Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 9)


Ishq ka rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 9
The episode starts with Viplav asking doctor about Dhaani. The doctor replies that he can take Dhaani home after completing the formalities. Viplav thanks him. He sees Dulaari, Badi Amma, DT, Daadi and Shambhu together.DT asks him not to worry as his marriage will happen as decided. He smiles and goes to Dhaani. Dhaani smiles. He holds her hand and tells her what DT said. Dhaani gets happy but reminisces about what happened in the past few days. Viplav caresses her face and ask her not to worry as they are together and their love is their strength. Dhaani hugs him. Mere ishq ka rang safed plays..

DT asks Dulaari not to think much and prepare for marriage happily. He asks to take care of Dhaani for the day because after that day Dhaani will get married and come to Tripathi mansion. They greet him and go to Dhaani. Dhaani sees them and hugs them. Badi Amma tells Dhaani to get well soon and praises Viplav for being with Dhaani everytime. Viplav smiles at Dhaani. Dulaari prays to God to keep the Jodi of Bachwaji and Dhaani strong forever. He asks Dhaani to get ready and goes for completing the formalities.

They reach ashram. RL comes out and hugs Dhaani.They take Dhaani inside. RL asks Viplav to be with Dhaani for sometimes. Dhaani reminisces the incident and hugs Viplav tightly.Viplav consoles her and assures that nothing bad will happen. Dhaani tells she has no idea how that fire emerged.Viplav thinks of Kanak and her deeds. He asks Dhaani to leave all that and rest as she needs to get fine soon.Dhaani asks if he knows anything about that incident and wonders if Kanak did it. Viplav remains silent and after a pause says no one can separate them ever with their creepy deeds and makes her rest. Tum ho song plays………. Viplav jokes and Dhaani smiles. He leaves saying he will come to take her Dulhaniyan. Dhaani smiles. She asks him to have some food. He says I will and goes.

Viplav comes home and sees Kanak. He taunts her saying if she has hidden kerosene somewhere as she is expert in igniting fire.Kanak tries to speak but Viplav shouts to stop. Everyone come and see Viplav shouting at Kanak. Viplav apologizes and says he could not control his anger and shouted at his own mother. He turns to Kanak to ask her not to do any drama at least on the day of his wedding and goes to his room angrily. DT looks angrily at Kanak and goes. She tries to persuade Daadi but Daadi tells Shaalini to take food for Viplav and goes.
In the ashram, RL tries to cheer up Dhaani and they talk. RL, Dulaari and Badi Amma talk about preparations and Dhaani falls asleep.In Tripathi mansion, Shaalini brings food for Viplav. He refuses to have it but remembers Dhaani asking her to eat something. He asks Shaalini to bring food and sits to eat. Shaalini sees him smiling and teases him to lighten up his mood. Shaalini goes after wishing good night. He calls his friends and ask them to come early.They ask about Dhaani and he replies she is fine. They have a talk and Viplav goes to sleep.
Its morning. Dhaani gets up and sees everyone in the ashram busy in work. They see Dhaani coming and bless Dhaani. RL comes to Dhaani and asks her about getting ready. She tells about the bridal dress sent from Viplav’s home. Dhaani goes with RL.

Suwarna comes to Tripurari and asks him about going to Dhaani. Tripurari asks her to go and be with Dhaani. Durga says the same. Suwarna asks him if he will go. Tripurari says that he wanted to go but cannot as he is ashamed of his doings. Suwarna consoles him. Tripurari asks her to go as Dhaani will bel glad.She goes happily.She reaches ashram and gives Prasad to Dhaani saying she had a maanat for her’s and Wakilbaabu’s wellbeing. RL and Suwarna talk and tease Dhaani. She feels shy. Dhaani is getting ready and is looking stunning in her bridal wear. Dulaari, Badi Amma come and bless her. In Tripathi mansion, Viplav gets up and sees his friends. They tease him and ask why did he woke up late. Viplav smiles and his friend says may be he was busy dreaming about our lovely sister in law. Viplav smiles. Daadi and Shaalini come to his room and Shaalini shows a beautiful brooch for Viplav of D shape. Daadi asks him to get ready soon and goes. Viplav is looking handsome in Royal Blue Sherwaani and fixes the brooch. His friends ask him to make that brooch touch his heart.[ I wish the same happens in actual IKRS].

Viplav comes down and take blessings from DT, Daadi, Shambhu. Shaalini compliments him and hugs him. He goes to Kanak and takes her blessings. She smiles and tries to apologize but Viplav goes to DT. He calls Raj and asks if ladies reached venue or not.Raj says everything is set and asks if he is eager to hear Dhaani’s voice.Viplav smiles and says Dilwale is coming to take her Dulhaniya and cuts the call. Daadi asks him to wear Pagdi and Sehra.Then Viplav climbs on the horse and everyone proceed.

RL and Suwarna are with Dhaani. They hear band baaja and all. They tell Dhaani that her hero must have come. Dhaani smiles. RL and Suwarna run to see him. Viplav is looking amazing. He looks for Dhaani lifting his sehra but doesn’t see her and thinks to sign RL to bring Dhaani. But RL and Suwarna think to tease him and they go inside pretending they didn’t understand the sign.
Dulaari greets everyone. She does tilak of Viplav and welcomes him. Shaalini goes to Viplav and tells him that she is going to see her sister in law and asks if she should click her picture and bring to him. Viplav smiles and nods yes. She teases him and goes. Shaalini comes to Dhaani and hugs her. She compliments her. Kanak is silent and is lost. DT goes to her and ask her to smile as its her son’s wedding and asks what will people say. Kanak feigns smile but is fuming inside as she could not do anything to stop the wedding. She thinks if she does anything now then DT will kill her.

Pandit asks Viplav to come and asks Daadi to call the bride. RL, Suwarna and Shaalini take Dhaani. Viplav gets mesmerized seeing her and reminisces their first meeting and all those moments. He thinks of their love confession. Dhaani also does the same. They smile seeing each other. Mein Waari java plays….. Viplav holds Dhaan’s hand and takes her to the marriage althar.Pandit tells about starting the rituals. They are heading for jaymala. Viplav is carried up by his friends so that Dhaani could not reach for jaymala. Everyone smile. Viplav winks at Dhaani. Dhaani smiles. Viplav asks his friends to put him down. He bows his head and Dhaani puts the garland. Pandit asks Viplav to put garland now. He does so and smiles seeing Dhaani . Dulaari gets emotional and badi amma asks her to wipe tears and smile.

Pandit does various rituals. Shaalini does their gathabandhan and smiles. Pandit asks Viplav and Dhaani to stand up for the wedding rounds. Main naa bhulunga, mein naa bhulungi, in rasmon ko in kasmon ko plays………. They complete the wedding rounds and everyone shower flower petals on them. Viplav makes Dhaani wear the mangalsutra. Mangalam Vaghvan Bishnu plays…….. He applies vermilion in Dhaani’s hairline. Everyone claps. Dhaani Viplav smile at each other. Pandit says the marriage rituals are finished and asks bride and groom to take blessings of elders. Dhaani and Viplav go to DT and take his blessings.He blesses them. Daadi, Shambhu also bless them. They go to Kanak and she also blesses them and smiles at Viplav,but Viplav gives her angry look. They go to Dulaari, Badi amma to take blessings. RL, Suwarna hug Dhaani and congratulate them.

DT asks Dulaari to complete the bidaai rituals. Dulaari hugs Dhaani and cries. Viplav sees them crying and jokes to make them smile. He asks them not to cry as he is with Dhaani. They complete those rituals and ladies say bye to the newly wed couple. Elders greet each other. Viplav and Dhaani sit in the car and proceed to the home.

After reaching home, Daadi does Dhaani’s grahpravesh and asks her to leave her hand print at the door. Dhaani smiles at Viplav reminiscing how Viplav had left his handprint in the wall of Ashram that day. Ishq ishq plays……..

Daadi talks about ring finding ritual and shows the preparations. Kanak seems uninterested and Viplav sees her. He taunts her saying those who are not interested can go and rest and ring finding ritual is not to be done by them but by him and Dhaani. Kanak composes herself. Shaalini and Daadi are in Dhaani’s side and Viplav’s friends are on his side. They both start the game and Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand. Dhaani gets shy. Daadi sees this and scolds him smilingly. Viplav finds the ring and they clap. He makes Dhaani wear the ring and smiles. Kanak sees this and gets angry. Shambhu taunts her and she leaves angrily.

DT asks them to go and sleep as they might be tired. Viplav agrees. Everyone proceed to their room. Viplav’s friends take him aside and so does Shaalini with Dhaani. They pull their legs and talk about suhaagraat and all. Dhaani feels shy. Viplav smiles on the other side. They send Viplav and Dhaani.They smile seeing each other , and Dhaani feels shy. He asks Dhaani about going to room and she agrees. Shaalini comes from behind and says enjoy. She takes Viplav and Dhaani to their room and ask them to have fun. Shaalini goes. Viplav asks Dhaani to close her eyes for a surprise. Dhaani closes her eyes and Viplav says a small gift for you. He takes out a beautiful pendant and makes her wear it. Dhaani smiles and Viplav pulls her closer. Dheere dheere plays………. Dhaani feels shy. They proceed towards the bed. Viplav sits and they hear some sound. They find pappads in the mattress. Both of them laugh.

Precap: Dhaani is getting ready. Viplav holds her from back and ask for a kiss.

Credit to: Sujie

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