Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 5)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Part 5

The episode starts with Dulaari telling Badi Amma that Kanak did not even come for a minute , its strange. Badi Amma asks her not to think much, you know DT said that she was not feeling well. So, stop thinking too much about it. Dhaani hears their conversation and thinks to convince Viplav to talk to Kanak. She goes to her room. She sees Viplav’s call and hurriedly picks up the phone. He jokes and says you were desperately waiting for my call, we just met.

She scolds him saying I am not being desperate. You called me, it shows you are desperate. Viplav says OK,OK don’t scold me like that sweetheart. Dhaani thinks Viplav is scolding her in English and says why don’t you use hindi to scold me. You think that I can’t speak English,so you can call me anything. but you are wrong. Viplav smiles and says OMG Dhaani, you are wrong. I am not scolding you, just addressing you as my love…. did you understand. Dhaani realizes she said lot of things and apologizes saying Sorry Wakil Baabu( Humko maaf kardo Wakil Baabu). Viplav says its not that easy to say sorry. You will be punished for this. Dhaani is shocked and says Punishment?? Viplav says yes… and your punishment is that you should say I Love you Viplav now…… Dhaani says now?? He says yes… Dhaani says it is not a punishment to love you Wakil Baabu, it is my good luck.. and says I LOVE YOU VIPLAV….. He smiles and says I love you to Dhaani…. They smile. Dhaani says Wakil Baabu, there is something I want to ask… Viplav says Go on Dhaani. She asks Viplav to talk to Kanak. Viplav says she stooped so low to break our relation and you are still thinking about her. Dhaani replies,” I have learnt this from you, you did so mych for me, whenever I had some problem, you stood by me and took all those problems. It is my duty to think about your family and relations. I want you to reconcile with your mother. Please… Viplav says OK, fine… He continues saying you are everything for me Dhaani. Dhaani smiles. Daadi calls Viplav and he tells Dhaani that he has to go. Dhaani cuts the call.
Viplav comes in DT’s room and he asks him to sit down. DT asks Daadi to show the necklace that she got for her grandson’s would be wife. Daadi takes out a beautiful necklace. Viplav says wow Daadi. Daadi replies it will be more fabulous if Dhaani wears it. Viplav smiles and takes it saying I will give it to Dhaani tomorrow. He goes.

Kanak is in her room and is thinking how Viplav asked her to shut up because of Dhaani. Viplav comes and she feigns tears. Viplav asks her not to do any more drama. I want you to apply haldi to me tomorrow, and please for god sake do not create any issue. Kanak tries to speak but Viplav goes without looking at her. She fumes in anger and says I won’t leave you Dhaani. You are making my son against me. You have to bear a lot because you have insulted Kanak Tripathi.

In the ashram, Suwarna comes and hugs Dhaani, she tells her that she is very happy for Dhaani, one thing Dhaani, I am here to apologize to you on Tripurari’s behalf. Dhaani replies you don’t need to apologize and do you know one thing, you are a very good friend and I mean it. RL asks then what about me? Dhaani says how can we forget you RL?? Three of them hug and Dulaari, Badi Amma get emotional. Then RL says to Suwarna that I have something to tell you and takes Dhaani and Suwarna. She continues telling Suwarna how she saw Viplav and Dhaani romancing each other. They tease Dhaani and she feels shy reminiscing Viplav.

In the morning, Dhaani gets ready in a beautiful yellow saree for haldi ceremony. RL compliments her and says today Wakil Baabu will not be able to see others as he won’t be able to take his eyes of Dhaani. Badi Amma tells Dhaani that she is looking pretty. Dhaani smiles. In Tripathi mansion, Viplav is waiting for Dhaani’s arrival. Dadi comes and asks him to have some patience.

Kanak quietly enters the kitchen and looks for chilli powder. She sees the bowl of haldi kept for Dhaani and thinks be ready for crying Dhaani, I won’t let you win and shall teach you a lesson. She mixes it in the bowl, stirs it and comes out of the kitchen silently.
Dhaani and others reach Tripathi mansion and greet everyone. Dadi asks Shalu to bring haldi kept for Dhaani as bowls of haldi need to be exchanged. Viplav comes and sees Dhani. They smile seeing each other. Ishq ishq plays………… Shalu brings the bowl of haldi and Dadi asks her to give it to Dulaari. DT comes and asks everyone to begin the ceremony. Dulaari takes the bowl and gives it to Badi Amma saying she should begin this . Badi Amma proceeds with haldi bowl in her hand. Kanak sees this from far and smirks saying no one can stop Dhaani from writhing in pain caused by burning. Suddenly, Badi Amma slips and the bowl of haldi spills. Everyone worry. Kanak gets angry seeing her plan failing. Then Viplav stands up and says there is nothing to worry, instead they should be happy because it is god’s sign that both of us should apply haldi from the same bowl as the love between us will increase. Everyone smile. Dhaani is also smiling as Viplav looks at her and winks.The ceremony starts. Kanak fumes but composes herself and comes outside. She greets everyone and goes to apply haldi to Viplav.

DT comes with Shambhu and asks Kanak to go now and rest. DT insists and she turns to go. Dhaani stands up and approaches to take her blessings, Kanak blesses her and feigns smile. She goes. Dhaani looks at Viplav and he signs her to leave all this. Shaalini jokes and pulss Viplav’s leg. DT asks Viplav and Dhaani to go and wash their faces. He asks Daadi to see other arrangements. Shaalini is taking Dhaani from there when Viplav comes smiling. Shaalini coughs and says OK OK I will go, and tells Dhaani to come after sometime. Viplav comes closer and Dhaani feels shy. Dheere Dheere se tune plays……. Dhani asks if someone sees? Viplav replies let them see. You are going to be my wife. Dhaani smiles. Viplav cups Dhaani’s face and says I wish this time stops here. Dhaani smiles and says no matter if this time stops or not, no one can come between us now. You are with me and I don’t want anything else. They smile and Viplav jokingly applies haldi to Dhaani . He asks her to apply to him. Dhaani smiles and tries to go. Viplav pulls her closer and Dhaani applies haldi on his cheeks and goes away after pulling his cheeks. Viplav smiles, Dhaani turns to see him and goes. Mere Ishq ka Rang plays………..

Dhaani and Viplav are sitting along with others. Dulaari asks DT about sangeet and mehendi. He says it is women’s day and asks Sushma to take care of all the arrangements of sangeet and mehendi in the Ashram. He adds Kanak and Shaalini should also go there. Sushma complies and says to Dulaari that they will come to Ashram and they don’t need to worry about arrangements. Dulaari and Badi Amma greet Viplav’s family. Dhaani goes to take DT’s blessings. Viplav comes and tells Daadi that its not fair, they all are going for sangeet leaving the groom alone. They smile. Dulaari says,” Bachwaaji, nothing will happen if you do not meet Dhaani for a day. Dhaani comes and smiles hearing them. Daadi says after all you and Dhaani are going to be life partners, then no one will stop you from meeting. He smiles. Dhaani and Viplav say bye to each other and Dhaani and ladies return back.

Precap: Viplav and his friends enter inside the Ashram while the Sangeet ceremony is going on. RL notices them and tells about it to Dhaani. She recognizes Viplav and they smile seeing each other…. Mere Ishq ka Rang plays…….

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. awesome ff sujie …like it very much …precap is very good and naughty and funny also ….if this could happen in ikrs also …very awesome it will be 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you AM 🙂

  2. very good sujie looking forward to next episode

    1. Thank you Kaviya

  3. Nice…….. amazing precap

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