Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 30))


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 30
The episode starts with Viplav looking at Dhaan lovingly. Dhaani also looks at Viplav. Mere ishq ka rang plays…… Dhaani holds Viplav’s hand and asks him not to leave her anywhere alone. Viplav says arrey!! My Shikayati Pudia, I will never leave you alone and hugs her. Dhaani gets relieved and cries happily. Viplav says you girls have a habit to cry in every occasion and wipes her tears. Dhaani says she loves him a lot.Viplav looks on happily and tells her that he loves her too….

DT is feeling restless and comes to drink water. He sees Shaalu in the balcony. Shaalu gets tensed seeing him. DT asks if everything is okay. Kanak also comes there and says she told Shaalu to go and walk for some time so that she can feel little light. Shaalu looks on. DT is about to go to bring water. Kanak says she will bring it for him and comes with a jug. DT goes. Shaalu asks Kanak about her lie and Kanak says she knows that she is waiting for his Bhaai and Bhaabi as they are out. Shaalu asks how did she know. Kanak asks her to speak slowly otherwise DT might listen to them and get annoyed thinking daughter in law is out of the home at night time. Shaalu thanks Kanak for saving her. She goes. Kanak thinks they should have come by now.

Dhaani tells to Viplav that they should go back to their home. Viplav agrees. They begin to walk. Dhaani thanks Viplav again for making her life happier than ever. She realizes Viplav is not with her and gets tensed. She shouts his name. She turns back and sees Viplav on his knees with a heart shaped balloon . Dhaani gets relieved. Viplav stands up and Dhaani asks what was the need. She hugs him and asks him to never leave her like this. She says she trusts him the most. Viplav looks on and thinks about Piya and her family. Viplav then asks Dhaani if he is in dilemma will she help him. Dhaani asks what type of question it is…. of course I will help you. Viplav gets relieved. He thinks he will tell Dhaani the truth when the right time comes. Dhaani asks Viplav if he is okay…. Viplav says yes…. Agar tum Saath ho plays…….

Ram is shown working. His mother comes to him and asks if he is okay. Ram says he is okay and he needs to do one work ASAP. His mother asks him to forget Shaalu. Ram says No, I love her and I don’t have any objection with her weight. His mother asks him what if they don’t fix the relation again. Ram says they have to do it as this is the only way I can prove my innocence to Shaalu that I did not do anything and this misunderstanding was created by DT. Ram hugs his mother and she blesses him,

Viplav and Dhaani arrive their home. Kanak is shown waiting for them. Viplav sees the door open and goes happily thinking Shaalu had kept the door open. He enters along with Dhaani and gets shocked seeing Kanak. Dhaani is tensed and looks at her clothes and hides behind Viplav. Kanak comes to Dhaani and holds her. Dhaani looks on. Kanak smiles and applies black teeka saying KISI KI NAJAR NAALAGE MERI BAHUKO…. She says Dhaani is looking pretty. Dhaani smiles. Viplav also smiles and asks Maa, how did she know?? Kanak tells that she had seen him going along with Dhaani and later DT came asking about both to Shaalu and how Kanak managed the situation. Viplav smiles and hugs her. Kanak asks them to go and rest now as they might be tired. Dhaani hugs Kanak and says Thank you Maa… Kanak smiles and says a daughter need not thank her mother…. Dhaani goes and Kanak also goes to her room.

Its morning. Shaalu comes to Dhaani who comes back from temple and asks about her date. Dhaani feels shy and smiles saying it was good. Viplav comes to her and says Srimati Viplav Tripathi, was it just good?? Dhaani looks on. Shaalu and Viplav do high five and Dhaani goes running with a smile. Shaalu whistles and hugs Viplav saying god bless your Jodi always. Viplav says thanks golu and hugs Shaalu back.

DT and everyone come to have breakfast and Dhaani serves to them. Viplav is busy with his phone. Dhaani asks to keep his phone aside and eat something first. He is thinking about Piya’s case and thinks he haven’t started this case till now. Shaalu nudges Viplav who is lost. Shaalu says Dhaani Bhaabi is here then in whose thought you are lost?? Everyone smile and Viplav begins to eat. In the meantime, doorbell rings. The servant goes and opens the door. Ram comes inside and asks if everyone is at home, especially Viplav. The servant goes to call everyone. Viplav asks who is it? The servant says Ram. They get shocked. Viplav stands up and runs to Ram. He says what does he want now. He had already deceived Shaalu what does he want now?? Ram asks Viplav to listen to him first.

Everyone come there and see Viplav talking angrily to Ram. DT asks Viplav to move back and let him say what he wants to say. Ram thanks him and taunts him for his dual nature. Viplav asks Ram to mind his tongue. DT stops Viplav. Ram says he wants to forget what happened in the past and begin a new relation. Viplav tries to interfere but Dhaani stops him. DT says he is ready. Viplav and everyone look on. Ram asks DT to confess the truth in front of everyone then so that a new relation can begin. DT says he is responsible for everything. Everyone get shocked and Daadi asks DT not to stop now and tell the truth. Viplav looks on and asks Daadi if she knew all these things. Daadi says not until yesterday. Viplav looks on. Dhaani places her hand on his shoulder . Ram says he had always loved Shaalu for the way she is. But Mahapandit Dashrath Tripathi broke this relation for his benefit so that the truth does not come out. Viplav gets shocked and asks which truth? DT tells Viplav that he is his culprit. DT tells Viplav about having all the property in his name and Viplav looks on thinking he was so blind in his grandfather’s love that he could not see his cruelty.

Ram says not only this, but he is behind all the incident that happened with innocent widows as he wanted to punish them and especially Dhaani. Dhaani looks on. Daadi tries to console Viplav. Viplav asks Daadi if she knew all these things. Daadi tells Viplav that his grandfather is repenting. Viplav goes to DT and asks why did he do all those things. Dhaani reminisces how Viplav and she had an argument and how she misunderstood Viplav and even slapped him. DT folds his hand and asks for forgiveness.Dhaani says he is elder than her and he should not fold his hands infront of younger ones as his hands are for blessings. DT comes to Viplav but Viplav moves back. They get shocked. Shaalu comes to DT and says Daadaji how could you…. Shaalu looks at Ram.Kanak asks Shaalu to keep quiet. Viplav asks Kanak to let Shaalu speak. Dhaani tries to calm Viplav. Viplav is adamant.

Dhaani sees Daadi crying. She sees DT upset and goes to Daadi. She asks Daadi not to cry as Wakil Baabu will be calm after some time and everything will be okay. Kanak comes to Viplav and ask him to forget everything and start afresh. Ram says he did not come to make a family fight but to tell the truth. He says he genuinely loves Shaalu and wants to marry her so that a new relation is started afresh. DT thanks him for making him realize his mistake. Ram says he is no one to forgive him but he is happy to see DT realizing his mistakes. Dhaani asks Viplav to forget everything and make a new beginning. She tells him he himself motivated his Dhaani to forget the past other wise they won’t be able to be happy and now he is still holding grudges against past. Viplav asks Dhaani why does she care so much. Dhaani says because she can’t see him upset. She makes Viplav come to DT and talk.

Viplav says he is not angry but needs some time. He sees Daadi sad and says he is asking for some time and if they are ready for this then he will be happy to know that. Kanak asks Viplav not to feel bad. She tells to Ram to come with his parents tomorrow so that they can talk and clear all the misunderstanding for a new beginning. Ram agrees and looks at Shaalu who is sad. Ram goes. Kanak comes to DT and asks him not to feel bad as everything will be fine now. Viplav goes from there. Dhaani goes behind him. DT says today he is feeling like a dead body seeing Viplav angry with him. Daadi asks him not to say so. He goes and Daadi walks behind him. Shaalu also turns to go. Kanak stops her and asks if she is happy to get Ram back. Shaalu says she could never forget Ram… she always thought Ram deceived her judging her looks but Raaja and his family came and played with her feelings. Thanks to Dhaani Bhaabi as she was there to save her from that marriage. Kanak hugs her and asks her not to feel sad and forgive her Daadaji. Shaalu nods and goes.

Viplav is in his room thinking about all those misunderstanding between him and Dhaani and his marriage with Dhaani. Dhaani comes to him and asks him to talk to her. Viplav hugs Dhaani and asks why my family member always deceive me …why??? Dhaani says Daadaji did not deceive him as he wanted his good as he is very dear to him. Viplav says by creating misunderstandings?? Dhaani asks him to forget all those things and remember that they are married now. She asks him to talk to DT and end all the problems. He agrees saying you care so much for my relations. She says not only yours …its our relation with our family.Dhaani asks him not to be sad and share his problem with her and never think he is alone. Jo tu mera hamdard hai plays……

Viplav says to Dhaani about meeting Piya and getting a case from her. Dhaani asks if she is okay?? Viplav says yes… Dhaani asks about his case. Viplav says Piya wanted to officially name the house on her Daadi’s name as it is on any other person’s name who used to live there. Dhaani asks him not to worry as he will win that case. Viplav asks Dhaani if she remembers anything about her childhood. Dhaani asks why did he need to know about her childhood. Viplav smiles and says just like that…. Dhaani says she remembers her father and mother giving her chocolates. She says one day her father met with an accident and died. Then she says she sometimes visualizes her father’s funeral. She remembers a lady shouting at her mother and throwing her things. Viplav asks if she knows that woman. Dhaani says No… She continues her mother took her to some place and they started living there.

Years passed, Raaja’s family came to see her and her marriage was fixed with Raaja’s older brother…. She cries. Viplav asks her not to cry and apologizes for making her wounds green. Dhaani says no and thanks him for giving her the opportunity to make her heart light. Viplav consoles her. Dhaani continues after that they came to Banaras and her journey as a widow began. She says then soon she met someone who changed her life. Viplav asks who?? Dhaani looks at him and says you!!! Dhaani hugs him. Viplav caresses her face and asks her not to cry.
Viplav thinks so much happened with Dhaani and her mother but they were tolerating all these things since past. He reminisces Piya’s grandma saying she hates Dulaari and her daughter. He reminisces his and Dhaani’s stay in Piya’s house. Dhaani sees him lost and asks what is he thinking about?? Viplav says nothing …. He thinks he will clear all the misunderstanding by calling Piya and her grandma so that they can talk to Dulaari and Dhaani.

PRECAP: Piya comes and hugs Dhaani. Dhaani takes Piya along with her in the ashram. Dulaari opens the door and gets happy seeing Dhaani. Piya gets puzzled thinking she is the same woman whose photo was there in the documents. Dhaani introduces Piya to Dulaari. Dulaari also gets shocked.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. very good sujie i wonder how dulaari react to piya. i really love it. go on.

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  5. Sujie u’re awesome and ur ff is amazing

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