Ishq ki kahaani – FF (Part 3)

part – 3
ritick ran behind the girl saw her again sitting in black car with her hand one side on door , he again noticed the bracelet , this time quite carefully but befor he can reach her . the car disappeared from his eyes

ritick ( pov) – how is it possible , it is the same bracelet . may be possible I have misunderstood that may be some other bracelet oh I cant understand whats happening with me my heart is saying something and my mind some other . suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by his daddis call

dadi – shopping ka saaman le liya , hello r u listening ritick
ritick – daddi
daddi – haan putaar kya hua tu khuch pareshaan laagg rha h
ritick tells her all the incidents which just now happened
daadi – beta , I think u have misunderstood , u know naa where is she

daddi consoles him and tells him to not take tension.
daddi (pov)- I think I have done a mistake by sending ritick to india , I must have not done now he had a bad impact of anu . I know he love her sister very much and misses her a lot.
then suddenly daadi got an idea

at OM
prinku and anika enters and prinku goes to her room while anika is just going in her room . pinky just got the sight of anika
pinky – oh my mata , now this girl has started to waste our money . pehle kabhi toh itna paise dekhe nhi honge abb mere heera bethe ke paise so shopping ho rhi h. mai khoob jhanti hunn tum jaise ladkyioon ko tum bas paise pe marti ho, phle mere baithe ko vasa liyaa aur abb use mjhse door karne par lagi ho

with this tears roll down from anikas eyes and she goes to her room
rudra saw anika sitting beside the pool and crying suddenly he thought of an idea . he saw sumo coming there and he started arguing
( guys I m going with soumya as I like rumya more than that of bhavya and here rudra likes soumya but ia not able to confess her love , more u will get to know with the story )
rudra – somu , u look fat in this dress too
somu – u just shut up cry baby , u just know to check girls , nothing else
rudra – oh u r just jealous that girls always behind me, they always chases me
somu – why would I be jealous from u ( teasing rudra) cry baby
anika was seeing this all from the pool and rudra intentionally started to distract anika and then they both started their tom and jerry fight was running all near the pool
anika was all enjoying both of them and she too knew that there is some chemistry b/w them but they will not agree
rudra saw anika smiling and was happy now

at evening in om
shivaay came running to room
shivaay- anika I m very happy , finaaly I got the deal of 10 thousand crore
anika – I knew it my husband would make it
pinky listens their talk and was rembering the days when he used to come there looking for her and used to tell about her deals and his happiness . pinky leaves with tears in her eyes

shivaay – ohoo kya baat h aaj husband hmm!!!
shivay smirked and thought of being naughty . he just hold anika closer with his hands on her waist
anika started blushing and was all pink

anika – shivaay what r u doing , please leave me , koi aa jayega , door is open
shivaay – dekhna h toh dekhne do after all u r my wife right
anika started breathing heavily as she have not seen shivaay ever like this . she was too much blushing that her cheeks were full red
then shivay caressed her hair and just kissed on her forehead
anika was shocked as it was the first time when shivaay kissed her ( in my ff shivaay does not realize that he loves anika and he consider her as his responsibility and a good friend)

just then daadi call anika and she leaves
shivaay (pov)- what happens to me when I m near anika , why I kissed her , why I feel good when she is near me .oh god !! what is wrong with me
his thoughts were interrupted by his most dashing brother rudy
rudra- bhai app anika bhabhi ke bare mei socch rahe the
shivaay shocked how rudra know I was thinking about her
shivaay – no , I don’t have any other work that I will think about her , tu khuch bhi bolta h
rudra – accha bhaiya , I want to tell u that I saw anika bhabhi crying near the pool , app dono ki ladai hui h kyaa
shivaay – ladai !! hamari nhi !!
then they both were called for dinner by hari kaka

shivaay was thinking why anika was crying and what must have happened.

in raheja’s resort
ritick was doing some work when someone just closed his eyes from back and with the touch he get to know
ritick – choti mom , u here . am I seeing a dream or its true
choti mom – its me only , how did u know that it was me
ritick – mom aap mjhe itna pyaar krti h toh ptaa kaise nhi chlta
rohan( ritick’s small bro) – bhaiya its not only her balki nbade pack ke saath chotta pack free ayya h

rohan just went and hugged ritck
ritick – how r u both here , what a pleasant surprise
choti mom- amm beta we thought u must be feling alone but I think u r not happy with us . chal rohan hum vaapis London chalet h
ritick – no choti mom , I was just saying

then ritick reminds of daadi’s talk and got understood that its daddi only who has planned this all
guys u will be confused so I m giving introduction
rohan virendra raheja – son of virendra raheja ang cousin brother of ritick raj rehaja

choti mom – sandhya virendra raheja , wife of virendra raheja and treats ritick as his own son
virendra raheja – brother of raj raheja ang ritick calls him chote pops
daadi- indu amar raheja , daadi of ritick and rohan

character roles
rohan as rohan mehra

choti mom as suchitra pilia maliik

virendra raheja as ayub khan

daadi as surekha shikri

precap – a big for shock for ritick , indu daadi returns india , a twist
guys I want to ask whether u all want me to include GAUKARA in my ff . if yes plz tell me as I will turn the story with this too
if no then I have another story

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