Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 34)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 34 LAST EPISODE

The episode starts with everyone in the family praying for safe return of Viplav and Dhaani. Dulaari is crying vigorously. Ram calls Shaalu and tells her that he is coming there. Shaalu cries. Ram consoles her and says he is coming. Kanak prays to bring her children back home safely.
Dhaani struggles to get free. Raja comes and asks her to have food. Dhaani says she would like to die instead of having food from such monster’s hand. Raja gets angry and throws the food plate. He touches Dhaani and she gets angry. Raja tells her soon he will complete the ritual of suhaagraat with his beloved Dhaani. Dhaani shouts to stop his nonsense. Raja ties cloth around her mouth asking her to shut up otherwise someone might take her away once again. Dhaani shuts her eyes and cries. Viplav is still wandering showing Dhaani’s photo to people. He reaches near the hut where Dhaani is kept hostage. Dhaani looks around and sees Viplav out through the small hole near the window. She tries to shout but in vain. Viplav does not see her and is frustrated. Koi naa dekhe mere aanse plays….. Dhaani cries. Viplav also reminisces the moments spent with Dhaani and thinks where are you Dhaani….

Just then Kanak calls Viplav and asks if he found Dhaani. Viplav cries and Kanak asks him to come home with Dhaani. Viplav says he will bring Dhaani and cuts the call. Dhaani thinks Viplav will surely find her. Viplav goes from there and sits in the stairs of temple. He thinks Dhaani is suffering and he does not know what to do. He prays to god to give him his Dhaani back ….He prays to god to make him meet Dhaani.Ram calls Viplav and tells him that Raja’s number was traced. Viplav asks really?? Ram says Shaalu gave the number and tracing the phone was possible. Viplav thanks him and cuts the call. Viplav goes to the address where the phone was traced. Viplav gets shocked seeing a boy with that phone and asks if someone gave him this phone. Boy gets tensed and tries to run. Viplav gets hold of him and asks him to answer. Boy says he did not do anything but one man came and gave him the phone. Viplav leaves that boy and gets angry. He kneels down and cries.

Dhaani is also crying vigorously. Raja brings some men there and asks them to take care of their bhaabi well. Dhaani gets angry. Raja tells Dhaani that she looks so pretty when she gets angry and he unties the cloth of her mouth. Dhaani does not look at him. Raja asks her if Viplav came to save her. He continues that he might not come now. Dhaani gets shocked. She asks what did he do?? Raja says nothing till now but he will do it soon. Dhaani asks him not to do anything to Viplav . Raja says her Wakil Baabu will not come for sure and asks her to get happy because her Raja baabu is with her. He tries to touch her. Dhaani shouts to leave her. Raaja gets angry and leaves assigning his men to give her details every hour. He smirks thinking about killing Viplav.
Viplav is in stairs of temple. He looks at god and says Dhaani never stopped worshipping and god is giving her sufferings continuously. Viplav cries. Dhaani is also crying thinking about Raja’s words and prays to god to keep her Wakil Baabu safe. She looks at her mangalsutra and cries… Mera yarr milade saiyaan (from SAATHIYA)plays…..

Viplav is searching for Dhaani….. Some men see him and asks if he is the one boss asked to pick… One of them says yes. Another says boss is very cunning… They proceed towards Viplav and ask if he needs any help. Viplav thinks to take help from them. He shows Dhaani’s photo and asks if they have seen her. They say No..but their boss might have. Viplav asks who boss??? Raja comes whistling. Viplav gets shocked. He gets angry and holds Raja’s collar….. Raaja says you did mistake Dear Wakil Baabu…. Viplav asks where is Dhaani?? Raja says she is safe wherever she is… Viplav asks Raja to answer. Raja says cheap things about Dhaani. Viplav gets angry and slaps him. Raja gets angry and signs his henchman. One of them hit Viplav on his back.Dhaani gets restless. Viplav falls on floor. They beat him and take unconscious Viplav with them. Raja smirks thinking cheaply about Dhaani.

Dhaani thinks she cannot let that Raja harm her Viplav. She struggles hard to free herself. But Raaja comes there and shows Viplav’s photo. Dhaani gets shocked and says Wakil Baabu…. Raaja tells Dhaani that her wakil baabu will not be able to see the next day’s sunrise… Dhaani asks him to leave Viplav. Raja says so much love for that Viplav….and asks her to love him as well. Dhaani begs him to leave Viplav. Raaja enjoys seeing Dhaani crying.

In Ayodhya Niwas,everyone get tensed when Viplav’s phone is switched off. Daadi cries. Shaalu says she knows her brother will come along with Bhaabi safely. Kanak hugs her and thinks what is happening??Viplav is kept at a secluded place. He is gaining consciousness slowly. Raja comes there. Viplav gets angry. Raja tells him he threw him out of his house so that Shaalini does not get married to him but today he is going to marry Dhaani. Viplav tells him not to take Dhaani’s name. Raja tells him he won’t be able to do anything as he will make Dhaani his infront of him. Viplav asks him not to fly high as Dhaani’s husband is alive till now. Raaja says this Rawaan will make Sita hisand Ram would not be able to do anything. Viplav taunts Raaja saying he might have forgotten Ramayana as Rawan always gets defeated and not to think he can win.

Dhaani is thinking about Viplav. Viplav is also thinking to save Dhaani anyhow. He looks around and sees no one present .He somehow manages to free himself. He hears few people’s footsteps and pretends to fall asleep. Those henchmen are drunk.One of the henchman says his boss is brilliant…. he never thought boss will keep two people desperate to meet each other in the same place without letting them know it. Viplav gets shocked. Another henchman asks him to speak slowly. He says tomorrow morning that Romeo will be dead and Juliet will be taken by our boss. Viplav gets angry. He thinks this means Dhaani is in the same secluded place. He thinks to find her soon. Viplav finds those henchmen fully drunk and ties them with much difficulty. He takes their phone and thinks to he should search for Dhaani.

Dhaani is helplessly sitting tied in rope. Viplav comes searching for Dhaani. He sees Dhaani’s ear ring and opens the door. He sees Dhaani…. He calls out Dhaani. Dhaani hears him and gets shocked happily. He unties her and Dhaani says Wakil Baabu…. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Dhaani hugs him in relief. She cries seeing his wounds. Viplav asks her not to cry. They hold their hands and come out slowly. They get happy on coming out of the cottage. Henchman’s phone which Viplav had brought rings and its Raaja’s call. Viplav picks up the call and Raaja says he is coming there to finish Viplav’s game … Viplav cuts the call. He messages Ram, Raj and Pankaj from the phone. He calls at home as well. Kanak picks the call. She gets happy hearing his voice. He asks her to come with police as Raaja is on his way to kill him. Kanak gets shocked and asks how did he know. Viplav says there is no time to explain everything and cuts the call. Ram, Raj and Pankaj come at AN at the same time. Kanak tells them what Viplav said. They all rush to police station.

Viplav and Dhaani run together holding their hands. They get shocked seeing Raaja there. Dhaani holds Viplav’s hand more tightly. Raaja sees this and tells Dhaani to see her Wakil Baabu’s death with her own eyes. Viplav comes infront of him with a smile on his face. Dhaani asks Viplav not to go to him. Viplav says nothing will happen to him. Raaja takes out his gun and Dhaani gets shocked. Raaja shoots.She runs towards Viplav and she gets shot at the back. Everyone reach there and police gets hold of Raaja. They run towards Dhaani. Viplav asks her to open her eyes. Viplav looks at Raaja angrily and asks police to make him rot in the jail as he has already killed his mother and was attempting next one. Police takes Raaja from there who is shocked as he shot Dhaani. Viplav takes Dhaani in his arms and rushes to hospital.The doctor says he will try his best to save her. Viplav prays to god.

After sometime, the doctor comes and says Dhaani is safe now as they have taken the bullet out. Everyone is relieved. Viplav asks if Dhaani is fine. The doctor says yes but now you have to take extra care of her as she is pregnant. Viplav does not hear that Dhaani is pregnant and continues he will take care of Dhaani(khayaal toh mein rakh lunga). Others are happy. Viplav realizes what the doctor said and asks him to repeat. The doctor says Dhaani is pregnant. Viplav gets happy. He excitedly hugs doctor and asks if he can meet Dhaani. The doctor allows and goes. Viplav gets congratulated by everyone. Viplav is happy. Shaalu teases him. Viplav can’t wait to meet Dhaani and runs.

Dhaani sees Viplav and smiles. Viplav says I…… I….. and Dhaani says you are going to be a father… Viplav smiles and thanks Dhaani for giving him such a big news. Dhaani smiles. Mere ishq ka rang safed plays…….. Dhaani hugs Viplav and says she had not thought she will get the chance of feeling motherhood. Viplav smiles and tells Dhaani that they will give their baby all the happiness.

Viplav and others are panicking outside the labor room. Dhaani is struggling inside. They hear baby crying. The doctor congratulates Dhaani as she gave birth to twins. Dhaani cries happily. The doctor comes out and Viplav asks if his baby is fine.. The doctor says not a baby….. call them babies Mr. Tripathi…. your wife gave birth to twins…..a boy and a girl…. Viplav smiles and says twins???Everyone get happy. Raj and Pankaj say its double celebration guru….. The doctor goes asking them to meet Dhaani .

Viplav goes to Dhaani and looks at those babies. Dhaani tries to get up. Viplav holds her and kisses her forehead. He thanks her. Dhaani reminisces their fights for a boy and a girl. Viplav says you wanted a boy ….Dhaani says not just a boy but a son like Viplav Tripathi. Dhaani says you wanted to girl…. Viplav says a daughter who is carbon copy of her mother. They smile and say both their wishes got fulfilled.
Everyone come their and bless Dhaani. Kanak thanks Dhaani for promoting her to grandmother. Viplav jokes with Kanak saying now her hairs will be all white and she will begin to look older. Kanak pats him lovingly saying her son grew up so fast, today he has become a father. Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani. Ishq ishq plays…………
Dhaani is making babies ready for naming ceremony. Viplav comes and holds her. Dhaani asks him to control as he is father of two kids now. Viplav looks at babies and asks them to call their mom with one name when they grow up…. Dhaani asks which name??? Viplav says Shikayati Mummy…. Dhaani smiles. Viplav hugs her….

In the naming ceremony, Kanak is welcoming guests. Shaalu comes there with Ram[THEY ARE MARRIED]… and other guests also come…. Raj and RL also come there[they also got married]…….. ashram ladies come there….Piya is also shown there. Suwarna,TP, Durga are also seen in the function. Daadi asks Shaalu to bring Dhaani and babies. Just then they see Viplav and Dhaani coming with their babies. Pandit asks to start the ceremony. He asks babies’ bua(father’s sister) to tell the name of the babies in mother’s ear… Shaalu goes to Dhaani and leans to tell the names. Dhaani smiles hearing the names. Viplav asks her to tell him as well.
Dhaani says their son’s name would be Vidhaan and daughter’s name would be Vidhi….. Everyone smile.
Dhaani and Viplav tell their journey….. FB is shown …….how they met……. how Dhaani fell in trouble because of him…… how Viplav Dhaani grew close to each other unintentionally……. how misunderstandings were created to separate them….how things sorted out and how relations too sorted…… How their marriage happened…….
Viplav tells he did not think that he will fall in love with Shikayati Pudia…. Dhaani says she had never imagined she would fell for Rakchas… They smile looking at each other…… Viplav says he fell in love with Dhaani’s simplicity. He tells White will always be a part of his life… Dhaani also says She will always be thankful to the white color because this was the only color through which she got an opportunity to cherish many colors along with her friend, her love, her life, her husband Viplav……

Thanks to the white color…….as it is the color of our ishq ……… the color of our eternal love…so pure….selfless, undying love……
Viplav and Dhaani say together HUM BAHOT KHUS NASEEB HAI KYONKI HAMARE ISHQ KA RANG SAFED HAI……… ishq ka rang safed plays in the background

hope everyone liked it..this was the last episode of my ff….vidhani’s love….hope you all liked it…please read it and do drop your comments…. i rquest all the readers… active as well as the silent readers to read this and enjoy………….
lastly, i want to tell that i was inspired to write this fan fiction by the eternal love shown by the show ishq ka rang safed….due to this i have started to believe that love can be selfless and unconditional….. though it’s a ff… it gives a feel of love……
thanks to my friends who read the episodes of this ff…… i hadn’t thought that i will write toal of 34 episodes…all this was possible because of your inspirational comments and feedbacks….thank you everyone….. for being there to read my ff… you all …
god bless you… 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Wow sujie what a ending yar mind blowing double celebration guru, yes sujie you give double happiness to all yar and superb. and sujie you did a great job 34 episodes I think your ff was long among all ff. Great ma really true treat of all vidhaani fans. Love it god bless you ma.??

    1. Thank you Kaviya…. 🙂 I guess it was long…. because I started this in Jan and finally wrapped it up….glad that you liked it…..

  2. Amazing sujie

    1. Thank you Vini

  3. Sujie it was just superb. I liked it very much. It was the longest ff ever in ikrs. Thank u for that. The ending was superb. It was double celebration

    1. Thank you Louella…. yes it was indeed long…. glad you liked idt

  4. Too good Sujie but I will miss your ff a lot

    1. Thank you Joyee

    2. Sujie I m still reading your ff again it’s really good I may not have commented much but I really like your ff a lot

      1. That’s so sweet of you Joyee…. 🙂

  5. So I went through a few ff and found yours and I started reading it a couple of days ago. I wasn’t a fan of Dhaani and Viplav, but after reading your story I loved it so much, I’ll miss this story Sujie, I loved it so much, Hope you come back with a new story, Loved it so much!!!~nusz I hope you can read my ff and give some comments too it’s called Destiny vs love
    I can’t wait for your next ff, really loved this story and I always will. Good luck ~nusz

    1. Thank you Nusz

  6. Thanks Sujie for your ff. Sorry for the late comment but I read it yesterday only but could not comment. The final episode was superb and I loved their children’s name. Overall it was awessome

    1. Thanks a lot Maria….that means a lot……
      don’t apologize please..

  7. last but lots beautiful

    1. Thank you TOMMY

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb sujie I have readed all epi yesterday and today only superb yaar and thnx for blessing me Na???????????

    1. Thank you Ranaji….

  9. lovely happy ending…especially Vidhaan n Vidhi so cute name na..:-)
    naya ff liyer xitai aau la till then stay happy,God bless you n yes, best of luck for new ff.

    hijo,ktm bat butwal aayeko 7:30pm ma ghar aaepuge, thakekole 3:45am ko alarm Set garer sute.3:45am ma uther #IKRS here ani comments post garer again suteko 😀
    #IKRS ko fans lai colors channel le retelecast nadekhayer yesari kin dukh diyeko hola hana bt hum ikrs dekhna nahi xodenge 🙂

    1. Thank you Nima… bihana bihanai herchau IKRS ??
      aru sab serial chahi 6 7 choti retelecast garcha….ikrs chahi jaabo ek choti tyo pani bihanai….
      tara j vaeni IKRS herna chahi chhodina….hai??

  10. ktm ma huda fb page Die hard fans of Mishal Raheja Video’s n tv ma herxu, yeta(btwl) ma no internet so 6:30pm ko xutyo vane 3:30am alarm set garer vayeni herinxa 😀

  11. nice ending yaar. naya ff lekar aao
    ” bacchhi ka dhil mat tod na ” nice request luvd it

    1. Thank you so much Nimo…..
      I had to request because I wanted readers to drop their comments and express their views….

  12. It’s fantastic sujie.nice ending.

    1. Thank you Midarshani

  13. nice ending yaar really luvd it

    1. Thank you 🙂

  14. Sorry sujie 4 late comment as now only I cud c ur update & it was really a treat.ur explanation is clear cut which helps to understand every scene properly. While going through the episode I was thinking of Ramayana & omg u mentioned it. Thank u so much.the full episode was totally engaging & best part -the twins!!! Shikayati mummy was also cute.Their fb was awesome. Overall a super hit series sujie! Thank u 4 writing a ff on the eternal love story of Vidhani. It was really a lovely ff.if possible come with one more ff.bye. all the best!

    1. Rajee …thank you for commenting and no need to apologize…..
      glad that you liked it

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