Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 8)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 8

The episode starts with Dhaani and RL asking Dulaari to go to temple. She says OK and asks them to come soon. RL teases Dhaani and replies she will come soon but if Wakil Baabu meets Dhaani in the temple, then I am not sure. Dulaari smiles and goes. Dhaani looks at RL and scolds her smilingly.They are on the way. Kanak is also there. Dhaani sees her and bends to take her blessings. Kanak pretends to be happy and blesses her. She greets RL as well. She asks Dhaani to join them for dinner in Tripathi mansion as Viplav would be happy seeing her. Dhaani agrees. Kanak asks her to come and goes. RL doubts and asks Dhaani to tell Wakil Baabu that she is coming as Kanak and her words cannot be trusted. Dhaani agrees and gets into thinking.

Viplav is in the market with Daadi and asks her to chose bridal dress for Dhaani by herself as she knows his choice. Daadi agrees and selects a beautiful lehenga. Viplav likes it and they continue their shopping. Dulaari and Badi Amma are also in the market. Viplav sees them and greets them. They talk. Dulaari gets emotional and tells Viplav that Dhaani is very lucky to get a life partner like you. Viplav smiles and replies even I am lucky to get Dhaani as my wife. Viplav offers them to drop them to Ashram and they get in car. Dulaari and Badi Amma reach ashram and ask Daadi and Viplav to come. Daadi smiles and says we will come but we won’t be able to stay for long as preparations are pending. Dhaani opens the door and sees them. She smiles seeing Viplav.She takes Daadi’s blessings. They all go inside. Viplav says I am so excited,day after tomorrow is our wedding and after that our life will get filled with happiness. Dhaani smiles. Viplav caresses her face and says I love you a lot Dhaani. She replies me too…. They hug each other . Mere ishq ka rang plays…… He says that now I have to wait for 2 days to meet you again. Dhaani nods and says I am coming to your home tonight as Kanak has invited me for dinner. Viplav gets happy and asks really….Dhaani nods and says yes. Viplav is happy but gets into thinking. Dhaani asks him not to think much as Kanak might be genuinely happy. He says leave that and continues I have so many preparations to complete , you are coming. I am so excited. They smile and hug .Daadi and others see them and smile seeing their love. Dhaani sees them and leaves Viplav. Daadi tells VIplav that its time to go home. He asks her if she knew Kanak invited Dhaani for dinner. She nods no and says maybe it was a surprise. Daadi asks Dhaani to get ready as they are going together. Viplav gets happy. Dhaani comes after sometime. Viplav sees her and gets mesmerized. RL teases him. He smiles. Dheere Dheere se plays… Dhaani goes with Daadi and VIplav.

On reaching Tripathi mansion, Dhaani takes blessings from Shambhu and DT. She hugs Shaalini and Kanak welcomes her. She asks Dhaani to sit and have something to eat as she might not get this chance again. Everyone look at her and are shocked. Kanak replies that she was saying because from day after tomorrow, Dhaani will get responsibilities and will be busy. DT asks Dhaani to have food and enjoy. He asks Viplav to take Dhaani to garden and spend some time with her. Viplav agrees and is happy. They all finish dining. Shaalini pulls Viplav’s leg and asks them to enjoy.

Kanak smirks thinking about her plan. She reminisces how she has made kerosene ready. She thinks poor Dhaani would not get to see tomorrow’s morning. She smirks thinking about making kerosene ready in the garden area. Dhaani and Viplav come in the garden. Viplav comes closer to Dhaani ans he pushes him. Viplav and Dhaani fall and smile. Dhaani says not again and run. Mere ishq ka plays…… Dhaani gets hurt while running. Viplav cares for her. He asks her to wait and goes to bring first aid box. Kanak sneaks in and spreads kerosene in the garden area. Dhaani is oblivious about it as she is waiting for Viplav. Kanak grins evilly and lights matchstick. She thinks no one can save Dhaani now and goes.Viplav is still searching for first aid box but in vain. He asks Daadi to make paste of haldi for Dhaani as she got hurt. Dhaani sees fire and shouts Wakilbaabu. She gets stuck in fire. Viplav hears Dhaani screaming and gets shocked seeing Dhaani. He shouts her name and runs to rescue her. Everyone except Kanak reach there. Viplav takes out his jacket and goes to Dhaani. Dhaani is struggling to breath. She faints and Viplav holds her. He shouts Dhaani. He panics and asks DT to do something. He carries Dhaani on his arms and takes her to hospital.

In the ashram, Dulaari is restless. Badi Amma asks her to relax. RL asks her to stop taking tension as Wakil Baabu is with Dhaani. Viplav takes Dhaani to hospital but one nurse ask him to wait as doctor is not available. He shouts and gets angry. One doctor comes and ask his subordinates to take Dhaani for treatment. Viplav panics and says how can this happen and blames himself for leaving Dhaani alone. DT and Daadi console him and ask him not to blame himself. He cries seeing Dhaani. Dulaari calls Viplav and asks if he is coming to drop Dhaani. He cries and tells everything. Dulaari gets shocked and RL takes the phone. He tells everything and she consoles him. Dulaari, RL and Badi Amma rush to the hospital. They see Viplav standing infront of lord’s idol and saying what was the mistake of Dhaani and breaks down.

Badi Amma asks him not to cry as Dhaani won’t be able to see him in that state. He looks around and notices that Kanak is not there. He reminisces Kanak saying about the night being the last night of Dhaani, he also reminisces Kanak’s hatred for Dhaani and gets up angrily. He goes his home and shouts ‘Maa’. Kanak comes and feigns her concern for Dhaani. He asks her to shut up and stop her drama and asks her how could she stoop so low. He says its his wedding tomorrow and his mother is hell bent to create problems. Kanak gets shocked and asks Viplav to listen to her. Viplav drags Kanak and takes him to hospital. Everyone get shocked seeing Viplav angry on Kanak. Viplav comes to DT and tells him everything. Everyone look on shocked. Viplav warns Kanak that if anything happens to Dhaani, then he shall forget the relation of a mother and son. DT slaps Kanak and Daadi asks her how can she be so cruel.

Doctor comes and tells that Dhaani is stable now but she is still weak. This happened because of shock. He asks Viplav to go and meet Dhaani. Dhaani sees Viplav coming and tries to get up. Viplav comes and holds her. He sits beside her. Ishq ka rang plays……. He holds her hand and says he got afraid seeing her in that state. Dhaani says your love saved me Wakil Baabu. He tells her that Dulaari, Badi Amma and RL have come and gets up to call them. Dhaani stops him and tells him that she wants be with him. She hugs him and cries. Viplav also breaks down but consoles Dhaani. He wipes her tears. Mere ishq ka Rang plays………..

Precap: Dhaani is getting ready and is looking stunning in her bridal dress. Viplav is also getting ready and looking handsome. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her to marriage altar.

Credit to: Sujie

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