Ishq ki kahaani – FF (Part 1)

HEY , GUYS ITS MY FIRST ff . Earlier I was a silent reader here . I am starting my ff when shivaay tries to find out abouts anika s backround but he could not . and he thinks that he will not try to find out her background (pinky is not a villain and naynatara is not included).

At night in OM in shivikas room
anika – shivay why cant u accept me as I am , I don’t have any naam , khoon, khandan and I am okay with it , so why u cant accept me .
with this tears came out from her eyes and she goes out of room
shivaay shouted anikaa but she didn’t listened and sat beside the pool still crying . then shivaay came near her
shivaay- anika u know I cant see taers in your eyes than why r u crying . its okay I have accepted u as my wife and I don’t know your nkk and I don’t care about .
anika could not belive his words and was continuously seeing his blue kanji annkhan
then shivay took her in his arms and layed her down on bed caressing her hair . he thought in his mind now as promised with anika would not try to find her background
then they both peacefully slept on bed and anika hugging shivay

early morning
dadi comes to their room and saw both of sleeping calmfully hugging each other. she smiled at their bonding whereas pinky made a face then shivay suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked to see dadi and mom in their room and not only that he was shocked to see himself on anika .
shivay – dadi app ??
dadi- billu now as u have accepted anika as ur wife so I want u to go our kullmandir and do the pooja of anika’s name as it is our tradition .
shivay agreed and reached the mandir with anika .
when anika stepped out from car . she felt something on her head . she felt as if she knows the place and has visited earlier and some flashback came into her sights which was all blurred
shivay saw her standing holding her head
shivay- anika r u okay ?? is everying fine??
anika – yaa I m fine
still wondering what had just happened with her.
then they both went inside the temple .

then a young , tall , handsome man enters the temple and goes to panditji
with the pooja thall in his hand of anika’s name. on the other shivay was having a pooja thal of his wife anika
they both handed over the thal to panditji for t he pooja .
after the pooja , pandit ji hand over the wrong thal due to the confusion of same name . anika has went to take some call while the man started to walk to his car
and shivay was waiting for anika to come back when he realized that his thal was wrong . he asked panditji about it and then pandit ji told that due to same name he might had given the thal to that black suit person

recap – who is new person?? is there any connection b/w anika and him and what??

plz comment guys , this my first ff
sorry for grammatical mistakes and all chamelis and tamatars accepted .

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  1. Sagithya

    Wow yaar… It was awesome… I loved it… I am so curious to know the person…so post it as soon as possible

  2. Superb dear.waiting for anika’s past next part asap

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    So awesome update soon

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    Heyy,.it was awwwsme,…
    He must have some relation with anika,.waitung for next part

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