Ishq ki kahaani – FF (Part 2)

part – 2
shivaay saw the man going towards the exit , he ran behind the man and after reaching there
shivay- I m sorry but I think our thaals have been exchanged due some name confusion
the man look towards the thaal
man- oh its okay actually thank you , thaal was really important for me as the pooja was for my sister anika .
the man curiously asked who is your anika

shivaay – anika is my wife
with this shivay and was going to leave suddenly he felt that he have seen the man somewhere , he turned but the man was gone . anika came looking to shivaay and shivaay was interrupted by her .
anika – shall we leave now , as pooja is over.
both of them are sitting in the car , then a call comes to shivaay and shivaay was very happy with that
anika was seeing his eyes which told her something good has happened .
anika – shivaayy what happened u r looking very happy
shivaay- actually anika it was a call from mr . mehra that finally we have succeeded in fixing the meeting with one of richest millioner of London and I have the meeting in half an hour . if we fixed it than our stock prices would be very high , would be uncompetable in the market.
shivay left anika at home and leaves for office.
at shivaays office –
shivay entered in meeting and saw the very man he met at morning .

shivay – we actually meta at morning
mr mehra – sir he is
when he was interrupted by man
man – I am ritick raheja , owner of rahejas industries and group
shivaay – hi I am shivaay singh oberoi nice to meet you once again
( as rahejas are very rich than shivay so shivay was speaking very carefully with them)
ritick – so mr . oberoi can we start the meeting now.
shivay – yaa sure . please be sitted
after the meeting
ritick – It would be exciting to work with u
shivaay smiling – yes
anika in om

prinku – bhabhi I m so confused what to wear at my friends party . I have nothing to wear
anika – prinku see this pink dress u can wear this , its so beautiful.
prinku – no , bhabhi I don’t like that
then jhanvi enters the room see them in mess
jhanvi- why both go on a shopping in xyz mall
prinku- yaa mom it’s a good idea

anika – okay prinku u go , I m not coming
prinku- u know naa I m very bad at making choices please chalo naaa
anika – okay
they both went to the mall wheares ritick too wents to the same mall due to his daddi and his small brother
ritick on phone – okk I ll bring that too .
bro- bhaiya don’t forget to bring my perfume
ritck – okay ill not , now let me plz do some shopping , agar tum phone pe he rahoga toh mei shopping kaise karonga

he says byy and cuts the call
anika and prinku are buying clothes and on other side ritck is buying things for his bro and daddi
then suddenly he saw a glimpse of a girls hand wearing a bracelet
he tried to look for the girl and ran behind her toward the exit

recap – will that man meet anika ??? shivika cute moments , new charcters introducing.
u can think of arjun bijlani as ritick raheja or anyone else u like.

sorry its quite short but next one would be long . I promise
and thankyou for all ur comments . please keep motivating me
and give ur views about this episode too.

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