first day when I wrote my ff , I m trying to end it soon but it could not as raiyta samthna thoda mushkil ho raha h lol , I ll try to end this ff in the best way I can and as soon as possible
and thank u guys for ur valuable comments , ur love , keep commenting and motivating me
with love
ur niku

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