Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 7)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction ( Episode 7)

The episode starts with DT asking Daadi about the ceremony. Daadi replies that the ceremony was all good. She tells how Viplav entered with his friends to meet Dhaani. DT laughs and Daadi says she has to do some work. She goes and Kanak comes. She asks the reason of DT’s happiness. He replies Viplav and Dhaani’s relation. Kanak gets shocked and ask if he really has no problem with this relation. He says that he has no objection. He warns her not to do anything that can halt the marriage as he wants Viplav to be happy. Kanak gets irked and goes.

Daadi is doing some work and DT tells her how he thought he could stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. Daadi gets shocked and asks him if now also he is thinking about the same. DT says No, I was so wrong. But now it is time to rectify the mistakes and move on. I am very happy because my Viplav is happy. Shambhu comes and they have a talk.

Dhaani is restless and dreams something bad. She sees Viplav is injured and writhing in pain. She hears voice that is blaming her for Viplav’s state. She shouts Wakil Baabu and cries. Everyone comes to see her and RL, Dulaari console her saying nothing bad will happen. Dhaani cries. RL asks everyone to go and sleep as she is with Dhaani. RL asks Badi Amma to call Viplav in the morning and ask him to set Dhaani’s mood. Badi Amma goes

Its morning,Viplav is in his room lost in Dhaani’s thoughts. Ishq ka rang Safed plays….. Daadi comes to his room and sees him smiling alone and thinks not to disturb him. He gets call from Ashram. Badi Amma tells him everything. He worriedly tells her to send Dhaani to temple and says he will himself talk to Dhaani. Badi Amma thanks him. He then goes to Daadi and tells her everything. Dadi asks him to talk to Dhaani. Kanak hears everything and smirks.

Durga and Suwarna are returning home from temple. People taunt Suwarna. They talk about Tripurari and his deeds. They talk ill about Suwarna and Tripurari’s relationship. Durga tries to go but Suwarna stops her. Tripurari is passing by and hears people talking ill about Suwarna. She comes forward and asks them to stop talking nonsense. She adds that no one has any right to talk about her relation with her husband as it is their personal matter. She says,” I don’t have to tell everyone that I love my husband. No one has right to question our love.” She takes Tripurari’s side and Durga gets happy. Suwarna asks those people not to interfere in others’ life. She takes Durga from there.

Tripurari hears everything and reminisces how he was hell bent to kill Suwarna and how he treated her. He thinks about rectifying his mistakes and starting a new life. He goes to his home.Suwarna is cutting vegetables and she injures herself while chopping vegetables. Tripurari gets concerned and does her first aid. Suwarna sees and cries.Tripurari asks for forgiveness. They smile and Tripurari vows to set everything right.

Dhaani comes to temple and thinks about her nightmare. She tells herself that she should tell everything to Viplav. Someone comes from behind and holds her back. Dhaani gets scared and shouts for help. Viplav takes out his mask and stops Dhaani. Dhaani scolds him for doing so. Viplav tells her that Badi Amma has told him everything. Dhaani hugs him and cries. Jo tu mera hamdard hai plays………. Viplav asks her not to cry as nothing will happen to him. Dhaani asks him not to leave her alone anywhere. Viplav cups her face and says I will never ever leave you. He asks her to calm down. He tells her not to worry as there is no place for stress in their life and they are together ,nothing can make them apart. He jokes and says I can’t guarantee about life as death might separate them. Dhaani hears this and puts her hand on his lips to stop him. Ishq ka rang plays…… She says do not ever think of this and says death should pass from me to reach to you. Viplav tells her that he cannot imagine his life without her. They hug each other. Mere ishq ka rang plays………..

Kanak thinks about Dhaani’s fear and smirks. She calls Tripurari and ask him to plan something for separating Viplav and Dhaani. He gets irked and replies that he has other things to do in his life and has no time for supporting her in her evil plans. Kanak gets shocked and ask if he is okay. Tripurari says,” few minutes back, I was not okay. But now I am completely fine”. He cuts the call and Kanak thinks what happened to him and gets angry. He tells Suwarna about Kanak’s planning and assures her that he will not be a part of this from now on.
Viplav and Dhaani are on their way to the ashram. He asks for a kiss and Dhaani gets shy. He goes near to her but both of them slip and fall over each other as the door gets opened. Ishq Ishq plays… Dulaari sees them and says” Bachwaaji”.. They get up. RL comes and asks Viplav if today also he stumbled. Viplav smiles and says this habit will not go easily Rajlaksmi ji. He winks at Dhaani. Badi Amma asks him to come inside. He is about to go but DT calls him asking him to come soon. He replies that he needs to go. Badi Amma says OK and goes inside with others. Dhaani says Bye. He smiles and goes. Dhaani goes to her room happily.

Precap: Dhaani gets stuck in the fire. Viplav gets shocked. He shouts her name and runs to save her. Dhaani faints and Viplav holds her in his arms.

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  1. wow… amazing track

    1. Thank you Divya

  2. Well done Sujie I really enjoyed it 🙂 I loved Vidhaan scenes especially when they fall down while they were gonna kiss and Dulaari is like bachuwaji 😛 naughty boy Viplav and I m really happy that u made that Tripurari positive. Only kanak to go . Precap :O

    1. Thank you joyee…. I am so happy…….. You will get to know if kanak turns positive or not…..keep reading

  3. Superb amazing I liked the scene when viplav and dhani fall on each other and dulaari says bachwaji. I wish this same scene comes in real ikrs

    1. Thank you….

  4. I love it sujie waiting for next part…….

    1. thank you kaviya….

  5. Sujie,it was really superb yaar,full positivity and optimistic.i sincerely thank u to make tp turn positive bcz i really wished him to watch like that.all the best sujie.

    1. Thsnk you for good words Saranya

    2. Thank you for good words Saranya

  6. are awesome ff ..but tripurari is so much good I can’t digest 😛 😛 :’D ….continue it …superb

    1. for a change I thought TP can be shown positive …… 🙂 Thanks

  7. I hope we can have this Vidhani scene in the real show also…thanx for cute Vidhani scenes & tp turning + ve !!! OK for a change its fine & good for Vidhani..keep it up..

    1. Thank you Rajee….

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