Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 35)


Like how smile adores our face vidhaani adored ikrs…..
Vidhaani has always remained special to all the viewers of ikrs l.But wat made vidhaani special???
I think the following are its reasons..
Mishal and Eisha has made viplav and Dhaani respectively living characters… The bond,made up of love and trust,they share has always adored vidhaani.Like all the other serials fight against negative characters are not led by male or female lead alone but by vidhaani together.. This made vidhaani unique and special.In tat fight most highlighted part is that fight is fought by naughty tactic ways and not by super powers or dangerous methods like other serials…
Vidhaani nok jhok and romance has made viewer’s eyes pop out.Their eternal love has been remained unique and glued the viewers to their seats.Our serial has a few copied scenes but it is differently and uniquely shown.. I think director,script writer,camera man,editor,too has a share in making vidhaani scenes special.. The brain behind vidhaani scenes is most probably director.. His unique way of showing those scenes has made vidhaani scenes lovely… Script writer has wrote the script and naughty-romantic dialogues soo nicely that it seems to be often talked by lovers or husband and wife… Camera man who glued vidhaani scenes in to the camera and editor who edited it soo nicely made vidhaani scenes authentic one..

Mishal’s and Eisha’s off screen friendship also adored their on screen scenes…
Last but not the least the telly updates commenters has made vidhaani scenes more awesome one by praising it and loving it.. If we through the comments on tu page we feel like Viplav and Dhaani are members of our family or best buddies..
Vidhaani always had been a eyelid of every viewers of this show..

Credit to: Swetha

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  1. Swetha what u said is absolutely true. But I didn’t understand the title what u gave. It was an episodic analysis right? Then why u wrote in the title episode 35?

    1. Thankss lols.. Actually it is not ep35 I wrote 2 heart 1 soul Donot knw wat happnd in btwn..

  2. Swetha….i was at first shocked on seeing the title and I thought I had ended my ff in 34 episode then how this 35th episode came????

    This analysis…description is fabulous…loved reading it 🙂 Thank you for this

    1. Haha lol sujie…

      Thanks.. For appreciating my ff..

      All of ur appreciation has always helped me writing such things..

    2. Sujie me too got the same thought☺

  3. Hey do not knw why heading came like this ep35…
    I wrote vidhaani love 2 heart 1 soul..

    1. Aaj kal moderators title khud hi change kar dete h 😛
      am ki cover pic change kardi thi..
      Naughty moderators 😀
      ok jokes apart

      the description was awesome.. I was reading n.reading and thinking who must have written it so beautifully.. Ohh den i found it was lovely sister..u wrote it so well..!! 🙂

  4. Arshi didi thank u soo much.. Love u..
    Ahh aap ne sahi bola moderators Viplav ke tarah naughty Ho Gaye hai..

    1. Haha yup??
      Love you too dear??

  5. Well done Swetha. Love it! Xxx

  6. Thankss Misha didi..

  7. swetha good one
    please start an episodic analysis dear

  8. Thanks Viplav.. Will surely try to write an epi analysis ?

  9. Agreed. The bond shown between the leads is the charm of this show.
    And then, there is this Heartthrob Mishal playing the protagonist role Viplav with his spellbinding appearance and that Killer smile is just the cherry on top thing. ❤

  10. Nice one swetha absolutely right

  11. Thanksss Mahira

  12. Swetha! Good analysis .. Mishal & Eisha just living their role as viplav & dhani..I really love their body language & the dialogues used in their scenes.. Very authentic & natural.. no over to the top dialogues.. just simple lines which r usually spoken by couples..that’s why we can connect to this couple & love them a lot.
    Thanks 4 this nice analysis.

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