Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 6)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction (Episode 6)
The episode starts with DT coming to Kanak and asking her to go to Ashram along with Sushma ji and Shaalini. He warns her not to do any drama in the ashram. She complies and thinks how can this oldie agree for Viplav’s marriage with that widow. DT turns and says to Kanak she might be thinking why don’t I object, but remember one thing, nothing is important for me than Viplav’s happiness and his happiness is in Dhaani. I would appreciate if you also accept this as soon as possible. He goes.

Scene shifts to ashram. Everyone is busy preparing for sangeet and mehendi. Suwarna comes and greets everyone. She goes to Dhaani and RL also joins. They talk about practicing dance. In Tripathi mansion, Viplav is wondering why Dhaani did not call him. He call her and she is about to pick the call. But RL stops her and says let Wakil Baabu call many times. Suwarna also teases her. They ask her to cut the call and come for dance. Dhaani hesitantly looks at Viplav’s call. They take her for dance practice and Dhaani unknowingly presses speaker. RL tells that we just asked you to cut his call, now wait he will call again and then you can talk with peace. We will know how much eager he is talk to you.

Viplav is smiling, Dhaani goes to call Viplav but gets amazed when she hears Viplav. He says I love you. Dhaani says I love you too. Mere Ishq ka plays……… RL and Suwarna tease them and go saying GO ON with your talks love birds, no one will disturb you. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says I don’t know how to live this whole day without you. Dhaani smiles and says Close your eyes and tell me do you feel something. He closes his eyes and smiles as he is imagining Dhaani. He replies I can see you Dhaani. She says then why do you think you have to spend this whole day without me. Dadi comes to Viplav and tells him that they are going to Ashram . She asks him not to do any mischief do enter the Ashram during ceremony. He says OK.. She goes. Dhaani hears it and thinks now he will surely come and says bye Wakil Baabu.Ishq ishq plays……………… Viplav cuts the call and thinks Dadi gave such a fab idea…. Thanks Dadi . He says I am coming Dhaani.

Dhaani is brought for the ceremony. She is looking stunning is blue and pink lehenga. Daadi along with Kanak and Shaalini reach Ashram. Dhaani takes their blessings. Shaalini hugs Dhaani. RL and Suwarna dance in the song Mere haathon mein nau nau choodiyan hain. Dhaani smiles. Shaalini also joins them. On the other hand, Viplav is coming to Ashram with his friends.They drape dupatta and enter inside the Ashram. Dhaani notices this and smiles. She thinks finally he came. Ishq ishq plays……….. RL sees her smiling and asks her.

Dhaani points Viplav and his friends. RL says you are so lucky Dhaani that you got Wakil Baabu as your life partner. I am very happy for you. They hug each other. Boys sit in one corner. He lifts dupatta and looks at Dhaani.Daadi comes to Dhaani and sees her smiling. Daadi comes to know Viplav has arrived.She brings him and his friends in front of all the ladies. Kanak gets shocked and thinks my son has really got mad in love, but feigns laugh. RL pulls Viplav legs and asks him to dance as he is there in sangeet function. Everyone smile. Boys dance as girls and Raj takes Viplav’s pic.. Dhaani looks at Viplav and they smile. Badi Amma and Daadi talk about them and get happy. Daadi asks Dulaari to proceed for the mehendi ritual .

She complies and takes Viplav so that he can sit with Dhaani. He tries to kiss Dhaani but she feels shy. Viplav smiles and says you are looking beautiful. Suwarna and Shaalini take mehendi and applies to Dhaani.Mehandi hai rachne wali plays…… Raj is clicking pics and RL asks Viplav if he is also eager to write Dhaani’s name with mehendi. Viplav says good idea and do high five with RL.Dhaani smiles and says there is no need to do this Wakil Baabu. Viplav tells her that he wants to do it. There is no problem in writing your name in my hand when your name is already written in my heart. Ishq ishq plays……….He forwards his hand and ask Shaalini to write Dhaani’s name. Kanak gets angry seeing their closeness but remains silent thinking about DT’s warning. Everyone ask Dhaani and Viplav for a dance. Daadi says go on…….

They dance .. Dheere dheere plays…… Viplav pulls Dhaani closer but she feels shy. Raj jokes and tells everyone to close their eyes as the love birds are romancing. Dhaani feels shy. They look at each other and smile. Dhaani cries in happiness. Viplav cups her face and asks why is she crying in this beautiful day. Dhaani asks if everything will be fine from now on. Viplav tells I don’t know what will happen in future but I am sure Dhaani that when we are together, there is nothing to worry about. Mere Ishq ka plays…………. They hug each other. Raj comes and asks if he is thinking of staying in Ashram tonight. Viplav smiles and says I was also thinking about the same and winks at Dhaani. Daadi asks him to come. Shaalini jokes if he will take or leave the dupatta for Dhaani. Dhaani smiles and says I will keep this. Raj and Pankaj together say ooohhhhhhhhh!! How romantic. Everyone smile. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says bye with a smile …..

Precap: Dhaani is waiting for Viplav at the temple and someone comes from behind. Dhaani gets shocked.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Nice one! Sujie….plz update faster…..I love all Ikrs ff……all of u write so well….all of u hv new concepts and ideas…keep writing

    1. Thank you Divya…. probably I will update next episode tomorrow….

  2. Superb sangeet function. Romantic sequence was really superb and cute. ….well done sujie very impressive.

    1. Thank you Kaviya

  3. Nice . Good job Sujie 🙂

    1. Thank you Joyee….

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