Ishq ke rang...Hum bhaiyon ke sung!! (Color of love with we brothers) ~ Zuha {Part 1}

Hey friends I am finally back with my 1st part. Well I did not receive good comments on introduction, and I felt that not to start this FF then realizing that Vrushika aka Ishana left the show (Hope so rumour) I felt as of starting. Please leave your views here!
Starting with the FF;

*If by chance u missed the introduction so the link is given above do check, as it will help u to learn about the storyline, as it is totally different from the actual show and contrasts with all other FFs*

Part 1;

New York City…
A bunglow is focused, not too big not too small but a large family can easily fit in. A room is focused, a man is seen dressing himself. He puts on his tie, blazer, watch and walks out of the room ; as he steps out of the main door, a car comes in front of him. He puts on his sun glasses and says, “Ms.Anika Rana I am coming, let’s see are you able to break the great wall of Shivaay?” He sits in the car and the car drove away.

Scene 2;
An office is seen with the banner of “Oberoi Industries” A big room is shown tagged “CEO Oberoi Industries;Rudra Singh Oberoi” focusing the room, a man is seen scolding his employees, “If u can’t work just tell me, don’t waste my and the company’s time! Do you have any idea how important this deal was for our company? If u can’t do work why you come to do?”

A voice is heard from the back, “If the leadership is weak the result is always negative!”

All turn to see Tej standing there.
He signs the employees to leave and they do so.

Tej-Rudra why are you shouting on them?
Rudra-You are saying so as you never shout on them?
Tej-I shout knowing that the leadership of mine is perfect, and you….leave it!
Rudra-Yeah, you are right. I am not elligible for this work, so just fire me out. I can’t handle business and all.
Tej-Shut up Rudra! Just listen because of you Oberoi’s are facing downfall when Shiv….(He stops)
Rudra-Say! Why did you stop? Say that when Shivaay bhaiya was here everything was perfect but don’t forget papa that you and Chote papa were the one who…Leave it!
Tej-Rudra, how many times have I said that he is not part of our family. Why do not you understand? Anyways it has been 3 years just come out of it.
Rudra-Papa for you relations are a piece of trash but I can not forget 20 years love in 3 years. I am Rudra Singh Oberoi not a stone-hearted Oberoi.
Tej-Rudra I came here to tell you that I have called the board members many of our investors are withdrawing so you must be there as it is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU‼

He leaves after odering Rudra. Rudra looks on and thinks, “Where are you Bhaiya? I miss you! Since you have left our family has broke apart, Please comeback!”

He looks on teary-eyed.

Scene 3;
A bar is focused, dance and partying is going on, amidst all a lonely soul is sitting gulping alcohol.

He finishes a shot, and says to bartender, “1 more!” The bartendet gived him with the shot.

2 boys drinking there notices the man. 1 says to another, “Hey he is the renowned artist Omkara Singh Oberoi?” The other says, “Looks like!”
The 1st one says, “Let’s ask him!”

Boy 1 asks, “Sir you are Omkara Singh Oberoi?”

The man looks up with his stern and stiff eyes, glares the 2 standing in front of him and says, “Yes! So what?”

Boy 2-You are the artist who won the national award of the country?

He looks at them with vengenous in his eyes and says, “No!!!” stifly.

Boy 2-Sir why are you lying you are same to same him, you know your 2 sculptures are at my home.

He gets up and grabs the one’d neck and shoyts at his lungs, “I AM NOT AN ARTIST, DO NOT YOU GET IT!! I AM NOT AN ARTIST; I AM JUST A BL**DY LOOSER! JUST A LOOSER!!” He releases the 2, holds his jacket placed at the bench,and says, “Omkara Singh Oberoi the great artist is dead, and his loved ones killed him!” He leaves from there, drunk, muttering, “Om is a looser!!”

To be continued….

Precap: Shivaay and Anika meet…Rudra is at a coffee shop when he listens radio and hears love angel, he listens and says to himself, “Love Angel!!”…Om cries looking at a picture and says, “Why you did this with me, I trusted you and yoh played over me! I will never forgive you! I hate you! I HATE U!” And in anger he throws the picture frame, breaking it into pieces…

So the update ends here, I know it is short but sorry. I want to know your views, I hope that it was nice. Plz leave cmnts.

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  1. Jazz1

    It’s really good and waiting for the next episode. And this suspense is killing me how they got separated ?????

  2. Just post the next one asap…filled wiith suuspense,can’t waait for the neext one.Nice suspense you built up…gosh I am so restless after reading tthis.Awesomeeee.Loving this

  3. its nice to read a different spin on ishqbaaz, pls continue I liked it lot

  4. Priya15

    its superb zuha…upload it the frame is of ishana??or of shivay..exited!!

  5. Hey sweetie! you are rocking this FF like hell! You are the best! Over all this story is going on with 1000 volt current 😉 Love ya!

  6. Shaza

    Wow …it’s awesome….the suspense is killing me …..pls pls pls post the next one ASAP….can’t wait …I guess th frame is if Ishana ..don’t know …eagerly waiting for the next one …..???

  7. hey sweetie it’s really nice

  8. Sat

    Very nice zuha, I loved it, please make it long. And update ASAP

  9. Affaa

    Zuha do you remember me…. I’m affa…. I missed you lot Zuha… Fantastic ff yaar… Beautiful storyline and interesting too… I’m soo exited…. Please post next asap… Love you Dea…

  10. Itz very gud plz continue..and post asap..

  11. Hey im curious abt ur next epi dr.. Pls upload it asap..

  12. Nice one dear I am commenting battery is about to dead

  13. Suprrrrr….amazng it was …….shuvaay was out of d family….intrestnggg….

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