ishq ki kahaani part 27

part – 27

all the oberois are shopping in the mall for shivika , all have taken lot of things for them
all headed towards the car when rudra tells daadi
rudra – daadi , sumo’s ayyi is here in the near by hospital , don’t u think we should meet her
daddi – it’s a good idea rudra
daadi tolds everyone to march towards hospital

in om shivikas room , anika opened her eyes and was seeing shivaay , he was lying peacefully in the blanket
she collect her clothes and goes towards the washroom
anika was in front of the mirror , she was seeing her body which had love bites and marks all over there
anika – o bête ki , shivaay shi khte h , I blush too much
she takes a shower and comes out in a full sleeve , collar kurti and jeans that covers every part of her body , so that she can hide her love marks
even shivaay dresses himself and puts a tie to hide his love bite on neck which was given by anika , he remembers of the moment when anika bites her and smile and closes his collar button so no one will doubt

in rr
virendra , dadi , rohan , ritick all are sitting in living room
ritick – daadi , the house looks very lonely without anu
daadi – yaa beta
viren – we will call her at home for some days so that we can spend some time with her
rohan – yes dad, it’s a good idea
viren – ritick , I know that anika looks very similar to bhabhi , but how do u finally got to know that she is our anu
ritick smiles – vo chucks , I actually first saw anu’s bracelet , u remember that I gifted her moon and star bracelet ……….
viren in mind – vo locket , that also contain stars and moon
viren – u also gave something to samayra naa
ritick in sad and low voice – yes on raksha bandhan I promise my both sisters to protect them , but I could not , (tears in his eyes) ritick raj raheja was so so helpless that he could not protect her sisters , i gifted samayra a locket of moon and star
viren was hell shocked – are u sure
ritick – haan I m sure , how can I forget this , she was my sister , my sister chucks that was the last time I celebrated raksha bandhan with them
viren – oh know , is it possible ritick that someone can have same locket
ritick – no chucks , this is not possible , it is onle one and only one piece
viren – toh vo locket saumya ke pass kyaa kar rha tha
ritick – chucks what are u saying , how can saumya have that locket
viren – may be possible that I m overthinking , the locket may be different
rohan – but dad , we should check it once whats the problem in that
daddi – yes….. , if god will help us then kyaa pata , we may find our samayra also
ritick – so lets go and check
ritick calls rudra and gets to know that they are about to reach hospital for seeing saumya’s ayyi
first they think about to go later on listening her ayyi’s condition but they can’t stop themselves and is on the way to hospital

in hospital
a lady is there wearing bhurakha covering her face enters ayyis room ,she looks at ayyi evily
lady – so u r here , I have been finding u from so many years , now it’s the time that u die
the lady laughs loudly
she comes forward to ayyi and takes her pillow and puts the pillow on ayyis moth and nose
ayyi started breathing heavily , she is struggling for freedom but unsuccessful
her breath stops , ayyi is lying on bed unconscious and the lady laughs , so u r died my one problem is over but now I have to find her and have to remove both of them
lady – they too will die like earlier I killed their mother and father , they will be with u soon
lady smiles and is going out of hospital

oberois had reach the hospital , when someone strikes with rudra , they both say sorry to each other and the lady is surprised to see them , she rushes outside the hospital

lady – oh my god , I have to clear out all the cctv footage now , if they got to know that she is murderd not died normally than lot of problem will arise
the lady was going outside she saw raheja coming towards hospital

lady – oh no , what these raheja are doing here now , I have too soon clear all the mess

precap – who is the lady ? will they find samayra ? YAA PHIR KOI NAYI KAHAANI HAI DASTAK DENE KO ???

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with love
your niku

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