Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 31)


Ishqka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 31

The episode starts with Viplav thinking about calling Piya Banaras along with her Daadi. Dhaani asks him if he is hiding something from her. Viplav says No. Dhaani goes. Viplav thinks he is fed up of lying his wife. He calls Piya and asks her to come Banaras along with Daadi. Piya agrees. Viplav cuts the call and thinks its not easy to make everything fine.
Dhaani is in kitchen with Kanak. Her phone rings and Kanak picks the call. She greets Dulaari and says Dhaani is working so she picked the call. They have a talk. Kanak gives phone to Dhaani. Dulaari asks if she forgot her Maayi. Dhaani says nothing like that and continue their talk. Dulaari asks her to take care and cuts call. Viplav comes to them and tells that Piya is coming. Dhaani asks really?? Viplav says yes. Kanak asks who is this Piya? Dhaani tells her Piya’s grandma and Piya are very nice people whom they met when Viplav got injured. Kanak says they might be arriving anytime and goes saying she needs to get guest room fixed. Dhaani asks when is Piya coming. Viplav says she might be on the way. Dhaani gets happy. Viplav thinks how will Dhaani react after knowing the truth and prays to god to give him strength to tell the truth to Dhaani so that Dhaani never has to cry. Dhaani goes hearing Daadi calling her.
Piya’s Daadi is shown. She thinks how to tell Piya that the woman in the document is none other than her step mother. She reminisces how after Piya’s mother’s death, Piya’s father brought Dulaari and kid Dhaani home. A FB is shown where she yells at Dulaari and asks her to leave the house after Dhaani’s father’s death. Just then she gets Piya’s call. Piya tells her what Viplav told. Daadi asks if its necessary to go there. Piya says yes and says they will meet Dhaani also. Daadi asks her to come soon then and informs she will pack her bags till then. She cuts the call.
Dhaani is in guest room. Viplav comes there and asks if she needs any help. Dhaani refuses. Viplav asks her again. Dhaani asks him to go and do his work. Viplav pulls Dhaani closer. Dheere dheere plays….. Dhaani says you started again?? Viplav smile. Ishq Ishq plays……. Dhaani asks him to leave her as guests might be coming. Viplav smiles and leaves her. He tells Dhaani that he needs to talk to her. Dhaani says not now and goes smiling. Viplav tries to stop her but in vain. He thinks they might be coming and worries about the reaction.
He gets Ram’s call and Ram says his mom and dad will be coming after 2-3 days to talk about marriage dates. Viplav says that’s okay. Ram cuts the call. Viplav is super tensed and walks here and there. Dhaani sees him and asks if he is okay. Viplav says he is fine. He gets Piya’s call. He says he is coming to pick them up and goes hurriedly. Dhaani wonders what happened to him.
Viplav comes to bus station and sees Piya. He greets Piya and Daadi and asks them to sit in car. Daadi says they will meet his family and proceed towards hotel. Viplav asks why hotel?? Piya says she asked the same question on their way but got scolding. Viplav laughs. Daadi asks fine then.Viplav says Dhaani and everyone will get happy to see them. Piya does high five with Viplav. They reach home later.

Piya comes running and hugs Dhaani. Dhaani gets happy. Kanak,Shaalu and Daadi come there and Dhaani introduces Piya. Piya greets them. DT and Shambhu also come there and Piya greets them. DT blesses her. Viplav comes with Daadi. Dhaani greets her and introduces her to whole family.DT asks Dhaani and Viplav to take guests to the guest room. Piya says she wants to go to Dhaani’s maayka. Dhaani looks on. Viplav gets tensed. He says what is the hurry and asks her to go later. Piya asks Dhaani to take her there for sure. Dhaani says sure.
Granny talks to Viplav about case. She says she is very happy that he is taking their case. Viplav asks her not to thank him as its his duty. He thinks what if the problem does not solve. Granny asks if he is in any tension. He says not at all. He goes asking Granny to take care.
Its morning. Piya comes to Dhaani and asks if Viplav’s family and her family are happy with their marriage. Dhaani reminisces her marriage with Viplav and their stay at Piya’s home before marriage as a couple. Dhaani says everything is fine now and asks Piya if she wants to look at some photos of her marriage. Piya says sure. Dhaani takes out album and gives it to her. Dhaani is about to show Dulaari. Viplav comes there and gets shocked seeing Piya with that album. Viplav hurriedly takes album from Piya’s hand. They look on. Viplav says they can look at the photographs later and asks them to get ready as he will take them to temple. Viplav asks Piya to go and get ready. She goes. Dhaani asks Viplav the reason for doing so. Viplav says he wanted Piya to explore Banaras. Dhaani gets annoyed. Viplav thinks he cannot let the truth come out until he talks to Dulaari. Viplav looks at her and sings Jaane Bhi de job hi hua…. Dhaani does not look at him.Viplav says sorry!! Dhaani holds his hands and hugs him. Viplav smiles and at the same time he is tensed as well.
In the ashram, RL is upset. Badi Amma and Dulaari come talking about Dhaani. They see RL. Badi Amma says our RL is upset because Raj beta has gone out of Banaras for some days. Dulaari asks Really?? RL gets up to go. Dulaari stops her and says she is not less than Dhaani for her. RL hugs her. Badi Amma and Dulaari say they are happy for RL as Raj loves her. RL feels shy and goes. Badi Amma and Dulaari smile seeing her.
Viplav, Dhaani and Piya are on the way to temple. Piya says she felt very happy to see them after such a long time. Viplav and Dhaani smile. Piya calls them LOVEBIRDS. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other. Piya comes between them and asks if he forgot the way to temple. Dhaani and Viplav move back. Piya sits back smiling. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani and Piya come out of the car. Dhaani asks Viplav to go now. Viplav says okay and goes smilingly. Piya says may god always keep your Jodi strong.Dhaani smiles. Piya asks Dhaani if she will take her to her home. Dhaani says ofcourse. They come and pray in the temple. Dhaani says her ashram is more than home for her. She says about Viplav’s stay in their ashram and their continuous sweet fights. Piya says how lovely. She says she is eager to meet them. They come to ashram and Dhaani knocks the door. Dulaari opens the door and gets happy seeing Dhaani. Dhaani asks Piya to meet her mum and Piya gets puzzled seeing Dulaari. She thinks about photo in the documents and asks herself how is it possible? Dulaari greets her. Other ladies also come there. Piya meets them and also looks at Dulaari being puzzled. Dulaari finds it weird. She goes saying she will bring something for her to eat.
Dhaani comes to Dulaari and helps her. Dhaani says Piya and her Daadi came to meet our family from Ghazipur. Dulaari gets shocked hearing Ghazipur and drops the glass of water. Dhaani asks if she is fine. Dulaari says glass slipped. Dhaani says don’t worry and goes to Piya. Dulaari looks at Piya and thinks if she is the same. Dulaari finds Piya looking at her continuously and gets tensed.

PRECAP: Viplav comes to Dulaari and asks if she knows Piya. Dulaari does not say anything. Viplav asks her to answer. She asks Viplav to come with her and takes towards one bag. She opens that bag and says all the answers to your question are there…. Viplav looks on…..


Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Sujie it’s very nice. Plz don’t end it. I like ur ff very much

    1. Thanks Louella…not ending it now… but one day it has to yarr 🙁

  2. Really nice sujie well done….looking forward to next part.?

    1. Thank you sri 🙂 ….. few more episodes dear….

  3. Sujie it’s just awesome. Pls don’t end your ff, it’s a request, plssss plsss don’t end it. I love your ff. Pls don’t end it.

    1. Thank you Maria……. glad that you love this….. ok…ok

  4. vidhani ko yeti ramro love, romance,fun,suspence,thrill le variyeko story read grna pauna kati khushi hunxu bt writer le story end soon vanda bhatai nakhai sutu jhai lagxa 😉 😛
    plz keep continue my dear :-*

    1. You know Nima…. malai IKRS bhanda pahila kunai serial teti saaro raamro lagdainathyo…. i liked YHM because of that little ruhi and IshRa chemistry but I lost interest in it gradually….
      Ani pheri aru ma interest thiyena…… IKRS aayo ani …suruma ta hereko theina….pachi mann pardai gayo……. ani ff lekhna mann laagyo and I am here now…..
      Thank you for the compliment ….i will try to keep writing

  5. ma satdobato ma basxu ani tmi ktm kaha basxau?

    1. ma Nakkhu ma …..

  6. Sujie! NYC episode. Curious to know how this situation will b handled. Update soon.BTW in which language u &nima r talking? Is it Nepali?

    1. Thank you Rajee… keep reading and supporting dear….
      yes me and Nima …we are talking in Nepali 🙂

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