Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 32)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 32
The episode starts with Dulaari thinking if she is the same Piya. She finds Piya looking at her continuously and gets nervous. Just then Dhaani comes and takes her to Piya. Piya thinks if she should ask Dhaani’s mother about the property. She stops thinking what will happen if Dhaani feels bad. She is unable to resist and asks Dulaari if she had ever visited Ghazipur. Dulaari gets tensed. Dhaani notices this and replies she and Dulaari were in Banaras. Piya says she was just asking. She gets Granny’s call who asks her to come soon. Dhaani and Piya greet everyone and come out. Dulaari goes into flashback. A little girl comes to her and pulls her saree’s pallu calling her MAA. She gets happy and hugs the kid but Granny takes kid Piya away. FB ends. Dulaari sits sad.

Viplav is working and Granny comes to him. Viplav asks her to have a seat. Granny thanks him for his support. Viplav asks how many times will you thank. Granny smiles and talks about Piya’s and Dhaani’s bonding. She tells that Piya visited Dhaani’s maayka( paternal home). Viplav gets shocked. He thinks Piya saw Dulaari Maai. He hurriedly grabs his car keys and goes making an excuse. Granny thinks he might had some urgent work and goes. Viplav sees Dhaani and Piya on the way. Piya stops him and he gets tensed. Piya says he could have told her that he knows the woman in the property paper. Viplav thinks Piya will spill the beans and Dhaani will know everything. He makes excuse and goes hurriedly. Dhaani and Piya look on. Kanak comes there and asks them to come inside. Dhaani asks Piya to go. She tells Kanak that she will be back. Kanak asks her to come soon.

Viplav reaches ashram. Dhaani is following him and thinks why did Viplav not say he is coming Ashram. Viplav greets everyone in the ashram and asks for Dulaari. He goes to her and she asks him to have a seat. Viplav asks if she knows Piya. Dulaari looks on and does not answer. He asks her to answer him. Dulaari asks Viplav to come with her and takes him towards one bag. She says answers to all his question are lying in this bag. Viplav looks on seeing two pairs of clothes of small babies and some photographs of baby Dhaani and baby Piya.

Dulaari goes to FB again. After Piya’s mother’s death, Piya’s father brings Dulaari home along with baby Dhaani. Kid Piya holds her pallu and calls her Maa in her babbling voice. Dulaari gets happy and hugs both Dhaani and Piya. Piya’s father happily takes their photo and they are shown as a happy family. Granny is watching all this and is shown happy. FB ends. Viplav asks if everything was alright, why did she leave home. Dulaari has tears in her eyes and says she knows the pain of being called as a woman who ate her husband. Viplav looks on. Dulaari continues .. FB is shown again. Some ladies taunt Granny for getting second wife for her son who killed her son… Granny gets angry. One day when she was playing with her daughters, she asks her to pack her bags and get lost. Dulaari gets shocked. She is about to leave home with baby Piya and Dhaani ..but Granny takes Piya from her and asks her to get lost with her daughter as Piya will be with her. Dulaari asks her not to separate her with her child. Granny asks her to get lost. Dulaari looks at Piya who is crying. She turns and goes wiping her tears. FB ends.

Dulaari asks Viplav how did he know Piya is related to her. Viplav tells her about the case. Dulaari says she does not need any property when one of her daughter is not with her. Dulaari asks Viplav if he can make her meet Piya once so that she can hug her daughter with love. Viplav promises her that everything will be alright. Dulaari and Viplav turn to come out. They get shocked seeing Dhaani outside. Dhaani says she heard everything. She asks if Piya is really her sister?? Dulaari says yes. Viplav asks her to forgive him for sharing it with her. Dhaani asks him not to say so as he was doing his duty. She hugs Dulaari and says soon both of her daughters will be in front of her eyes. Viplav looks at Dhaani and asks her to smile. Viplav asks Dulaari to get ready to meet her daughter. Dulaari goes happily. Viplav asks Dhaani if he will really be able to make everything fine. Dhaani says she trusts her Wakil Baabu.. there is no such work that her husband cannot do. Ishq ishq plays…. Viplav smiles and Dhaani hugs him.

Piya comes to her granny and asks if she is related to the lady in the documents. Granny stays mum. Piya asks her to answer. Viplav comes there and says he will tell her everything. Piya asks if he knows everything?? Dhaani brings Dulaari there. Piya gets puzzled. Granny gets shocked seeing Dulaari. She shouts how dare she come?? Piya is still puzzled. Granny says this woman is your step mother who ruined their lives. Dulaari says NO.. She did not ruin anyone’s life but her life was ruined because she kept a daughter away from her mother. Granny says Piya is not your daughter. Granny asks Dhaani if she is this woman’s daughter. Dhaani says yes.. Granny gets shocked.

Viplav tells Piya that Dulaari loves her a lot. Piya says she will not believe this at any cost. He says you have to. Granny asks Viplav if he wants to back out from the case as she can find other lawyers. Viplav says no other lawyer is needed as Viplav Tripathi is here to finish this case forever . Dulaari says she does not need any property. She only wants Piya. Granny says Impossible… Dulaari goes to Piya and tries to hug her but Piya moves back.
Dulaari tells Piya she is her Maa… Granny asks her to shut up. Viplav and Dhaani look on. Dulaari says till now she was silent..but not anymore. She turns to Piya and tells her to forgive her for leaving her alone. She reminds Piya of those days when Piya used to spend all day with baby Dhaani in her lap. Piya looks on. Dulaari says she does not need any property and gives her finger print in those papers. She keeps that paper in front of Granny.She says she saw her daughter once and its enough for her as even if she dies now she will have all her wishes fulfilled. Dulaari turns to go. Piya holds her saree pallu and calls her Maa. Dulaari turns back and sees Piya. She visualizes baby Piya babbling Maa… Viplav and Dhaani look on happily. Dulaari and Piya hug each other. Piya asks Dulaari if she will leave her now. Dulaari says never. Dhaani cries happily. Viplav asks her not to cry as he hates her tears. He wipes her tears and asks her to smile. Dhaani also joins them. They cry happily.

Viplav goes to granny and asks if she is not happy seeing Piya happy with Dulaari. Granny says all these years, she was wrong and now its time to rectify that mistake. Viplav asks her to go on. Granny goes to Dulaari and asks her to forgive her. Dulaari holds her hands and says these hands are for blessing. Granny asks Piya to forgive her as she is her culprit. Piya and Dhaani hug Granny. Viplav sees them happy and clicks their pictures. He thanks god for making it possible. They hear Daadi calling them. Viplav asks them to come. Piya says one minute and tears those property papers.

Dhaani thanks Viplav for making her family complete. Viplav says not only hers but his inlaws family got completed.They proceed towards others. He says he got a saali who is aadhi gharwaali. Dhaani smiles and Viplav asks Jealous?? Dhaani says not at all. Piya comes to them and calls Viplav Jijaji. They do high five. Dhaani looks at them happily. Seeing them, Daadi asks if everything is okay. Viplav jokes he found his long lost inlaws… Kanak asks what does he mean?? Viplav tells it’s a long long story maa…. And tells them everything. They get happy. Dulaari thanks Viplav for making her get her daughter’s love. Viplav jokes “Aapki ek buchiya ka pyaar toh appko milgaya…dusri buchiya ka pyaar par exclusively hamara haq hai.”[you got love from one of your daughter..but love from other daughter is exclusively for him]. Dhaani looks at him. Mere ishq ka rang plays….. Viplav winks at Dhaani.

PRECAP: Dhaani is walking in the road. Someone is following her. She turns back but does not see anyone. Later that person looks at her photo and whistles.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Good going Sujie!!

    1. Thank you Maria

  2. Atlast our vakil babu sorted out the prob. Good one & the last line was my fav.

    1. Thank you Rajee…

  3. well done sujie you did a great job my dear and sorry for late comment i saw you ff morning but i can’t read i am busy with my ff writing just now i finished mine and posted, so i read late so i commented late, so sorry ma …. and keep going. i think few more episodes only really excited…

    1. Thank you Sri….. its okay dear no need to say sorry…..
      yes there are few more episode and this ff will come to an end …….
      will update next part soon

  4. Sujie,u again proved that our wakil babu can sort out u viplav.i don’t know why throughout the epi i imagined viplav wearing that party waala black shirt and sorting out everything.the last line was awesome yaar.u are right,dhani’s love is only for Viplav.pls update next part soon and don’t forget to add more vidhani scenes.

    1. Thank you saranya….. you know whatever viplav wears he looks handsome….. will update next part soon with a promise of including more ViDhaani scenes…. wait for the 33rd part …surprise is awaiting 🙂

  5. Sujie it’s very nice. Plz update the next part soon as I can’t wait anymore

    1. thank you dear…i will submit it tomorrow morning as right now I am busy with my family ……
      keep patience dear

  6. sujie, wow! hamro wakil babu very clever n smart hana! kati sajilo prblm sort out garyo…family re-bonding episode..superb like it,
    and, sorry for late comment ghar ko kam bg xu:-)

    1. Thank you Nima….
      its okay….kaam pani garnai paryo…no need to apologize…glad that you made reading this episode……

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