ishq ki kahaani part 28

part – 28

rudra and soumya enters ayyis room

soumya – why ayyi is lieing there in this way
she goes near ayyi
soumya gets shocked – ayyiiiiiii , ayyyyyiiiiiii , open ur eyes , ayyi see ur soumya is here , ayyiiii
she starts crying loudly calling ayyi
rudra is shocked too and could not understand anything and is standing there shocked
whereas oberois are standing outside and listening soumya’s cry comes inside
sd – rudra , why soumya is crying , ayyi is fine naa
rudra – daddi , I I I I………
sd – bol rudra , bol
rudra – daadi , now she is not bw us (stammering)
tej calls the doctor and questions them that how in their supervision someone can die , shakti and tej both were shouting on doctors
doctors sees ayyi and says – we checked her at afternoon and she was fine , yes she was in comma but she was recovering , we don’t what happened and she died , we need sometime
soumya shouted in full peak – no , u doctors will not do anything with my ayyi , she will get up now and will talk with me , she is absouletly fine
doctors comes near ayyi
soumya – no don’t dare to touch my ayyi , she is fine , I said she is fine
sd signals rudra and gauri to console her and jhanvi and pinky too are trying to accept the truth
while om could not see saumya’s condition and is in trauma and same is with prinku , she too is crying hard for saumya
when raheja’ s enters and sees the all mess
rohan goes to prinku and wipes her taers with his hand
prinku (sobbing)– rohan , soumya ko kyaa hua
rohan – don’t worry prinku , soumya will be soon fine
rohan understands prinku that she is soft natured and light hearted and cares for all , he too have a soft corner for her and likes her
rohan let prinku lie on his shoulder and cry
while ritick calls shivaay and anika , and viren is not able to see soumya’s condition
all raheja’s go near sooumya and are shocked to see madvi lying there
rd – madvi …….
viren – maa , what r u saying
rd – virendra , see she is madvi
viren – yes , she is madvi , the naany of ritick , anu and samayra
ritick – chucks , what r u saying
saumya did not listen and crying loudly , she does not care for anyone but sd and tej , shakti , rudra listens

viren – madhvi has a girl child , I have never known about it , maa did u know
rd – no virendra , even I never knew it
rudra listens them
rudra – I don’t know I should say anything or not at this time but u all are correct , sumo is not ayyis real daughter
ritick – what ???
rudra – yes , when ayyi went in comma before that I and sumo reached at her place and her last words were that soumya is not her child
virendra – so she is our samayra , I am sure
ritick – chucks how can u be so sure
viren – I told u about that locket
rudra in surprise – what locket uncle , can u plz tell me
viren – yes , beta actually I saw a locket of moon and stars with her which was the quite same what ritick gave to our samayra
rudra remembers the locket
rudra – yes uncle , sumo’s ayyi too has given her locket to her which contains moon and stars at her last moments
rd – so she is our samayra , our samayra (tears flows down)
ritick too have tears
they all were going to meet their samayra but rudra stops them
rudra – I m really sorry to stop u , but I think sumo is not in the condition to meet u all and accept the truth that she is samayra raheja , its not that I don’t want u to meet her , but I think its not the right time
rd – yaa , I think rudra beta is correct , now we can see that samayra is reaaly hurt , we have been lounging for her so long , I think we should wait for more time

they all goes to console saumya

shivaay , anika , om , gauri have listened rudra’s statement and are proud of him that their duffer oberoi have handled a delicate matter so perfectly

while ritick and shivaay goes to doctor for knowing the reason of saumya’ s ayi’s death

they both reach there and gets to know that doctors are too shocked for that when one of the doctor says that her windpipe choked and the reason of death is no supply of air , all were shocked as it is not possible
doc – I think it’s a murder , but we can confirm it after some test only
ritick and shivaay are hell shocked to know about the murder

precap – will ritick and shivaay know who killed ayyi , lady will be revealed soon guys , can u all guess the lady name , and what is gonna happen next or it is still a questionmark ???

thank u for ur pretty comments , keep commenting

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