Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 33)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction ( Episiode 34)
The episode starts with whole family having merry time. Dhaani gets call from ashram asking Dulaari’s whereabouts. Dulaari takes the phone and says she is very happy. Badi Amma also gets happy knowing about Piya. Dulaari says she is coming soon. Piya asks if she will go leaving her. Granny asks Piya to go to her mum if she wants. Piya gets happy and hugs her. Dhaani asks Piya to come soon. Dulaari goes with Piya.

Viplav comes to Dhaani in the room. Dhaani says she is happy. Viplav says when his shikayati pudia is happy, then he is also happy. Dhaani is gazing the stars. Viplav comes and holds her from the back.She asks if he needs something. Viplav says yes. Dhaani asks what?? Viplav says A KISS… Dhaani says Wakil Baabu, you started again. He turns Dhaani towards himself.Dhaani and Viplav share an eyelock. Dheere dheere plays… Dhaani says she is very happy. Viplav says then he is also happy. Dhaani smiles and Viplav asks her to keep smiling always. Dhaani hugs him. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Viplav caresses her face. Dhaani feels shy.In lamhon ke daaman mein(FROM JODHAA AKBAR MOVIE) plays….. Viplav moves her hair strands and kisses her shoulder. He cups her face and kisses her on her face.He says I love you Dhaani. Dhaani smiles and says I love you too. Dhaani feels shy. Viplav holds her in his arms and takes her towards bed. Finally Viplav and Dhaani consummate their marriage and take their relation to next level.

In the morning. Dhaani wakes up in Viplav’s arm. She tries to get up but Viplav holds her hands. Dhaani says Wakil Baabu. Viplav says yes and leans to kiss her. Dhaani smiles. She goes to freshen up. Viplav smiles and says Shikayati Pudiya… Dhaani comes out and smiles seeing Viplav and reminisces the lovely night. Just then Daadi knocks the door. Viplav goes to freshen up. Dhaani hurriedly opens the door and tells Daadi she was about to come. Daadi asks her not to worry and she came to inform that Ram and his family is coming. Dhaani says that’s great. Viplav comes out and says he will be back in sometime as going office is important. Daadi asks him to go and talk to Shaalu before leaving for office. Daadi goes. Dhaani says she has more work to do today. Everything should be perfect. Viplav comes to her and Dhaani smiles looking in the mirror. Dhaani asks if he needn’t to go to his office. Viplav says his intentions changed. Dhaani says KUCH BHI BOLTE HO…(you say anything)…. Viplav smiles. Dhaani asks him to go to Shaalu. He kisses Dhaani on her forehead and goes. Dhaani smiles. Ishq ishq plays……

In the ashram, Graany talks to the ladies. She asks Dulaari if she will return to Ghazipur. Dulaari says she respects her but cannot leave this family now. Granny says she understands. Just then Piya comes. She asks them not to cry like a baby as they will talk in phone. Dulaari hugs her and asks her to take care. Granny says she needs to go and before going she should meet Viplav’s family. Piya asks her to take her along as she needs to go to office the next day and her luggage is in his house. Dulaari sees them off and asks them to call her anytime. They go. Badi Amma tells Dulaari that happiness is coming one by one. They get back to their work.
Viplav comes to Shaalu. Shaalu says he loves his office more than his sister. Viplav says its not like that Motu. Shaalini says she does not want to talk to him. Viplav asks her to understand. He is going to office not any other country, he will be back by evening. Shaalu says what about her happiness. Viplav says Motu… Kanak comes there and asks Shaalu to let Viplav go. She says even if Viplav stays he won’t be able to do anything except running behind Dhaani. Kanak smiles pulling her son’s leg. Shaalu says Maa is right, You go to your office. Bhaabi will manage everything. Viplav looks at Kanak and says Maa, you also started pulling my leg. Kanak asks him not to take tension and go office as Dhaani will manage everything. He goes. Kanak asks Shaalu to choose dress to wear and goes.

Granny and Piya come to Ayodhya Niwas. They meet DT and others. Granny says she will visit them again someday. Piya says she will come there once or twice a month. Dhaani comes to them and asks them to stay for more. Piya says she needs to go office and Granny says she cannot leave Ghazipur waala house for more days. Dhaani asks them to come soon. She hugs Piya. Granny also hugs Dhaani. She asks about Viplav. Dhaani tells he has gone office. Piya says she will call her jiju and inform that she is going. They greet each other and leave. Dhaani gets back to work.
Daadi comes to Dhaani and says she had kept a mannat that when Shaalu’s relation gets fixed, she will go to temple. Dhaani asks her not to take tension as she will go and pray to god for Shaalu’s happiness. Daadi blesses her. Just then, Ram and his family comes. Daadi and DT welcome them. Kanak asks Dhaani to bring Shaalu. Dhaani goes to Shaalu and compliments her. Shaalu thanks her. She asks her to take one picture so that she can send it to Viplav. Dhaani agrees and they click some pictures. They send it to Viplav. Viplav who is working ,gets the message and replies that Shaalu is looking gorgeous. He wishes her all the best. Shaalu thanks him. Dhaani asks her to come and not feel nervous.

Dhaani brings Shaalu. Ram and Shaalu look at each other. Ram’s dad asks DT about keeping engagement function the next day. DT says its perfectly fine. Shaalu gets shy. Ram’s mum asks Shaalu to forget all those memories of the past and begin afresh. Daadi brings sweets and gives. Dhaani prays to keep everything fine. She gets Viplav’s call. She tells him about Shaalu’s marriage fixed. Viplav gets happy. Kanak comes calling Dhaani and Dhaani keeps the phone. Kanak says she knows she is talking to Viplav and expressing happiness. Dhaani smiles and says yes. Viplav asks her to give phone to Kanak. Kanak says she is happy. Viplav says while coming he will bring Shaalu’s favorite sweets. Kanak says okay and cuts the call. Dhaani gets back to work and thinks about Daadi’s mannat. She thinks she will go to temple early morning and come soon.
Viplav completes his work and comes out of his office. He gets happy for Shaalu and buys some boxes of sweets. He comes back home and hugs Shaalu. He congratulates her saying Motu, finally you are going and now everyone will pamper me only. Shaalu asks Kanak to say something. Kanak says her son is absolutely right. Shaalu gets sad. Viplav tickles her and they have some fun.
Its Shaalu’s and Ram’s engagement day.

Dhaani and Daadi are in temple. Daadi says she got peace by coming in the temple. Dhaani smiles and asks her not to worry . A pandit comes and greets Daadi. Daadi asks Dhaani to go and wait for her in car. Dhaani agrees and goes. She thinks someone is keeping an eye on her and turns back but she doesn’t see anyone. She gets tensed for a while but thinks who will follow her and walks fast . Daadi comes and they proceed. Dhaani thinks if someone was really following her. Daadi asks her if she is okay. Dhaani says she is fine. They come home and Dhaani gets busy in final arrangements. Viplav is also busy in arrangements. Kanak comes there and asks Dhaani to go and get ready first. Dhaani says she will go after sometime. Kanak insists and asks her to see Shaalu as well. Dhaani goes. Viplav sees this and quietly turns to go. Kanak sees this and asks Viplav to help her. Viplav smiles and says Maa… Kanak says she knows everything and asks Viplav to let Dhaani get ready. Viplav asks her to let him go as he also needs to get ready.She looks on and asks him to stop buttering. Daadi comes and takes Viplav with her. Kanak smiles thinking her son has really changed…

Dhaani comes to Shaalu and asks her if she needs any help. Shaalu says everything is done. Dhaani applies black dot and Shaalu hugs her happily. Shaalu compliments Dhaani. Dhaani smiles and thanks her. Daadi comes there and blesses Shaalu. Shaalu is happy. Daadi gets emotional. Shaalu tells Daadi that she is not going today. They hug each other.

Dhaani comes to the room and gets shocked seeing Viplav changing. She turns back. Viplav goes to Dhaani and says Dhaani ji I am your husband,not any other person. Dhaani apologizes and says she should have been careful. Viplav holds her and leans closer. Dhaani says Wakil Baabu… Viplav says yes… Dhaani says she needs to go. She asks him to go and get ready. He asks her to wait and he goes to change. Dhaani smiles remembering her Wakil Baabu in towel. Viplav comes and asks Dhaani if he is looking handsome. Dhaani says yes. She sees her hairline bare and goes to take box of sindoor(VERMILLION). Viplav takes it from her hand and puts it in her hairline. Yeh laal ishq plays… Viplav asks ready Mrs. Dhaani Viplav Tripathi. Dhaani smiles and says yes. Viplav and Dhaani come down.

Kanak sees them and compliments them. Daadi and everyone come there and tell Dhaani that she is looking beautiful. Viplav jokes if anyone knows him. Daadi pats him and says her grandson is looking handsome. Viplav jokes again saying girls will be amazed seeing his charm. Dhaani looks on and asks him to go to girls then. Ashram ladies also come there. Whole family welcomes them. Viplav tells Dulaari that her buchhiya got annoyed with him. Dulaari tells him its his work to pacify her now. RL asks Viplav to go and try. Dhaani goes asking him not to come behind her. Viplav says he was joking. DT asks Viplav to joke more now. He gets into thinking.
Just then Raj and Pankaj come. Raj sees RL and says she is looking pretty. RL thanks him. Pankaj teases them. Ram’s family arrive. Everyone welcome them. They praise the arrangements. DT proudly says Viplav and Dhaani did it. They have a talk. Viplav comes there and greets Ram. Kanak sends Dhaani to bring Shaalu. Dhaani goes and brings Shaalu. Ram smiles at Shaalu and Viplav tease Ram. Pandit ji comes and they start the ceremony.

Shaalu and Ram make wear ring to each other.
Viplav tunes in some songs and asks people to enjoy. Raj and Pankaj join him. They dance on the song Mahi Ve….. Everyone clap for them. Raj notices Dhaani is annoyed with Viplav. He asks Viplav if he said anything to Bhaabi.. Viplav says he joked and Dhaani got annoyed. Raj says he has one idea. Raj tells something in his ear and Viplav thanks him. Raj says Guru, ho jaao suru(let’s begin)…. Raj announces another performance. Viplav looks at Dhaani and dances in Delhi wali girlfriend… Raj joins him. Dhaani looks on. She goes behind so that Viplav cannot see him and thinks keep dancing Wakil Baabu.. I know you are trying to impress me… Viplav gets restless on not seeing Dhaani. Kanak comes to Dhaani and asks her to go and dance. Dhaani refuses. Kanak asks her to go and thinks both of them are mad,her son is trying to spend time together and daughter in law is feeling shy. Viplav sees Dhaani coming. Viplav looks on when Dhaani dances while the song continues. Everyone enjoy their performance. The song ends .Viplav goes to Dhaani but Dhaani ignores him.

Viplav asks her to talk to him. Dhaani asks if he did not find any girl to show his charm. Viplav pulls Dhaani closer. They share an eyelock. Dheere dheere se plays…. Viplav says he has already got that girl.. Dhaani asks who?? Viplav asks her to look in his eyes …. Teri aankhon mein mujhe pyar najar aata hai plays… Dhaani smiles and then asks him to leave her. Viplav says he did not hold her to leave like this. Dhaani says someone might see. Viplav says he doesn’t care. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says Sorry.. Dhaani says no need and hugs him…Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Servant comes to call them and they go.

Someone is seen outside Ayodhya Niwas who takes out Dhaani’s photo from wallet and whistles. The face is shown and he is villain Raja Awasthi. He thinks to make Dhaani his forever.[HE IS LOOKING LIKE A TRUE PSYCHO]. He gets inside the house when everyone is busy celebrating. Viplav brings Shaalu and Ram for dance. They enjoy. Daadi asks Dhaani to bring some stuff from her room. Viplav sees her going. He continues dancing and enjoying. The light goes. People get tensed.Dhaani, who is coming back from DT’ s room gets frightened and thinks to get candles first. Raja comes from behind and stuffs her mouth. He lights a lighter and shows his face.Dhaani gets shocked. Raja tells he is back to make Dhaani his love. Dhaani struggles and tries to shout. Raja drags her and brings her out. He makes her unconscious and takes her to the van.

Viplav comes and fixes the meter box. He sees everyone but does not see Dhaani. He calls out Dhaani. Dhaani is taken in a van by Raaja. She is still unconscious. Viplav does not find her. Daadi tells Viplav she had sent Dhaani to bring some stuff from her room. Viplav thinks where did Dhaani go. Just then Kanak sees one coin fallen in the ground. She shows it to Viplav. Kanak reminisces welcoming Raja and giving him a coin as a welcome gift. Everyone gets shocked. Dulaari asks Viplav to save her daughter. Ram asks them to inform police. He expresses his desire to come along with him in search of Dhaani. Viplav asks him to stay back. Viplav says he will bring Dhaani.He rushes in his car in search of Dhaani. Daadi cries saying if she had not send Dhaani, nothing would have happened. Kanak consoles her and says Viplav will bring Dhaani.
Ram’s family says they were shocked. Everything was going so well and Dhaani got kidnapped. DT apologizes to them. Ram say if anything happens he is just a call away. Ram and his family depart from Ayodhya Niwas. Daadi cries and prays to god. Raj and Pankaj tell everyone that they will also go for search and Raj tells RL to take care of all the ladies of ashram. Kanak asks them to inform the family if they find Dhaani.

Viplav is searching for Dhaani. He gets restless and gets angry on Raja. Just then, fuel gets over and car breaks down. Viplav hits the car and is restless. Dhaani is conscious and gets shocked to see Raja in front of her. Raja says tomorrow morning will be the beginning of our new chapter. Dhaani spits at him calling him shameless. She curses him and says her Wakil Baabu will come and punish him. Raja gets angry and pulls her hair. Dhaani cries in pain. Raja asks her to shut her mouth.Viplav is wandering here and there searching for Dhaani. He breaks down and reminisces his moments with Dhaani. Dhaani is also crying. Her hands and feet are tied. Koi na dekhe mere aansu plays…..

Their family is shown praying for them. Dulaari is crying and RL consoles her saying Wakil Baabu will bring Dhaani for sure.

PRECAP: Viplav is searching for Dhaani just outside the cottage in which Dhaani is kept hostage. Dhaani sees Viplav through the small hole. And tries to shout. Viplav does not see her.

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  1. Sujie it’s awesssome I just loved it vidhaani romance and everything. Pls update next part soon, very eager to read what happens

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  5. Hey Sujie,perfect going of story.vidhani scenes are awesome naughty is our viplav,haina!like i imagined vipu in black shirts in previous part,in today epi i imagined dhani in that violet saree which she wore during that dream waala rain epi,mature dhani,hahaha.

    1. Thank you so much Saranya…. glad that you are imagining ViDhaani in various color’s costume…. Glad that you are liking it …..

  6. It’s fantastic sujie. Pls update next part soon.

  7. wow sujie, superb episode…in lamhon k daman me….good song choose for that romantic scene
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